Milan Stilton, a villain in the animated series Totally Spies!. Her name is a spoof of Paris Hilton.
This is a common name for men in Eastern Europe.
Please take this off the unisex name list! Milan is a pure boys name!
In 2019 the name Milan was given to 37 boys and 14 girls in Ontario, Canada.
Just because Milan has "a" in it does not make it a feminine name. Milan is a masculine name in certain Slavic countries, and will always be that way no matter on what gender it is used. I usually don't care about city names, so I wouldn't name my son Milan, but this is a fine name for a boy. I have never considered it feminine or unisex in any way. Use Milena or Mila instead if you're considering Milan for a girl!
Personally, I believe Milan can be used for either girls or boys because it is the 21st-century and 'girl' and 'boy' names don't exist, whatever that means. I am quite confused as to why the Europeans here believe that Europe is the only continent and that other countries use the same naming 'rules'. Some of you say "it's like naming a girl Jack' but I hope you're aware that there are girls named Jack and boys named Jackie, which is usually thought as more feminine.Either way, choose whatever name you want. Personally, it seems kinda tacky to me, especially in countries where people immediately think of the city when they hear the name.
I would just like to reply.I think Milan is somewhat feminine. It reminds me of Mulan, that is obviously a feminine name. It also reminds me of Florence which is a city in Italy that also happens to be feminine. (Technically unisex) But it’s probably best to use Milena, Mila, etc.Anyways, I disagree with damid0mi. Feminine girl names, and masculine male names do exist. There are certain names that just don’t sound right on the opposite gender. I don’t care what year or century it is, you can’t just change the history of a name. (Hell, that’s the whole point of this site; looking into the etymology of names) Names like James, Connor, or Tristan never have been, and pretty much never will be unisex. The same thing can be applied to names like Gaia, Athena, or Indira because of the history. As far as the name Jack, quite obviously it’s a masculine name. Jackie is a legitimate unisex name. Something I find the most ironic about this trend is that it never goes the other way around, lol.With that being said, at the end of the day you can name your child whatever you want, technically any name could be unisex, but you should be more considerate when naming them. Sometimes it’s a cultural thing with names. Just because you think Daniel is the perfect name for a daughter, and it’s feminine, DOESN'T mean it actually is. Just because you think Raina is a boy name, doesn’t mean it is. And don’t be surprised if he or she grows up to (God forbid) hate their own name. In my opinion traditionally male names are best as a middle names.
It feels too soft for a male name, looks like some soft, sweet name for a female, but doesn't sound like a male name. Anyway, I don't like this name, it feels rather boring and just, not interesting.
I love that a good chunk of the comments regarding the name can be boiled down to "many of the [possibly sexist and homophobic?] people in my strongly heteronormative part of the world think this is a male name, therefore, ALL people everywhere, regardless of how inclined they are to participate in gender policing, are also required to consider this a male name, otherwise they might one day come across a chauvinistic Southern Slav who, when he meets their daughter Milan, will get his panties in a bunch and go cry to mommy." Yeah, those people are definitely the people you should listen to when choosing a name for your baby.
I'm sorry but as someone who's part Slavic myself, this will never be a feminine name for me. Mila and Milana are both great feminine alternatives for this name so why not use them?
I never knew Milan was a boy name. But either way, either this name is actually unisex or not is debatable. But outside of America, it is a boy name.
You Americans have to understand that this is indeed a Slavic and also an Indian name, and very many Slavs and also Indians live in USA and they will never see this as a girl's name or even a "unisex" name.
You can use it for your daughter but she then will have a male name. It does not change because non Slavs and non Indians start using our names. A good version for your daughter is Mila or Milana. Those are the girl versions of Milan.
Its FEMININE popularity in the USA in the late 90s and the 21st century may be INFLUENCED by an ACTRESS.
As a FEMININE name in ENGLISH, this name can also POSSIBLY be a variant of MILANI or DIRECTLY taken from the name of the ITALIAN CITY. of SOME of the ACTRESSES:
-Milan Ray Aguilera Anderson Williams Camby LaBrey
By the way, the Wiktionary source CLAIMS it to be FEMININE in English and MASCULINE in Slavic Countries. a FEMININE name, it may be named after a city in Italy. From Italian Milano, from Latin Mediōlānum. The lack of the final Italianate vowel suffix -o suggests a borrowing from French Milan.
