Adorable in Portuguese, Spanish and French. Not so much in English, but it works too.
Pretty name.
I wonder if this Maria Isabel ended up as Maribel. I wouldn't be surprised! Just spotted the item in an Australian newspaper of 1849 (The Perth Inquirer, 14 March 1849), well out of copyright:
"What's in a Name? — The Madrid Gazette officially announces the birth of the Duchess de Montpenser's child, and that she has been baptized Maria Isabel Francisca de Asis Antonia Luiza Fernanda Cristina Amlis Felippa Adelaida Josefa Elena Enriquita Carolina Justa Rufina Gaspara Melchora Baltasara Matea." The report in the Perth paper adds: "We hope the young lady will not be obliged to affix her signature in full on all occasions, as she will not in that case, unless of an amiable disposition, feel very tenderly disposed towards the memory of her godfathers and godmothers]."
Maribel from ENCANTO.
I love it a lot. Especially as a middle name.
Maribel Hearn from Touhou Project.
Maribelle (a variant spelling of this name) is the name of a character from Fire Emblem: Awakening. She is a somewhat snobby rich girl who is a close friend of Chrom's sister Lissa.
The name Maribel was given to 182 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Maribel Vinson (born 1911 in Winchester, Massachusetts) is a former American figure skater.
I like this name, it sounds pretty in Spanish though.
My mother's name is Maribel. I love Isabel but I dislike Maria, it's a very usual name and it's not original.
I worked with a woman named Maribel - she pronounced it mar-ee-belle.
The name Maribel is also a city in Wisconsin.

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