Peter Robinson, better known as Marilyn, is an English singer. He is known for his 1983 hit "Calling Your Name" and his androgynous appearance.
This is probably the best spelling of this name.
Marilyn from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Possessing electric magic, she is one of the Shadow Sirens along with Vivian and Beldam. According to her tattle, she is the strongest out of the three sirens, but she lacks the ability to speak.
I always thought that the name Marilyn sounded soft, sweet and musical and wondered why it wasn't used more often.
This name does not have a proper meaning, however, it is a combination of two real names that have a meaning.
‘Mary’ was derived in part from mry "beloved" or mr "love".
‘Lyn’ comes from the name Lynn, which was derived from Welsh llyn meaning "lake".
Very strong name! It has beauty! Wonderful and has a lot class!
I love it so much! It’s really nice, it looks strong as well as being very feminine.
I am Marilyn. I absolutely love my name and it’s an uncommon name because I hardly ever meet any Marilyns but the ones I have met are absolutely fabulous. We are absolutely awesome.
One person is enough to ruin a name.I would have used it, but Norma Baker decided to use it for her stage name. Nothing against MM, because she's amazing.
Sounds dated, plus all I can think of when I hear this name is that annoying Marilyn Monroe chick. Hard pass, sorry folks.
I am Marilyn. I was called after Marilyn Maxwell who was a blonde bombshell Hollywood star before Monroe. I have never liked the name. My mum had two other choices Myra or Kay. I would like to have been called Myra except of course for the unfortunate association with Myra Hindley. I always think people are comparing me with Monroe and thinking "Not as glamorous".
Very pretty.
Very nice!
Reminds me too much of the annoying Marilyn Monroe.
Bonniejb, 23/3/2019.
Absolutely gutted I didn't reply to this three days ago, but a whole year since I commented that. Mental.
Time has changed, but my opinion has not, that if you think someone is a 'freak' and you hate them with such a passion that you apparantly do, do yourself a favor, and don't take the time out of your life to boot up your windows XP from the dark ages and go on a tangent about how this name is now riddled with bad association. This is NOT an attack, I am simply saying if you apparently dislike a celebrity you assumably know little about, why give them any more time or bring anymore attention their way? Thinking of you, nobody else. The intelligent Mr. Manson aside, I think it's a nice name, but I wouldn't care for it if I didn't care for him. I wouldn't give it to an animal, as it does not really fit.
The only -lyn ending name I like.
My baby, Marilyn Manson.
My name is Marilyn. I was named after my mother who was named after Marilyn Miller. Marilyn Miller was very popular in the 1920s and 1930s until she died in 1936 which is the year the name peaked. Everyone assumes I was named after Marilyn Monroe because I was born at the height of her popularity. But indirectly, I was named after another Hollywood legend from an even earlier time. My grandmom was into naming her daughters after Hollywood legends, my mother's sister was named Evelyn after Evelyn Nesbit. As popular as Marilyn Monroe was, her death didn't cause a surge in the name. In fact, growing up, I never knew any other Marilyns and have rarely met any other Marilyns in my 60 years, which is a real shame because it really is a pretty name.
Marilyn Manson (Born Brian Hugh Warner, 1969-) is an American singer, songwriter, painter, actor, and former music journalist known for his controversial stage activity. He formed his stage name from juxtaposing the names of actress Marilyn Monroe, and cult leader Charles Manson.
I love this name on girls / women of all ages. Unfortunately, it does not work with our last name, but, I still love it.
A great name. One of my favorite M starting names.
I really like this name. Sounds very sophisticated and refined.
Marilyn Monroe will always be better than that freak Marilyn Manson.
Marilyn Whirlwind character in Northern Exposure.
Normally I hate made-up names, but Marilyn is an exception. It’s quite sweet sounding.
I like the name Marilyn. I have a friend named Marilyn who is sparky and creative and fun. I would use this as a middle name for Alexandra. Alexandra Marilyn. Cool!
My name is Marilynn (pronounced Mare-ra-lynn).
I've always loved my name and the fact that it is not a very common name is a plus. My father was a classical jazz musician who liked the melodic sound of this name. I think that it is a pretty, feminine name for a girl.
I am Marilyn and I am 70 years of age. There are not so many Marilyn's nowadays. Seems like my age group are the Marilyn's. Maybe it will become popular again.
Marilyn is probably my favourite Mary related name. It's stunning, and the Monroe connection is positive. I think that it's a lovely choice for a modern baby, now that it is no longer super popular.
