Captain Masami Takahama was in charge of Japan Airlines flight 123 when the Boeing 747 suffered a decompression that ripped off a large portion of the tail and severed hydraulic lines. Captain Takahama and his crew struggled for 32 minutes, but the doomed flight went down in the mountains in Gunma Prefecture in Central Japan.
I think it’s wonderful. Fits either gender.
In the 1994 anime series 'Tonde Burin', one character's name is Masami Yamakawa/ Yamakawa Masami (山川真実). Here, the kanji used for it (真実) are 真 (true, reality, Buddhist sect) and 実 (reality, truth, seed, fruit, etc).
Masami is a character in "The Amazing World of Gumball".
Masami Kurumada is a Japanese manga artist and writer, known for specializing in fighting manga featuring bishōnen and magical boy. He is the founder of the manga studio Kurumada Productions or Kurumadapro for short. He is famous as the creator/author of popular manga, such as Ring ni Kakero, Fūma no Kojirō, Saint Seiya and B't X. His male protagonists are a reflection of the classical and modern society's archetype of the true men. The male characters in his works often display very masculine qualities and traits, and pursue to achieve courage and manhood perfection through sacrifice, selflessness and true heroism. He has won the best success award with Saint Seiya and the best inspiration award with Ring ni Kakero.
This is also a male name. [noted -ed]
Masami Nagasawa is a Japanese actress. Nagasawa starred in a movie called Gunjo, based on a novel by Ayako Miyagi and directed by Yosuke Nakagawa. It is the second Japanese movie produced by 20th Century Fox. Filming finished on August 5, 2008 and includes her first actual love scene. It was to be released in spring 2009, although Fox aimed to have it premier at the Berlin International Film Festival in February.
Masami Tanaka is a former breaststroke swimmer from Japan. She won the bronze medal in the 4 × 100 m Medley Relay at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Her winning teammates in that race were Mai Nakamura, Junko Onishi, and Sumika Minamoto. She competed in three consecutive Summer Olympics, starting in 1996.
Masami Ihara is a former Japanese football player. He played for Japan national team.

The influential defender was captain of the Japan national football team for more than a decade in the 1990s, together with striker Kazuyoshi Miura and Brazilian-born midfielder Ruy Ramos. Ihara's long standing record of 122 national team appearances was bested by Yasuhito Endo on October 16, 2012 among male footballers. (Homare Sawa has surpassed that total among Japanese women).
One of the main characters of 1Q84 (by Haruki Murakami) is named Masami Aomame.
The name reminds me too much of sasami, as if it's meant to be a food.
Pronounced mah-SAH-mee.
I think this sounds more feminine though.

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