I prefer the double e.
No, no, no! This can't be! I like Marie, but this is just...
What have they done to the beautiful Marie!
For those interested in the name Maree, among other origins- Irish for example - it is also the Czech spelling of Marie. Pronounced correctly, it has the same pronunciation in French as Marie. I find it a great shame that so many comments are purely subjective, with no consideration for cultural divergences which are so enriching. I LIKE the name.
Why do we have to make beautiful names so ugly?
Please use Marie!
This is kinda...not great. There isn’t anything wrong with Marie or Mary and this is BOUND to be mispronounced and misspelled.
Also a variant of MARY when it's PRONOUNCED as /ˈmɛɹ.i/ (MER-ee).
I actually like this name and I prefer it to Marie, which is too common and old-fashioned. I think Maree is a great name for anyone who likes the sound of the name Marie or wants to honor a Marie but doesn't want to use a name that's too dated.
I've always loved my middle name. So much so, I use it with my first name on all my profiles. I love the unique spelling as to me, it looks prettier than Marie (which seems too formal and common).
I'm in Australia and Marie is more uncommon here than Maree. My mother named me after her 2 best friends at the time.
This is such an ugly way to spell Marie. It turns a classic name into something trashy and flippant.
Gosh, how I hate this spelling of Marie. It totally ruins the name.
I have the name Maree, but its pronounced MAR-ee
Like mm-are-e.
My first name is Maree (pronounced Mah-REE), I am Australian and I am very nearly 50 years old. It was very common when I was born. My mother named me after my great Aunt Maria (pronounced Mar-i-yah) and thought that Maria was too old fashioned for me.Personally I like my name, and considering I am a professional person I hardly think I can relate it to an "uneducated" version of Marie. I also know a Marie (pronounced MAH-ree) who is an amazing person and she is certainly not more educated than me.
Loch Maree is a very beautiful and unique lake in north west Scotland, surrounded by some of the last ancient Caledonian pine forest. to do with common spellings there, simply the long standing name of a very special place.
My name is pronounced MAH-ree, not Marie. I correct people daily on how to pronounce my name.
The name Maree is not an uneducated person's spelling of the name Marie. In Ireland the pronunciation of the name Marie is commonly MAH ree with the emphasis on the first syllable. I was named for my aunt Marie but to distinguish between us my name was spelled Maree and pronounced with emphasis on the 2nd syllable. Maree has been around for well over 50 years and is the common spelling in Australia. It is also the spelling in Latvia.
My mum gave me this spelling because it seemed unique at the time. But it seems many parents had the same idea! Now Marie seems more unique and I also think it looks classier.
This looks kind of like it would be pronounced Mary. It could also be a (horrible) alternative to Mary.
My middle name is Maree (Australian spelling) and although as a name it sounds quite simple, spelling-wise it looks much more interesting and prettier than Marie and you get a different reaction to it too.
Funny how one letter can make a name so much more visually pleasant. Marie looks so pretty, but Maree is just ugly.
This awful spelling ruins one of the most beautiful names in the world!
As someone else has said, this spelling is common in Australia. Perhaps it should be listed as English (Australian and New Zealand).
Very common spelling of Marie in Australia.
It sounds like an uneducated bimbo who can't spell the name Marie worth a darn. Awful name!
This is my middle name, though I'm not fond of it; it seems too waifish and petite to me (though Marée strikes me as being a prettier, and exotic, name). But it would be perfect if Maree was used as a forename and paired with a stronger name.
If you're going to spell it the French way, Marée (acute accent over the second "e"), it would be pronounced "mah ray," with equal stress on both syllables.
On the album Fly Like an Eagle, by the Steve Miller Band, there's a song called Sweet Maree.
I personally like this spelling better, because when you tell someone your name is Marie they don't really have an interesting reaction, but when they see how you spell it, then they are interested. Although I agree it sounds a little trendy or whatever, it's definitely not as ridiculous as Kayte or Krystal. My sister's name is Lillian Maree, and everyone - including me - loves it!
I really like the name taken from the French word for "tide". I agree a little with the person who argued that the spelling of Maree looks "uneducated" - like the plethora of "Khrystel"s and "Braedynn"s and "Kymberlee"s out there. Using Maree as a form of Marie is a little too spelling-creative for me! But I find Marée to be beautiful, so maybe I'm just a big hypocrite! Though I do believe that with the accent over the first e, the pronunciation would be "ma-RAY", not "ma-REE".
"Maree" looks like an uneducated person's spelling of "Marie"; it's a terrible rending of name that was fine to begin with.
I know one woman named this, but she prefers people calling her MAH-ree, not Mah-REE. She says she gets both from people, but she stresses the first syllable, whereas I don't know any Marie that does that.

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