I'm a 25 year old woman with the name Merilyn :) pronounced exactly the same way. I do get people saying they think my name sounds happier and more friendly with that spelling :) I love my name and it's spelling. It sounds glamorous and voluptuous ;) while still sounding sweet and cheerful.
Also used for males.
I'm a 42 year old Marilyn. I love my name, always have. My only problem with it is that people usually mispronounce it. So whenever I say "That's not how I pronounce it" they either correct me or very rudely tell me that I don't know how to pronounce my own name. The only place where people seem to pronounce it the way I do is in England. Most people in the South in the States where I now live, they pronounce it Mary-Lyn as opposed to Mar-ill-in, like someone posted before. It really drives me crazy.
I am a relatively young Marilyn (in my 20's). My mom went almost 9 months planning on naming me Harbor Sophie. On her way to the hospital she heard Elton John's song Candle in the Wind (written to honor Marilyn Monroe) and changed her mind.I get SO many compliments on my name and more often than not I hear "wow, that's such a beautiful name." I've never personally met another Marilyn under the age of sixty or so.Basically I'm just commenting to stand up for the name :). I think it's stunning and underused. I hear Monroe all of the time. Very rarely do I hear someone referencing Manson.
It is a combination of Mary and Lynn, which could both be masculine. Mary is mostly feminine, and Lynn is too. Marion is a better name for boys. Naming a boy Marilyn is equal to naming a girl Jacob. Marilyn Monroe was the most famous bearer, Marilyn Manson used her name. Naming your daughter Marilyn honors Ms. Monroe.
Since I have been the bearer of the name Marilyn for over 56 years, I feel a bit entitled to comment. In younger days I did not really care for the name. Now, I like it. Once read the meaning as blessed fragrance. My 2nd name, Grace, I feel compliments quite well.
As for the spelling it should just be Marilyn. People mix up the I and the y all the time, no need to make it even more difficult. It is an uncommon name these days and perhaps not heard of with current baby names. But recently, I heard of a baby girl on the way to friends that is named Madeline Grace. Close enough! Very lovely name! Enjoy your name... what ever it is.
I was named after my mother and my Grandmother. At least 3 generations before me. Now 2 generations after me. Let's share the beautiful heritages that our names are.
Pretty name. It rolls nicely off the tongue, and reminds me of daffodils, for some reason.
Adding to my last comment a few years ago, it also reminds me of marigolds, hence why I was thinking of daffodils. It's certainly a floral type of name.
Marilyn is a lovely name for a girl. Very pretty looking and sounding and ages very well.
My name is Marilyn, & I was born in the 1960s. I was named after my mother who was named after Marilyn Miller, an actress & Ziegfield Folly popular in the 1930s. I was the only one in school with the name & have never met anyone my age named Marilyn. I do like it though, because it reminds most people of Marilyn Monroe, forever the most popular Hollywood sex symbol. I've read some comments saying it sounds like an old lady, etc. It absolutely doesn't. The name is timeless.
I was born in the year 2000 with the name Marilyn. I have NEVER met another girl my age with the name as I was named after my grandmother. I used to adore my name but I have wanted to change my name for a few years now because I hate the way it sounds (when said fast or slurred it sounds like "Merlin"). However, I do think that my first and middle names go perfectly together - Marilyn Loraine. So if you're considering this name think about the middle name too. With love, Marilyn Loraine.
Marilyn Milos (b. 1940) is an American nurse and human rights activist. She is best known for her work as the founder and director of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC), an organization that opposes nontherapeutic genital surgery of children.
Pretty, but everyone would think its after Marilyn Monroe (which, of course, wasn't her real name) this isn't bad, but I'd think the constant references would get annoying. But that's what happens when the name is so well known on a certain person, such as Elvis.
Goes well with Pearl.
Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jeane Mortenson) was an iconic American actress.
While I adore Marilyn Monroe, I just don't think Marilyn is a good choice for a baby of early 21st century. There's something about it that just doesn't seem right for a baby, at least at this point in time.
This is such a beautiful name, in my opinion, and Miss Monroe adds to that.
I love Marilyn Monroe, she's watching me from my bedroom wall right now [a poster, obviously] and she's gorgeous. She came out with so many great quotes and I was going to post them, but I feel they'd be inappropriate. She was such a sad person, though, which is heartbreaking.
