This name should be pronounced like it says on the front: Max-i-mill-yan. I often see it on articles with the heading '5 syllable names'. Well, it's not 5 syllables if you pronounce it the original way.
It’s pretentious and I love it. I would actually use this as a middle name along with Maxence, and just simple Max. I also love the variant Maxine and Maxima is cool too. The meaning is so cool.
Don't like long names and this one sounds funny.
I would not call it an ugly name, just a bit clunky, long and impractical for everyday use. If I were to use something similar to this name, I would just go with Max and call it a day.
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
First name of General Veers from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980).
My brothers' name. Everyone loves it. We call him Max.
I like the names Max and Maxwell, I'm okay with Maximus, but Maximillian? Geeze, imagine the poor kid trying to spell his name in kindergarten! I don't have a problem with the name itself, the "million" sound it makes in English is a bit silly, but it isn't terrible. It's just the length of the length of it that makes me not really like it.
Also used in Romania. You'll find bearers on social media.
Hold on... how is this an English and Scandinavian name too? No way! It should just be labeled GERMAN only!
“Max a million!” Sounds like a pet name an uncle would use for his nephew.
Prefer Máximo. This is too much.
Prefer Maxwell. This is too much.
I gave this name to my youngest and only son. I decided to go against the current when parents give two or more names to their children, even inventing names or changing the classic spellings. I opted for this name because it is not too short, it sounds great, has a lot of character and not very common but very memorable. It is also not too difficult to spell for a child. It is also very masculine and you can derive a lot of nicknames for it: Max, Maxie, Macky, Mackie, Ian, Macmac, Mackoy, etc. I know my son will love and cherish it and will be grateful for it.
Maximilian Ibrahimović is the son of Swedish professional footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović. He was born September 22, 2006.
This was my great-great grandfather's name. I used to dislike any "Max" name, but this is starting to grow on me.
The Netherlands is using this name?! NO WAY... They got to be using Maximiliaan since it is the Dutch form of Maximilian! I do not believe Maximilian is common in the Netherlands. Because usually Dutch uses 2 a's not just one just like example the Dutch name Daan.
Maximilian Veers from the movie Star Wars is a bearer of this name.
We love the name Maximilian. It is our youngest's name. Our family is German and Catholic so the name was right for us.
Maximiliana is a proper name as well. Think of General Hospital's Maxi.
I hate my middle name. Gaylord was bad enough as a first name, but then to add Maximilian to it? In primary school I was nicknamed GayFag the Maxi-Pad. I hate this name.
Oh my God, I love this name! It's great for a boy! The meaning and history of it is fascinating and brilliant! =D.
I think it also should be a female name, like Pat, or Kim, or Chris... I think the name Maximiliana would be very cute for a baby girl. Maybe Maxis for short?
Maximilian (1769-1838) was the son of Frederick Christian, Elector of Saxony and his wife Maria Antonia.
Maximilian (1870-1951) was the son of King George of Saxony and his wife Maria Ana of Portugal.
Maximilian (1638-1705) was the son of Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria and his wife Maria Anna.
Maximilian (1662-1726) was the son of Ferdinand Maria, Elector of Bavaria and his wife Enrichetta of Savoy. He later became Elector of Bavaria himself.
Maximilian (1704-1709) was the youngest son of Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria and his second wife Theresa.
Maximilian (1727-1777) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Charles VII and his wife Maria Amalia. He later became Maximilian III, Elector of Bavaria.
Maximilian (1459-1519) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III and his wife Leonor of Portugal. He later became Emperor Maximilian I.
Maximilian (1638-1639) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III and his first wife Maria Anna of Spain.
Maximilian (1558-1618) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II and his wife Maria of Spain.
Maximilian (1756-1801) was the youngest son of Maria Theresa and Emperor Francis. He was the younger brother of Marie Antoinette.
Maximilian was the name of one of the sons of King Christian II of Denmark and his wife Isabella of Austria. He also had a twinbrother named Philip.
Maximilian (1774-1778) was one of the sons of the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II and his wife Maria Luisa of Spain.
Maximilian (1573-1651) was the second son of William V, Duke of Bavaria and his wife Renata of Lorraine. He later became Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria.
Maximilian II of Bavaria was the son of King Ludwig I and his wife Therese. He was King of Bavaria between 1848-1864.
Maximilian Goof, Goofy's son. His full name was revealed in "A Goofy Movie."
A popular name amongst the German aristocracy, and the name of several of the Holy Roman Emperors.

It's a name which says quite clearly, "I'm better than you and always will be".

You have to love it.
In Daphne du Marier's novel Rebecca, Laurence Olivier's character's name is George Fortescue Maximilian de Winter, but he's called Maxim.
I've always liked this name. When I was little I thought it was a nickname that meant something like "Max is worth a million." I really like it though.
This name is so pretentious and over the top... I love it. XD.
Maksimilijan is the Croatian form.
Extremely pretentious and over the top, and in most cases nowadays, only used so the parents can get the trendy nickname Max. If you're only ever going to call the kid Max, unless this is a family name, just name him Max and skip the pretense of giving him a long-winded name like this.
Hey, it's not that bad.
The Norwegian pronunciation (with "English" words for the Englishmen) is Maxi-MI-li-an (mi as in "me", li as in "lee").
This name sounds so snobbish and pretentious. It also sounds like "makes a million". It shows the parents want their son to make it big (in a selfish way, not a good one). What kind of message are you sending to your son?
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony named their son Maximilian David.
Saint Maximilian Kolbe. He volunteered to die in the place of someone else at a Nazi concentration camp so the other man could stay with his family. They tried to starve him and the others with him to death, and he had them singing songs the whole time. Everbody with him eventually starved to death, but Maximilian wouldn't die. Extremely angry and frustrated with this, the Nazis eventually killed him with lethal injection.
Czech form is Maxmilian. [noted -ed]
Name Day: 29th May.
This is the name of Goofy's son in a Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie.
This was the full name of Maxim de Winter in Daphne du Marier's novel Rebecca.
It's also Dutch. This was my Opa's (grandpa) name.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Maximilian here:
Popular name in Germany, pronounced muks-ee-MEE-li-ahn.
[noted -ed]
I prefer Maxwell which is easy to say and spell. The nickname Max is great.
A lot of people on here really like this name and I honestly can't see what's so great about it.
I think this is the perfect name for a boy - regal, like most Latin names, yet still applicable for today. If I have a son, this will certainly be his name!

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