I first heard this name because of the store. Younger me thought it was a girl's name. The '-ice' part just gives me feminine vibes. Wouldn't be surprised to hear this on a girl someday.
Maurice makes me think of my friend who is kind and thoughtful and shares this name. I love the name and it’s nice to call him Mo, but sometimes he gets ‘Monty ‘and Mozza’!
Maurice "The Angel" Tillit is a Russian PRO wrestler with a RARE disease that makes places such as his head, hands, and feet swell up.
I like it better than Morris! Sounds simple, innocent, and kind.
Very handsome and strong name. I prefer it pronounced "Morris," as in Maurice Gibb (R.I.P.) of The Bee Gees.
Maurice Sendak is a good namesake.
Americans typically pronounce this name the French way. Mo-reess. Perhaps reinforced by the popularity of the Steve Miller song "The Joker" ("some people call me Mo-reess").Brits bearing this name are pronounced the same as Morris.
I find this name attractive and I notice woman find this name quite sexy. I even notice men find it challenging to pronounce and threatening to them towards the oposite see I have had this name all my life and I love it. When woman say my name they say it like French do...WITH SEX APPEAL..LOL..MOORREESSS.
Maurice (a.k.a. Numbuh 9) is a character in the cartoon Codename: Kids Next Door.
I love this this name. I was first introduced to this name because my mom named her old moose plushie 'Maurice.' Now I associate this name to be essentially Canadian / French Canadian, or very nature-esque, which is a good thing!
Much too ethnic sounding. Very Jewish, old fashioned.
In 2018, 40 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Maurice who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 513th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
My one year old son's name is Maurice. Named after his uncle, grandad, great grandad and so on. I love it, certainly the only one I know, and so much rich history.
Maurice Duplessis (1890-1959) was a Canadian politician who served as the 16th Premier of the Canadian Province of Quebec from 1936 to 1939 and 1944 to 1959. His era later became known as La Grande Noirceur (“The Great Darkness”) by separatist thinkers.
My Grandpa's name! I like the name a lot, and recently, I met a kid who was 9 who's name was Maurice, and I was surprised! (I really like old fashioned names, and if I had kids, I would give them old fashioned names instead of young, unprofessional names like so many kids names today).
Maurice is one of the main characters of the Madagascar films. He is King Julien's advisor.
Actually, in America, I think mo-REESE is said more often as a pronunciation of this name than Morris. Here Morris is MOR-iss and Maurice is mo-REESE. At least that's what it seems from my experience.
In the UK this name is just seen as another spelling of Morris and is pronounced MAWR-is. I've never came across it being pronounced mo-REES, and can't imagine it be said that way here unless the bearer is a French (or otherwise Francophone) or American expatriate.
Maurice is one of the boys from the William Golding novel "Lord of the Flies."
Maurice Jones-Drew is an American football player.
I can't imagine anyone pronouncing this the same as Morris. I'm American but have always said maw-REES; not quite the same as the French mo-REES, but certainly not Morris. [noted -ed]
Maurice Ernest Gibb of the Bee Gees.
Maurice Quentin de la Tour was a renowned Rococo artist in 18th century France. He worked primarily in pastels, and depicted, among others, Voltaire, Louis XV, and Madame de Pompadour. He was the king of France's official portraitist from 1750 until 1773.
Saint Maurice was a black person and is usually depicted as such in art. The name means 'Moor' -the modern north west African country of Mauritania shares this name.
Name of a novel by E.M. Forster and later a movie.
This was the name of famous French trumpet player, Maurice Andre.
It is common for Jews named Moses (or Moshe) to be called Maurice, or Morris, and conceived as the European (probably ancient German or French) name of Moses.Famous bearers: Maurice Ravel (composer), Maurice Chevalier (actor), Maurice Joshua (DJ)Famous Jewish bearers: Maurice Sendak, Maurice Jaffe (owner of 'Maurices' retail clothing chain), Maurice (3d animation character) the lemur king's advisor. Note: The first 10 Google entries for Maurice are of Jewish institutions or name bearers.
In the 1970's hit "Space Cowboy", one of the lines of the song goes, "and some people call me Maurice".
The song is not called 'Space Cowboy'- It is 'The Joker', by the Steve Miller Band.
All I can think of is the old text they'd show on the European MTV2 back in 2005 and 2006: ''Would you name your child Maurice?'' or something similar. My answer would be ''no''. It sounds old-fashioned and unpleasant.
Maurice Chevalier, French actor and singer. It is probably due to M. Chevalier that the name Maurice is generally pronounced in the French manner in the U.S., where the English pronunciation is usually reserved for the spelling "Morris."
I can't possibly picture Maurice as a pimply teenager. To me Maurice is a refined, good hearted, older man. If he's a bad boy, he's a good guy "bad boy".
Maurice Minnifield is one of the main characters in the cult 90s show "Northern Exposure." He's a an ex-astronaut who pretty much owns and controls the whole town of Cicely, Alaska. He's pompous and flaunts his wealth, but he is still quite hilarious. As the seasons progess he is shown to be a bit more complex. Overall Maurice was one of the best, over the top characters.
The image of a big, awkward, gangly, pimple faced tenage boy comes to mind. Anyone else agree?
Maurice Bernard plays Michael "Sonny" Corinthos on General Hospital.
The General Hospital actor's name is actually Maurice Benard. His birth name was Mauricio Jose Morales.
This is such a cute name for a little boy.
I think this makes a good middle name.
Maurice Richard was a famous hockey player for the Montreal Canadians.
Voice actor Maurice LaMarce does the voice of The Brain from "Pinky and the Brain" and Hovis from "Catscratch".
Famous bearers:
Maurice Maeterlinck, a Belgian poet and playwright. He received the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Maurice Leblanc, a French novelist. He's famous for the Arsène Lupin series.
Maurice is the name of Belle's father in Beauty and the Beast. "CRAZY ol' Maurice, eh?...Crazy ol' Maurice..."
Actor Michael Caine's birth name was Maurice Joseph Micklewhite.
Joseph-Maurice Ravel was a French composer and pianist, considered to be one of the major composers of the 20th century.
Maurice Conchis is the name of a mysterious character in the novel "The Magus" by John Fowles. "Maurice" is also the name of a E.M. Forster novel.
My ex boyfriend is called Maurice. I have fallen in love with the name and hope to get away with calling this to my first boy (I wonder what the ex will think if that?). His dad was known as 'Mozz'. Maurice has forever been called 'Morris'. But I prefer the pronunciation of 'Moreece' with the spelling of Maurice.

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