I had no real thoughts on this name before I listened to Marilyn Manson. Now, I loathe the man, his name, and his awful music. But his personality is even worse. He and his image has always struck me as being completely fake, ugly and perverted. So no, I don't have the most positive associations with this name. Even the Marilyn Monroe association can't redeem it for me (though I've never even liked her that much either, but she's certainly a better namesake than Marilyn Manson). But, associations aside, the name is actually rather pretty. Though the -lyn ending feels quite 1950s to me, it gives it a sort of old-fashioned charm and quaintness. So, I don't think Marilyn is a bad name per se, just, for me, it has become tainted with bad associations.
Marilyn Horn is a great American opera singer.
Wide range of associations- from the intellectual to the fashionista to the awful musician. The latter two are the reason why this name isn't very common despite the "-lyn" name trend. Marilyn is a pretty name, though, and I'd like to see it make a revival.
Marilyn Manson ruined this name. Bleh.
Marilyn is the normal teenage girl in the old show "The Munsters".
Even with the association with Marilyn Monroe, all I'm reminded of is what it is, Mary and Lyn. Which aren't very interesting to me. I sounds more like an old woman to me. Not that it's a bad name, I just don't see it as a young hip supermodel-actress kind of name.
It's okay. I like it better spelled Marilynn.
This name sounds pleasant to me. I think it might be a nice name for a boy. I've heard of this name being used for boys on a few occasions (and no, I'm not talking about Marilyn Manson, that's not his real name I don't care much for him). It's pretty.
It's actually a very pretty name, but people would surely assume anyone named this since the 1950s or so was named after Marilyn Monroe. I'm pretty sure this name will be associated with her for a long time to come, and it sounds a tad old-fashioned, but not in a bad way. Some people have expressed interest in using this as a male name, inspired by Marilyn Manson. Now that's what I call sheer lunacy. This name is extremely feminine, and a boy named Marilyn would suffer. Suffer, I tell you! I HIGHLY doubt people will listen to Marilyn Manson's crappy music decades from now, or even a decade from now. Somehow I doubt it has that staying power. The band became popular and famous because of the lead singer saying controversial things, and because of the controversial lyrics of the band. Sorry, but that's nothing new, and it's no recipe for decades of success. So, people will basically just say ''Marilyn who?'' to the boy and beat him up. I'm not happy about the idea, but people are cruel. Especially in middle school.
A famous bearer is Marilyn vos Savant (born August 11, 1946), American magazine columnist and author. She rose to fame through her listing in the Guinness Book of World Records as having "Highest IQ". She's written her "Ask Marilyn" column in "Parade" magazine, where she answers questions for readers on smany subjects. She is the wife of scientist Robert Jarvik.
This name is so sweet.
I know a young mother who named her daughter Marilyn after Marilyn Monroe. This was just three or four years ago. I was surprised at how refreshing this name sounded for a baby and how nice it was to hear something different from all the trendy names in vogue today. It made me consider this name in a new light and I realized how pretty it really is.
I never liked this name until I started listening to Marilyn Manson. Now I absolutely love it. He's also made me think of it as a name better suited for men than women. Also, in the cartoon 6Teen, one episode features a male character named Marilyn.
Most people I know pronounce it MAR-ill-in.
I've never really liked this name much and I don't know why. Even Marilyn Monroe can't make it pretty enough for me---and now I have the much less pleasant association of Marilyn Manson!
I immediately think of Marilyn Manson, who of course chose the name after Marilyn Monroe and convicted mass-murderer Charles Manson for shock value.
Marilyn Rowe was a ballerina.
Marilyn Miller was the actress whom inspired Norma Jeane Dougherty to name herself Marilyn (Monroe).
Seems like a feminine name.
Marilyn is the birth name of actress Kim Novak - born Marilyn Pauline Novak.
I'm happy with the name Marilyn.
Famous bearers: Marilyn Monroe and Marilyn Manson.
Marilyn Monroe was just her stage name. Her birth name was Norma Jeane Mortensen.
Marilyn Monroe (aka Norma Jeane Baker) hated the name "Marilyn Monroe" because she thought it sounded fake. She was proud of the name "Norma Jeane Baker" and didn't really want to change it, but her producer (? or someone) made her. I like the name Marilyn though. It's only tainted for me because Marilyn Monroe (or should I say, Norma Jeane Baker) disliked it so.
There seems to be a bit of debate up there over Marilyn Monroe's ACTUAL surname.
The lovely Ms. Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson, but she went by Norma Jean Baker in life, and in some of her early modeling and acting was credited as "Norma Jean Dougherty."
Now that you say about an Egyptian meaning, I once dreamed I was in front of a lot of giant doors, with strange symbols, lines, and some time after that I found that those doors belonged to Egyptian mythology. Rare, I didn't new that!

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