Spanish for Martha since the th is not used and cannot be pronounced in Spanish. Pronounced in English it sounds nice and more youthful than Martha.
I think Marta is a beautiful name that has an added spunk to it that truly resonates with me for some reason or another.
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Marta is also Estonian. The name day for Marta in Estonia is July 27. [noted -ed]
Also Corsican:
You'll find numerous bearers on social media.
Also Estonian:
Also Kashubian:
Martha is one of those names that I've never liked - all I can picture is an old woman smiling. No emotions, no feelings behind the smile, just a creepy, blank smile. Or a teenager from the 1800's. Marta, on the other hand, is beautiful! Not only does it convey so many different images to my head, but it just sounds so soft, yet strong. I love it. It feels very Italian to me.
Also Gascon: (Source: Michel Grosclaude, Dictionnaire étymologique des noms de famille gascons, 2003)
The IPA transcription of the Georgian pronunciation of Marta is: /mɑrtʰɑ/

Source: (in English) [noted -ed]
There have been two singers with the name Marta. Marta Roure is an Andorran singer who represented her country in 2004 Eurovision with "Jugarem A Estimar-Nos". She did not qualify from the first ever semi final. Marta Verner (nee Jandova) is a Czech singer who represented her country with Vaclav Noid Barta with the song "Hope Never Dies" in the 2015 Eurovision. They did not make it past the semi final.
I like it more with the H.
Marta is a character from Fullmetal Alchemist.
Marta Vieira da Silva, commonly known as Marta, is a Brazilian footballer who plays for FC Rosengård in the Swedish Damallsvenskan and the Brazil national team as a forward. With 15 goals, she holds the record for most goals scored at FIFA Women's World Cup tournaments, surpassing Birgit Prinz's previous record of 14 with a goal against South Korea in Brazil's first match of the 2015 edition in Canada.
Marta Domachowska is a Polish retired professional tennis player ranked World No. 37 in singles and World No. 62 in doubles. She reached the 2008 Australian Open fourth round in singles and won the 2006 Canberra International in doubles with Roberta Vinci. She also reached three WTA Tour singles finals at the 2004 Hansol Korea Open, the 2005 Internationaux de Strasbourg and the 2006 U.S. National Indoor Tennis Championships. She was the 2003 Australian Open finalist in girls' singles, represented Poland at the 2008 Summer Olympics and was a member of the Poland Fed Cup team. Domachowska was the best female Polish tennis player after Magdalena Grzybowska's retirement and before Agnieszka Radwańska's successes.
Also Russian. [noted -ed]
Marta Sánchez López is a Spanish vocalist who is often cited as the Queen of Spanish pop. Marta was born in La Coruña. Her father, Antonio Sánchez Camporro, was an Asturian opera singer. She began her musical career with the band Cristal Oskuro, but shortly after she was discovered by Tino Azores, a sound technician for the popular pop/rock group Olé Olé. In 1985, Marta became the band's lead singer replacing Vicky Larraz, which brought her to fame and made her one of the biggest sex symbols of the 1980s in Spain, during a time when the country was easing the traditional rigid moral values of Catholicism.
Marta Roure I Besolí is an Andorran singer and actress. She represented Andorra in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 with her song "Jugarem a estimar-nos", earning the eighteenth place in the semifinal.
The name Marta was given to 53 girls born in the US in 2015.
It's an okay name, but kinda plain and boring.
The name is also used in Iceland. [noted -ed]
My name is Marta and I am named after my Hungarian grandmother. I love my name but have had many people spell it with an h.
I think it's a lovely name. I think of either a bright young child or a loving mother. It sounds quite professional too. But with people talking lazily all the time, they might say "Mar-da". Now that would really get on my nerves.
Also German variant spelling of Martha. [noted -ed]
The name means "Strong but Ladylike".
Marta is also the Georgian form of Martha. It is frequently used in the country.

In Georgian, Marta is written as: მართა. [noted -ed]
In Sweden, we say and spell it "Märta", which makes quite a different sound. (The Ä is like the A in "and".)

Personally, spelled and pronounced that way, I think it's one of the worst names around, at least in Sweden.
Märta and Marta are two different names. Marta is a form of Martha, meaning "lady, mistress". Märta is a short form of Margareta, meaning "pearl". Although Marta has sometimes (in the past) been used as a nickname for Margareta as well.
Marta Eggerth (born 1912) is a former actress and singer from Hungary.
I can't believe no one has mentioned Marta Vieira da Silva "Pele with skirts," a famous footballer (soccer player).
Also Croatian. [noted -ed]
So much better than Martha. Nice name.
Marta is real name of actress Suzanne Marwille (11th July 1895, Praha - 14th January 1962, Praha).
Marta Karolyi and her husband, Bela, coach gymnastics.
I like how it's somewhat traditional, but the removal of the h somehow gives it nice emphasis.
Plain and boring.
Czech and pronounced MAHR-tah as well. [noted -ed]
A famous bearer is Czech singer Marta Jandová (Die Happy). Daughter of singer Petr Janda.
Does anyone else think of the bus station when you hear this name?
Also Irish, and pronounced MAR-ta.
I love the name Marta! It makes me think of Marta's Song/The Russian Dervish from Riverdance.
In Georgia they have a subway system called Marta.
Marta was used as the name of the fourth von Trapp daughter in the movie "The Sound of Music". Marta's character represented the real fourth daughter, who was named Johanna.
Also pronounced MAHR-tah in Polish.
[noted -ed]
Also Serbian. [noted -ed]
The name of one of the daughters in The Sound of Music is Marta-I think she's the one who's always reading--like me!
This name reminds me of a hard working and loving woman.

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