So I don't know if familial history counts, but I would like to say that I am a girl with the name Mayson. It was originally a surname and my family has kept a record ever since James Mayson, who fought in the American Revolutionary War. I am the tenth generation with Mayson in my name, but the first to have it as my first name. Only the second female in my family to have it. While some people believe that it is spelled with a "y" just to be trendy, it is actually a very old spelling of the name. It may have evolved from the French spelling "Maison".
I actually kinda like Mayson. Mason is a good name, but it's a bit common and the spelling looks a little masculine for a girl (although it's not too bad on a girl). Mayson is a very unique spelling and it looks very feminine to me. Same thing with Masyn!
Just use Mason...
Terrible spelling of an already decent name. Seriously, what's wrong with the original spelling?
Having 'May' in it makes it sound and look so feminine. I dislike it and would stick with the classic.
The trend never ends...
This is a kr8tyv spelling of Mason. I don't like it.
The name Mayson was given to 265 boys born in the US in 2016.
Like Jason, this name should be spelled only as Mason. There is really no reason to throw that random 'Y' in the middle of the name. It messes up a completely decent name!
Why not Mason? This makes it seem like a girl's name.
I personally think Mayson in all ways is nice! Very masculine name and if people decide they want to use it with a y or an e or an I then they should- it's no one else's choice! People might not like the names others choose.
Mayson Drake was a character in a few episodes of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Mayson was played by actress Farrah Forke.
Why take a perfectly fine name like Mason and add a random 'y' to make it "trendi"?

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