It looks misspelled and it's very 80s/90s dated. The H in there just doesn't make any sense at all.

Megan is so much sweeter and more classic.
I don't like the spelling with the H in the middle. I like Megan more, or even better, just Meg.
Very dated!
Somehow I don't like it! It feels a little bit dry, maybe too harsh. Not that bad, but really, nothing much good either.
Meghan is a character from Super Dark Times, the 2017 thriller movie.
Meghan is a great name.
I personally like the name, Meghan but that's probably because my name is Meghan. My name gets misspelled all the time, it's most commonly spelled Megan but I have also had it spelled Meaghan which I think is a weird spelling for it but anyway. And a lot of people think my nickname is Meg and it's not. I hate being called Meg, I don't have a nickname nor do I want one, also no offense to some people who spell their name Megan but I personally think it sounds like you're saying vegan but with an M.
Mehegan and other variants are Irish surnames. I think the existence of these names has led to the insertion of the “h” into the girl’s given name Megan, which is Welsh. There is a mistaken theory that Meghan is an Irish girl’s name; it is not used in Ireland as a girl’s name (unless this annoying misspelling of a Welsh name has been imported from America).
This one is the variant that I can tolerate. It’s not bad. I still prefer Megan though.
For all of you guys that are ‘hurt’ about the comments, that’s very childish. You don’t like someone’s name and you put that in the comments, that’s apparently okay but someone talks about your name you get upset? What is life? If you hate it so much get off the comments because it’s just a name and life isn’t fair. And my name is Panda and I’m okay with the 99 percent hate on my name. Come on! Just pointing that out, you all are human, it’s just a name.
Meghan Trainor and the Markle are two famous namesakes that they missed out. [noted -ed]
I don't honestly like the name Meghan. It's tasteless and boring. Caroline is a unique and special name. My friend's name is Meghan and honestly she's not my favorite friend.
The name Meghan is beautiful.
I pronounce Megan and Meghan the same with the 'e' like the French 'é' and a whole a (not the ə).

The difference is in the feeling: Megan is flat, dated and common while Meghan is totally linked with the Duchess of Sussex in my mind.

Although I dislike variant names I think that Meghan wins because of the famous bearer!
HRH Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex bears this name.
This name gets confused with the Indian names Megha and Meghana which are totally different and pronounced May-gha and Mayg-ana due to the fact that this name is common and those names are highly similar. Pronunciation is Meh-gun usually, but there are many spellings with this name like Megan, Meghan, Meagan, Meaghan, Meggan, etc.
Spelling Meghan with an “h” is like putting an “h” in yoghurt. I can’t stand it. It’s completely unnecessary.
I hate the comment about "Yoghurt". You're being cruel and hurtful to people whose name is spelled with an H...
My daughter's name is Meagan, (pronounced May-gan, and frequently misspelled, and pronounced wrong).
I also looked up Irish baby names, which was in there.

But I don't understand all the hate. It's a name. And I appreciate all spellings and pronunciations.
In 2018, 25 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Meghan who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 528th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
The only version I accept for this name is "Meghan". All others are horrible and tasteless; people trying to cheer up an otherwise boring and typical name. I would've liked it; it's just everybody's name.
If there was someone named Meghan Rita, or Rita Meghan, it would be an anagram of nightmare!
Meghan Markle is an American actress and also Prince Harry's fiancée.
A famous bearer of the name is still alive. She sings, you probably get this a lot but her name is Meghan Trainor.
I am a Meghan as well (MEG-han). When I was given this name by my Japanese father, who married my Irish mother, there just weren’t any Meghans, Megan’s or any other spelling around. This was the very early 70s and I didn’t run into another one until I was nearly 14 - and she was 5 years younger and spelled Megan. So I’ve grown to love my name and am especially glad to have an “h” in it.
My name is spelled Méhgan and pronounced MAY-GEN.. I happen to like all the spellings, and the fact that’s it’s one of the few names out there that allows people to pronounce it differently. I’m still confused on the meaning, but one common meaning that keeps popping up is that it means “a pearl”... I’ll take it.
My name is Meghan, and many people pronounce it May-gen, or Meg-an, it depends on their accent.
I lived in Wales for about 2 years, and many Welsh folk said that Meghan is the Celtic version of the name "Megan." They told me that my name is also commonly spelled Meaghan, or Meaghane.
Similarly, Meghan is a Welsh name with the translation to "pearl" and means "warrior" if pronounced May-gen.

