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Gender Feminine & Masculine
Usage Japanese
Scripts みひろ(Japanese Hiragana) 位洋, 海寛, 海広, 海尋, 海拓, 海宙, 海飛呂, 光尋, 光宙, 光祐, 三央, 三博, 三洋, 実宏, 実浩, 実四, 実尋, 実大, 実宙, 実妃呂, 実洋, 珠紘, 珠宙, 充尋, 心拓, 心宙, 心宥, 心祐, 深弘, 深宙, 真皓, 仁大, 水尋, 水裕, 翠紘, 瑞祐, 美海, 美光, 美広, 美弘, 美紘, 美丈, 美尋, 美宙, 美妃呂, 美優, 美裕, 美洋, 碧尋, 未尋, 未宙, 未比呂, 巳寛, 弥弘, 翠優, 未裕, etc.(Japanese Kanji)
Pronounced Pron. MEE-HEE-ṘO  [key]

Meaning & History

From Japanese 位 (mi) meaning "rank, grade, throne, crown, about, some", 海 (mi) meaning "sea, ocean", 光 (mi) meaning "light", 三 (mi) meaning "three", 実 (mi) meaning "reality, truth", 珠 (mi) meaning "pearl, gem, jewel", 充 (mi) meaning "allot, fill", 心 (mi) meaning "heart, mind, spirit", 深 (mi) meaning "deep, heighten, intensify, strengthen", 真 (mi) meaning "true, reality", 仁 (mi) meaning "humanity, virtue, benevolence, charity, man, kernel", 水 (mi) meaning "water", 翠 (mi) meaning "green, kingfisher", 瑞 (mi) meaning "congratulations", 美 (mi) meaning "beautiful", 碧 (mi) meaning "blue, green", 未 (mi) meaning "un-, not yet, hitherto, still, even now, sign of the ram, 1-3PM, eighth sign of Chinese zodiac", 巳 (mi) meaning "sign of the snake or serpent" or 弥 (mi) meaning "all the more, increasingly", 飛 (hi) meaning "fly, skip (pages), scatter", 妃 (hi) meaning "queen, princess" or 比 (hi) meaning "compare, race, ratio, Philippines" combined with 洋 (hiro) meaning "ocean, sea", 寛 (hiro) meaning "tolerant, leniency, generosity, relax, feel at home, be at ease, broadminded", 広 (hiro) meaning "wide, broad, spacious", 尋 (hiro) meaning "inquire, fathom, look for", 拓 (hiro) meaning "clear (the land), open, break up (land)", 宙 (hiro) meaning "mid-air, air, space, sky, memorization, interval of time", 呂 (ro) meaning "spine, backbone", 央 (hiro) meaning "centre, middle", 博 (hiro) meaning "Dr., command, esteem, win acclaim, Ph.D., exposition, fair", 宏 (hiro) meaning "wide, large", 浩 (hiro) meaning "wide expanse, abundance, vigorous", 四 (hiro) meaning "four", 大 (hiro) meaning "large, big", 紘 (hiro) meaning "large", 宥 (hiro) meaning "soothe, calm, pacify", 弘 (hiro) meaning "vast, broad, wide", 皓 (hiro) meaning "white, clear", 裕 (hiro) meaning "abundant, rich", 海 (hiro) meaning "sea, ocean", 光 (hiro) meaning "light", 丈 (hiro) meaning "length" or 優 (hiro) meaning "tenderness, excel, surpass, actor, superiority, gentleness". Other kanji combinations are possible.
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