It was very likely the same king Midas, who was the referee of the musical contest between Apollo and Pan. He chose Pan as the winner. Out of indignation Apollo gave king Midas donkey ears.
Kaat5  1/26/2020
Midas touch.
kayisforkeen  8/14/2018
He's got the golden touch! Use this as a name? No way! It sounds ridiculous.
bananarama  6/27/2009
Trust the Midas Touch! - that tire company :)
Jesus_Freak  6/3/2008
A famous bearer is of course King Midas of Phrygia. According to Golden Touch, the play, King Midas found someone in his rose gardens caught by his guards. The name of this man was Silenus, and he was smelling them. Well King Midas had said that these roses were the best in the world, and wanted Silenus to go to a dungeon, but Silenus said that he had smelt better, and that he taught Dionysus, the god of wine. King Midas quickly apologized, and let Silenus stay in his castle and eat and drink to his pleasure.
Well, Silenus brought King Midas to Dionysus to introduce him, and for King Midas' kindness, Dionysus offered King Midas a choice; beauty or riches. Silenus tried to tell King Midas to choose beauty, but instead King Midas chose riches. So Dionysus made it so whatever King Midas touched was instantly turned to gold.
When he arrived back to his castle, to which his grass and his precious roses had turned to gold. He called in a few of his guards to show them, to which the guards became frightened, because they knew that King Midas would be angry if the grass or roses wilted. But they soon found out it was gold and thought nothing of it. Then, King Midas' daughter came into the room exclaiming that everything was gold! That everything had lost its scent.
King Midas explained that they would now be richer than ever, and that the smell of gold was heavenly. When he hugged her to try and comfort her, she instantly turned to gold.
King Midas was shocked and frightened at the same time. He called one of his guards in, but the guard did not know what to do. King Midas then shook his guard by the arms, but he too turned to gold.
Then, King Midas tried to eat or drink something because all of this was making him dizzy. He nearly choked on the water he was drinking, and he couldn't bite into his food. He cries out for Dionysus, and Dionysus appears.
King Midas begs Dionysus for his daughter back, and he would give all the gold in the world for her. Dionysus tells King Midas that that was what he wished for, but King Midas cries that he was a fool, and that he would starve to death, but he only wanted his daughter back. Dionysus then tells him that he was indeed a fool, and said that the curse would be removed if he bathed in the River of Pactolus, and that his daughter and everything else would be returned back to normal.
rv14142  7/28/2007

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