Margherita of Savoy (Margherita di Savoia) was an Italian queen, married to King Umberto I. She started studying Latin, literature, history etc. when she became queen. She was nicknamed as "la regina del popolo" ("the queen of the people") because she had some "plebian" behaviour, such as eating chicken with hands. During a royal visit in Naples, she and her husband went eating pizza at Raffaele Esposito's place. To honor Queen Margherita and Italy, Raffaele Esposito chose to put in his pizza three ingredients having the colours of the Italian flag: tomato for red, basil for green and mozzarella -also disposed into a shape of a daisy, because the word "Margherita" means "daisy" in Italian- for white. Queen Margherita really appreciated it, so the new pizza was named after her.
Because of Queen Margherita of Savoy, this name should be added to the categories "queens" and "women's' history".
M.Selenika  3/9/2021
Margherita Hack (1922-2012) was an important Italian astrophysicist, who contributed to several discoveries. She's also considered as a very strong woman, and she actually was. It is rare to find women astrophysicists, in fact.
So I think this name should be added to the "womens' history" category.
M.Selenika  3/9/2021
Margherita Mazzucco (2004-) is an Italian actress, best known for her role of Elena 'Lenù' Greco in the TV series 'L'amica geniale' an adaptation of Elena Ferrante's book series.
Felie  2/25/2021
Also Corsican:
You'll find numerous bearers on social media.
Frollein Gladys  8/8/2020
This name isn't very popular in Italy.
This name can be abbreviated as Marghe or Rita (I like this last one more). When I think about this name I imagine a girl with blonde long hair that loves nature.
Blackswan  9/3/2019
It's surprising how in French, Italian, and Latin, the variant of Margaret in those languages can also mean "daisy".
wh0sbad  7/15/2019
There was once a queen who ruled over Italy who was named Margherita.. During the time that she ruled, the pizza was invented and, of course, the queen had a taste. She loved it so much that from then on it was known as pizza Margherita.
― Anonymous User  7/25/2013
Famous bearers include Margherita Missoni (born 1983), Italian model and heiress, and Margherita Sarfatti (1880-1961), an Italian Jewish journalist who was Benito Mussolini's mistress.
Buneary  3/26/2013
Margherita is also a type of pizza.
bananarama  7/5/2009
Means Daisy in Italian.
Regan  8/7/2005

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