Given Name MARINE

GENDER: Feminine
OTHER SCRIPTS: მარინე (Georgian)
PRONOUNCED: MA-REEN (French)  [details]

Meaning & History

French and Georgian feminine form of MARINUS.
VARIANT: Marina (Georgian)
DIMINUTIVE: Marika (Georgian)
MASCULINE FORM: Marin (French)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Marina (Ancient Roman), Marina (Bulgarian), Marina, Marinela, Marinka (Croatian), Maren, Marina, Marna (Danish), Marijn, Marina, Rina, Rini, Riny (Dutch), Marina (English), Marina, Ina (German), Marina (Greek), Marina, Marinella, Rina (Italian), Marina (Macedonian), Maren, Marina (Norwegian), Marina (Portuguese), Marina (Romanian), Marina (Russian), Marina (Serbian), Marina, Marinka (Slovene), Marina (Spanish), Marina (Swedish), Marina (Ukrainian)


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Entry updated December 8, 2017