Old lady name.
Usages: Hungarian

Pronunciation: mah-REE-yahm

Meaning: Variant of MIRJAM.

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Also used in Malaysia. [noted -ed]

- Mariam Ismail: (in Malay)
- Mariam Baharum: (in Malay)
- Mariam Jaafar: (in Malay)
A lovely name!
It’s so common in my area but I love it. Even lovelier than Mary.
In 2018, 5 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Mariam who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2190th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Mariam Mamadashvili is a Georgian child singer. She won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 where she represented Georgia with the song "Mzeo". She has been living in the United States since 2015.
I love this name. I like how it's a bit more complex than Mary.
Mariam (Մարիամ) is also a common name in Armenia. It is the Armenian form of Mary. [noted -ed]
Mariam Doumbia (born 1958), half of Amadou & Mariam, a musical duo from Mali
Mariam Omar, Zanzibari politician
Mariam Wafa, Afghan singer
Pronounced "MAR-yam".
The name Mariam sounds strong, couragous and skilled. The name does not give an impression of a girly wuss (no offense), but instead a cool, athletic person. The name seems to give a tough, couragous and not-easy-to-give-up feeling which can spread to others (especially her teammates).
MARIAM is probably a variation of MARIAM, Moses' older sister. The name was likely to be adopted by modern people but changed the spelling to MARIAM.
Famous Bearer: Mariam from The SAINT SHIELDS in Beblades V-Force. She was the sister of Joseph and a skilled beyblader.
This is also the Ethiopian form of Mary, the mother of Jesus.
Mariam is Moses's older sister, from the Bible.
I have a friend from Egypt named Mariam. The name is wicked cool just like her.
Impression: her personality is perfect.

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