Hope this helps! Cheers! :)
Meghan Elizabeth Trainor is an American pop singer and songwriter. Trainor's work has been recognized with several awards and nominations, including a Grammy Award, Music Business Association's Breakthrough Artist of the Year accolade and two Billboard Music Awards.
Meghan Ory is a Canadian television and film actress. She is best known for her role as Red Riding Hood/Ruby on the ABC fantasy series Once Upon a Time and also starred in the short-lived CBS drama Intelligence as Riley Neal. Ory currently stars in Hallmark family drama Chesapeake Shores as Abby O'Brien.
Hi, my name is Meghan and I find it quite annoying when people say it's like Megan but it's not. People can't write my name properly or get me personal items with my name on because it's so expensive. People say Meegan for my name but I want them to say it properly with the special H. I like it but people always tell or say to me Hi Meghan Trainor and I'm like, I'm a fan of her but stop saying that to me.
I don't like Meghan Trainor and her garbage music, which ruins the name for me.
My mother named me M-E-G-H-A-N-N-E.

I have never met anyone else who has seen this spelling, and 75% of people don't even dare try to pronounce it.

I went through a few years of hating it, but now I love it. I'm creative so it fits me.

I've always known Megan meant 'Pearl', but it has been fun to read through everyone's experience with such a customizable name! ;]
My name is Megan, pronounced May-gen. I have never had the nickname Meg because of the pronunciation of my name. I have been told by a welsh man that it is Welsh. I was told it was a pet name for my grandmother Margaret and that it means pearl. I lived in a house with a Meaghan pronounced Meg-in, a Megan pronounced Meg-in and a Megan pronounced May-gen... everyone thought we had the same name until we pronounced/spelt it for them. Regardless we went by our surnames to forgo confusion. I have been called Mee-gen, Meg-in, and May-gen and I answer to all. I also live overseas and realize that people pronounce words differently due to accents. So I'm not so hot and bothered about the pronunciation anymore, although I introduce myself as May-gen.
There is such a language as Irish, although confusingly in Irish itself, it's called 'Gaeilge' which literally means 'Gaelic'. Personally I think the 'h' in 'Megan' isn't needed, like the 'y' in 'Jayne', but you could say the same about the 'h' in 'Anthony', which some people pronounce as 'anth-only'.
The name Meghan was given to 238 girls born in the US in 2015.
I named my child Meghin. Pronounced it like Maygin. I haven't seen that spelling anywhere since.
My name is M-E-G-H-A-N, and while I've always preferred this particular spelling, both are lovely names. Anyway, my family is extremely Irish and my parents chose my name from a Gaelic Baby Name book. I've seen the book for myself and it has the names, meanings, pronunciations, and origins of all the Gaelic names in the book. The book says my name (spelled WITH an H) means small but powerful and strong... which lines up with the original comment... Don't know if this helps anybody out, but I certainly know and have always known that this is the meaning of my name.
My name is Megan, and I'm from Wales. Megan is pronounced Meg-anne (in Welsh). I don't like it when people call me Meg-han. There is a difference. Meghan looks weird to me (because I've grown up with Megan so!) but I'm not saying it's the wrong way of spelling it. Megan isn't the right way either. They both have different meanings, get used to it.
OK so... lol... My name is spelled M-E-G-A-N.. The history of the name is confusing to me and where it came from. After reading the comments about where it came from... I'm still definitely confused. When I first started looking up my name I was looking for a funny link about what people with my name go through... this is HILARIOUS! Of course the first question any Meghan or Megan or Maygan or Meagan or Magan or Magen or Megen or Meggan ask when meeting someone with the same name is..."so how do you spell your name?" LMAO its kinda interesting to hear all the different ways WE spell our names that pretty much are pronounced the SAME way by just about every differently named human-being. AND YES every Megan or Meghan or Maygan or Meagan or Magan or Magen or Megen or Meggan... wants to think they have the best spelling ((im the same way.. MEGAN is the BEST)) But I guess my point is there is no reason to be mean rude about it lol... lets just laugh n call it "THE STRUGGLES OF HAVING THE NAME MEGAN"

#1: When someone writes your name down... They will most likely misspell it... actually they always misspell it.. and we secretly think "those idiots.."

#2: When u hear your name from afar... it sounds like Bacon, Bakin, or Makin... n you're like "I like mine crispy plz ";)

#3: When someone forgets your name... they will 9 times out of 10 guess... Morgan?... WTF! I hate that name (not trying to be mean)... tip #1 never give them a chance to guess!

#4: The annoying times when some relates your name to someone famous and the guys always say.."oooo Megan like Megan Fox"... and I'm like yep...same name, CAPTAIN FREAKIN' OBVIOUS.

