Also used in Armenia, as an Armenian name. [noted -ed]
Marine has a long history, dating back to 1900 in the US. It was in and out of the top 2000 names from 1917 to 1937. It has steadily declined ever since. In 2018, only 5 girls were given this name.
Marine Tuloup is a production manager, producer and visual effects producer.
I think the name has an interesting sound to it. I would never use it, but I think this could be a refreshing name for those in English speaking nations. As for the negative commentaries below, all I can say is that it matters very little where I am located and political persuasions are meaningless for most people.
I used to like this name more, but now of course it's hard to because of that racist, fascist-leaning Marine Le Pen.
I actually really like the name, but Le Pen ruined it for me. If her popularity dies out, maybe I would consider it.
Very rare in English-Speaking countries.
I will never use any name associated with disgustingly racist right-wing fascists like Marine Le Pen.
A beautiful name that's unfortunately associated with that vile fascist Marine Le Pen.
Also the Chuvash feminine form of [Marinus]; spelled as "Марине" in Chuvash.

Marine is my name, and I love it because it's original and unusual. When I was born, my mother wanted my name to be Gwendoline because it was cute but my father didn't like this name and they were ok with Marine.
Marine the Raccoon is a ficitonal character in Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog video game series.
This name is also used in Georgia (also as a feminine name), where it is a variant form of Marina. Of the two, Marina is by far the most common in Georgia (not surprising, considering it is the main form). Also, in the case of Georgia, both Marina and Marine derive from Latin 'marinus', so the etymology is ultimately the same.

Finally, in Georgian, Marine is written as: მარინე.
Marine Jacquemin is a famous French journalist and reporter who is very active in humanitarian causes.
Marine Le Pen is a French politician, daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, and current leader of the Front National party in France.
The name is very common in French speaking countries, and was a very fashionable name in the 90's, resulting now in a lot of young women being called Marine.
Though I like the sonority of my name, I think it lacks originality and is a little boring. That is of course in french-speaking countries. But English-speaking people always seem to like my name, though they will assimilate it with the Marines most of the time.
The Marines are a division of the U.S. Armed Forces, who are transported by the U.S. Navy (which is why they're called the Marines).
Even though it's kind of silly, I think Aquamarine or Aqua Marine is a beautiful name and the fact that you associate that with a mermaid, makes me like it even better. I think it's pretty.
The dancer who doubled for Jennifer Beals in "Flashdance" is named Marine Jehan.
This name sounds nice, but I don't know if I can get over the association with marine animals, marine diving, etc.

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