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Gender Masculine
Scripts Ματταθίας(Ancient Greek)
Other Forms FormsMatathias, Mathathaios, Mathathias, Mathathios, Maththathias, Matithias, Mattathaios, Mattathios, Matthathias, Matthathios, Mattithias

Meaning & History

Hellenized form of the Hebrew name Mattityahu (see Matthew). Some sources claim that this name is the original Greek form of Mattityahu and that names like Matthaios and Matthias are contracted forms of Mattathias.

In history, Mattathias was the name of a Jewish priest from the 2nd century BC, who successfully led a revolt against the Seleucid Empire together with his sons (one of which was Judas Maccabeus). One of his sons, namely Simon Maccabeus, would later go on to establish the Hasmonean dynasty.

Mattathias is also the name of two characters in the Bible, namely Mattathias the son of Amos (in Luke 3:25) and Mattathias the son of Semein (in Luke 3:26).
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