#5: WE HAVE THE BEST NAME IN THE WHOLE WORLD REGARDLESS OF THE SPELLING! Lol yeah.. I know this one isn't a struggle... this is definitely one of the many PERKS!
I see people saying Megan is pronounced Me-gan, my name is Megan and it's the exact same as Meghan. Meg-an.
Meghan Trainor, an American singer-songwriter.
I love the name Megan & I happen to like this spelling. :)
Meghan Chase is the main character of the Iron Fey series written by Julie Kagawa.
It's your name, it doesn't define you. When I order a pizza and the person asks "is that m e g a n?" I say yes, am I worried that I'll never get my order, cause they are looking for a Mee-gan? No. I worry about the spelling on my paycheck and taxes. One of my utility companies has me in as Meshan, you can bet they still provide me power and I still get the bills. I am damn proud to be Irish, but I'm not going to have a heart attack every time someone spells my name wrong. There's way too many other things to worry about. It's an awesome name, I like the h and I'm proud to carry my Irish heritage on.
I think everyone should stop being so close minded about the spelling. My name is MEGGAN. 2 G's, no H. I LOVE the spelling. I have seen so many different spellings and variants of this name it's crazy! but if everyones name was spelled the same, wouldn't it be a bit boring?
I love my name and I am VERY Irish. So I believe everyone should just love everyone and get along but also remember that the best way to spell it is M-E-G-H-A-N. I HATE when I have to correct people, SPELL IT RIGHT. Anyways, I believe Meghan is a very popular name. I have many Meghan's in my grade (Meghan B., Meghan C., Meghan F., Megan G., and another Megan G.) so everyone stop fighting. Meghan originates from Ireland from the name Margrate, I even have a plaque. Yes, my parents were completly dorky and got me a plaque. So stop being wrong. Thank you. :D.
The name Meghan is not short for Megan, the names are spelled differently and therefore have different pronunciations. Megan he prounounced mee-gan and Meghan is pronounced meg-han. Meghan is the actual Irish spelling, Megan is from a different native or it's the altered spelling over the years. But either way, the 2 names ARE different, both in history/heritage, propounciation and meaning.
My name is M-E-G-H-A-N and I hate when I tell people my name is Meghan, they spell Megan... ummm... wrong pronunciation and not my name. Its NOT meeg-an IT'S meg-han so learn how to properly spell the pronounced name. And if you are buying something for someone named Meghan, DO NOT get them something with MEGAN because its incorrect and offensive!
Ew. I HATE the name Meghan. I think I would rather have my name spelled "Megan" just because it's easier for others to spell it and you can always find a keychain with the right spelling! I personally think this name has no "pizazz" to it and it's boring and common. There aren't any good nicknames either. Meghan is just stupid sounding in every way. Especially MEE-Gan. Blech.

I also hate it when I tell guys my name and they immediately think oh, megan fox. I'm just like shut the F up. I'm not like megan fox in any way. Maybe they think it flatters me when the bring it up?
Meghan is actually its own derivative of Margret not of Megan and not only does it mean pearl but it means strength and courage. It it very frustrating as a proud bearer of the name to hear it slandered and put down. I would never put down another name or say it is the wrong spelling or the wrong name. So internet or not H or not please don't lower yourself, they are separate names not at war. I have never been so ashamed to share my name before today when I read this sight. Please you wouldn't say that to someone's face, don't say it to a screen.
I think that Meghan is a beautiful name and anyone named Meghan must be beautiful! Although I think it is better as a boys name.
The name with the spelling M-E-G-H-A-N is actually of more than one origin (if spelled as shown).

Meghan (pronounced Meg-En) is Greek and Sanskrit. In Greek, it means "pearl" or as my ex's dad says in some regions there it means "jewel." "Cloud" is another meaning of the name in India.

Meghan (often pronounced Mee-gen) is Welsh, as some have mentioned previously. The Irish are heavily influenced by the Welsh, so you can understand where similarities are. Margaret is Margaret with various spellings, but the name is in no relation to Margaret.

The name has nothing to do with the old Irish surname O'Meeghan or with the name MEGAN, which someone had previously said is the correct way to spell it.

The name Megan (pronounced May-gan and spelled without an H) is actually a German name unrelated to this name.

My name happens to be Meghan, derived from my mother's maiden name, Madigan, so I not only take offense to people who mispronounce it, but who link my name to "Megan." They are very different names. Yes, it is more popular in the US, but that doesn't mean it's a made up name or made up spelling.
Canadian actress Meghan Black bears this name. Her credits include "Snow Queen" and "X-men: Evolution."
First there is no such language as "Irish" - the language spoken in Ireland is/was Gaelic - the language of the Gaels. It is also spoken, albeit a different dialect, in Scotland, and there are also other variants in Breton and other places originally populated by Gaels.

