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I don't like the association with Trump, however, I will admit that this name is quite pretty. I prefer it to Melanie, which reminds me too much of watermelons; a fruit I absolutely hate.
Tatsugotchi  4/30/2021
It’s pretty; however, the Melania Trump association is what people will think about when they see a girl with this name.
natalka  4/12/2021
Also Provençal: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Frollein Gladys  3/9/2021
It's a very pretty and majestic name.
StormySundae  3/3/2021
I don't see the appeal.
― Anonymous User  3/3/2021
I love the name Melania and Melania Trump makes this name so much better!
Janessa2542  1/11/2021
Meh. I prefer Melanie.
noisynora  12/26/2020
The difference between Melania and Hillary, Michelle, Laura or anything like that is those are common enough English names for women born in those generations and Melania doesn't have many other associations. This name is pretty though.
― Anonymous User  9/1/2020
Personally, I love this name. I actually want to name my daughter after Melania Trump. She is a gracious, beautiful woman, not to mention a fantastic First Lady. All these negative comments towards her make me sick. It's a much nicer name than Michelle.
― Anonymous User  8/28/2020
It’s kinda pretty but I hate the association with Melania Trump.
saturnbrat  6/18/2020
It’s fine.
nylonpanda  10/9/2019
This name is very pretty.
― Anonymous User  9/21/2019
Here in Italy Melania isn't a common name. I think this name looks better on a newborn with darker skin (since it's the meaning of the name). I think it's an easy name to pronounce.
Blackswan  9/3/2019
Everyone is thinking of our current First Lady when this name is heard. Although I don't hate Melania Trump, I feel extremely bad for her. I hope the association will fade; this name is quite alright, although I much prefer Melanie.
MarioDM02  4/22/2019
Here we go again! Just because Donald Trump's wife has this name, everyone wants to hate it! How ridiculous!
― Anonymous User  4/11/2019
I am an apolitical individual and I think this name is quite beautiful and has an exotic flair to it that I find quite charming and mysterious. I would definitely select this name for my child as the political association will fade by the time the child enters elementary school, and it will not be a problem by then.
― Anonymous User  2/19/2019
I like the name, however naming your child after a sitting first lady in this polarized political climate means that 70% of people are going to scoff at it. Better wait until the association fades. I wanted to name our first daughter Sasha but we passed, just because I don't want my kid mixed up with any political situation.
― Anonymous User  10/6/2018
I don’t give two rats about the Melania Trump association. It's a beautiful name.
Curious me  9/30/2018
Putting aside the unfortunate Trump association, I quite like this name. It's regal, feminine and pretty.
futuremother99  9/27/2018
I prefer Melanie. Melania seems too much... besides it is unfortunately now heavily associated with a certain someone in the United States.
kayisforkeen  8/6/2018
Melania Trump made me love this name; She is such a beautiful, classy kind and smart woman. A great first lady!
Prime Meridian  6/8/2018
Yes, Melania Trump is very klassy. With a K though ;)
― Anonymous User  5/23/2020
The first lady ruins this for me for some reason. Because her relationship with her husband seems fake, so does this name.
― Anonymous User  5/6/2018
I can't detach this name from that airheaded bimbo Melania Trump. I'd pick something else.
Acajou  9/17/2017
Melania Carolina Hotu Hey is a Chilean politician. She has served as the provincial governor of Easter Island, in Chilean Polynesia, in the first and second governments of Michelle Bachelet.
lilolaf  7/26/2017
Georgian form of this name is "Melano" (მელანო)
― Anonymous User  2/9/2017
Melania Trump is a Slovene-American former model and the current First Lady of the United States. She is married to American businessman and 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Born in the former Yugoslavia, she became a permanent resident of the United States in 2001 and a citizen in 2006. She is the second foreign-born First Lady of the United States, following Louisa Adams in 1825, and the first who is a non-native English speaker.
lilolaf  1/26/2017
88 baby girls born in the USA (2015) were given Melania.
lilolaf  1/26/2017
In the United States this name has almost become synonymous with Melania Trump, wife of presidential candidate Donald Trump - especially now, as it's election season (when will it END?!?!). I'm not exactly a huge fan of Melania Trump, but there have certainly been worse women in the public eye.

That aside, I do think Melania is a lovely name - and I'm not normally crazy about names that begin with "Mel-" (don't like Melanie or Melissa).
erb816  10/19/2016
I think I prefer this to the English form Melanie. I know several Melania's here in Brazil. Unfortunately, in English-speaking countries most people will immediately associate this name with Donald Trump's wife. (Nothing against Trump's wife; I can't stand Trump himself.)
Buneary  5/22/2016
The name Melania is also in use in Georgia, although it is currently a rare name there.

In Georgian, Melania is written as: მელანია.
Lucille  6/17/2013
Also used in Ukraine. The Name Day is on the 13 of January.
Vikosha  1/4/2012
Melania is the Italian (and Spanish) form of Latin Melaena, commonly known to mean, "Black, Dark."
Francesca  12/1/2010
Melanija is the Croatian, Slovene and Serbian form.
goricar  3/18/2010
I like this name, but I would pronounce it mel-ah-NEE-ah. Just like how it's spelled instead of mel-ahn-yah.
kool_babe14  5/27/2009
Nicknames: Mel, Melany, Melina, Lana.
Karcoolka  7/28/2007
Melania is also the Slovak form.
Name Day: 30th June.
Karcoolka  7/24/2007
I think this is Donald Trump's wife's name.
xKatiex  12/9/2006
Melania Black is Sirius and Reglus Black's Grandmother in the Harry Potter series.
Jeana Bradbury  2/20/2006
Also used in Russian.
Catra  4/1/2005
It is from the ancient Greek root 'melaneos' meaning "black".
nlabus  12/22/2004

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