Anyway, I was told once from a Meghan of Cornish origin that Meghan is derived from Magan meaning "Power" in many old languages. She also said that in Cornish it is the word for witch - not in the bad sense but in the sense of "a woman with power" so is considered a good name.
@Anonymous User 5/7/2011: That Meghan was wrong. The Cornish words for witch, woman, power etc are nothing like Meghan. It doesn't appear in any Cornish baby name books either so I've no idea where she got that idea from.
My name is Meghan and I don't know why one person said it's pronounced different... cause it's not so maybe you're wrong? Or your parents tried to make it unique? Either way from my experience it is Irish, my whole family is Irish and my name came from a book in Ireland for picking Irish names.. I also have a framed photo thing from my grandmother that says:

Root: Megan from Margaret, Irish form of Margaret
Everyone is pretty much wrong. Megan and Meghan are different names, they are clearly spelt different and are even pronounced different. Their origins are the same which makes it understandable to think that they are in fact the same name! They are not! My name is Meghan, not Megan. If it was then you would drop the 'H' it's in there for a reason, it's a different name and you need to pronounce the h. Please do so in the future because is very frustrating!
Even though it is my name, I think Meghan is too popular. In fifth grade, just in my homeroom alone, there was a Meghan A., Meghan B., Meghan C., Megan D., Maegan E., Morgan F., Meggie G., and a Meghan H. And those were their actual initials. Everyone kept mixing us up and some actually called me Mohegan! As in Mohegan Sun.
This name looks more complete then Megan does.
My twin sister's name is spelled this way and pronounced MEG-en like all other million Meghans, Megans and Meagans all over the place. The only reason I like this name is because our names don't match.
As other's have pointed out, Meghan is an attempt to re-Irishize a name that wasn't Irish to begin with and probably wouldn't have been spelled that way even if it were. Megan is the original, most accurate form (well, the only ACCURATE form, but people are going to spell it phonetically and everything). I like the look of the 'h' but I wouldn't use it since it isn't really correct, and would be pronounced differently if it were an actual Irish name spelled that way anyhow.
Meghan is my middle name, and it is always being mispronouned, but I love it anyway!
My name is Meghan. I don't like it because I know a ton of Meghan's and Megans and Meaghans. I think it looks better when there's an 'h' in it. It's less common, although still popluar enough. I hate when all my teachers at school pronounce it 'MEE-gan' instead of MEG-an.
I know two girls named this: one with the h and one without. The girl with the H is nicer (not like that means anything). But I like it spelled better with the h.
I think 'Meghan' is the best name and the only correct way to spell it. I don't like to hear people saying that 'Meghan' is another form of 'Megan' because in reality, 'Megan' is just the way for lazy people to shorted such a wonderful name. I care so much about the 'H' in my name that I continue to hold the 'H' strong even in my nickname, Megh.
To the above user Megh: MEGAN is the original and CORRECT way of spelling the name, and the "h" has been added randomly some way along the line, nothing is wrong with this as many names have variants, but however, Megan is more correct and most variants as mentioned above have been created in the Americas to make the name more "original" and "creative". Megan is NOT a lazy way of spelling the name thank you very much please research these things before you make such comments.
The name Meghan means "pearl" in Welsh.
You are absolutely correct that Meghan means "pearl" in Welsh. I would know as I have looked up the name numerous times for my sister who bears the name Meghan.
It does not mean pearl in Welsh. It is the Welsh version of a name of Greek origin which meant pearl. So it is Welsh, and it means pearl, but to clarify, it doesn't mean pearl in Welsh.
My name is Meghan and I think that the spelling of my name is pretty awesome. So don't be knockin' it and saying it's supposed to be spelled "Megan" because I hate it when it's spelled "Megan" and "Meghan" is so much better.
The name MEGHAN is the Celtic/Irish spelling of the name. It is derived from the ancient clan MEEGHAN. The name means "brave warrior."
I am now confused. When I first came to this site, I had just found out that I was pregnant, January this year (there is a long and spooky story as to why I wanted to call my baby Meghan). After trying for 3 and a half years my partner and I were overjoyed. I wanted to look up the meaning of the name we had been given. At that time there was only the one comment about Meghan stating that it meant warior, this was great and we have now named our one month old baby girl Meghan. I have revisited the site today to show it to a friend, and find a further two comments. Could the original poster please tell us where they got their info from?
It might look like a Gaelic spelling, but it's not. Meghan is just an alternative spelling of Megan, which is a Welsh pet form of Margaret, so therefore no relation. Plus, if it was Gaelic, it would be pronounced more like "MAY-an".
Many sources erroneously state that Meghan is the Irish spelling of Megan. This is absolutely FALSE. Meghan is an alternate spelling of Megan that is of American origin, and is primarily used in America, Canada, and Australia. It may have been created out of confusion with the Irish surname O'Meegan, which is in actuality entirely unrelated to the name Megan.

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