This name can also be FEMININE, making it UNISEX.In the USA, it was given to 479 girls in 2013
From 1998 to 2012, it was predominantly given to girls in the USAIn the UK, it's a lesser known name for girls but it's still given to 55 girls in 2016
I'm laughing my butt off at people believing Milan is a female name. That's just hilarious. Milán in Hungary is also a pretty famous male name, in fact, I find it to be beautiful and gentle to the sound. But then again, I can't really say much since the Italian city in Hungarian is Milano and on top of that, we don't have such ridiculous freedom in naming our kids like in America (like naming yours after cities). Nonetheless, it's somehow offensive on behalf of its Slavic origin if the parents didn't have the city in mind when they chose it for their daughter.
Milan is a name for boys and men only. There is Slavic Milan and Indian Milan. Both are male names. Please don't give your daughters this name if you live in the USA. Because now the world becomes more and more international, and sooner or later your daughters will meet Indians, Croatians, Slovenes, Slovaks, Serbs, Bulgarians, Ukrainians, Macedonians, Czechs, etc - this name is a classic male name in all these nationalities. And many of them come to the USA as well. They don't understand it, because she looks like a girl, but still has a boy's name. If you really like this name and you have a daughter, I would suggest: Mila, Milana, Milena. Those are female names, with similar Slavic meanings, and also very beautiful.
And some almost similar female names are: Melania, Malin, Miriam, Milani.
Two people have had this name in Eurovision. Milan Stankovic is a Serbian singer who represented his country in 2010 Eurovision with "Ovo Je Balkan" while Milaan (real name Milan Nikolic) is a Serbian accordionist who represented his country in 2009 Eurovision with Marko Kon with "Cipela". Milan N. Would've qualified had the juries not had the choice of the 10th qualifier. Milan S. Qualified but did not crack the Top 10.
My name is Milan! It's said mih-lun.
Milan Badelj is a Croatian footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder in the Croatian national team.
Also Polish.
The name Milan was given to 376 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Milan are male.
Milan Fukal is a retired Czech footballer. The defender began his career with FK Jablonec. In 1999, he was bought by the Czech champion team Sparta Prague and called up by the Czech national team, for which he won 19 caps.
Milan Lucic is a Canadian professional ice hockey left winger who is currently playing for the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League (NHL). He played major junior hockey with the Vancouver Giants in the Western Hockey League (WHL) for three seasons and captured a Memorial Cup, while being named tournament MVP in 2007. He was selected 50th overall in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft[1] and made the Boston Bruins' roster as a 19-year-old in 2007–08. Three years later, he won a Stanley Cup with the Bruins. He spent the first eight seasons of his NHL career with Boston prior to joining Los Angeles in June 2015. Internationally, he captained the Canadian national junior team at the 2007 Super Series. Lucic plays physically in the style of a power forward.
Milan Panić is a Serbian American former Prime Minister of Yugoslavia, humanitarian, and multimillionaire businessman based in Newport Beach and Pasadena, California. He served as Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1992 to 1993. During and after his time as Prime Minister, he campaigned for peace and democracy in the Balkan region. He ran for President of Serbia in 1992, ultimately coming in second to Slobodan Milošević in an election marked by allegations of media and vote tampering by the ruling party. Panić became Prime Minister of Yugoslavia while an American citizen. The legality of retaining US citizenship while accepting this office has been questioned based on a Constitutional prohibition of a US citizen accepting office on behalf of a foreign nation. Panić is the first US citizen to occupy a high-level political position in a foreign country since Golda Meir.
In 2016, Milan is currently 29th place in Germany. Milan did not reach the top 100s in Germany in 2014, but it had a huge return in 2015 at 35th place. Though the name Milan first came onto the top names list in Germany, starting at 160th place in 2006. (Source:
When Russians or other Slavs hear that some American has named his daughter Milan, it sounds like John or Jack. For a girl? Oh man... Then he should give his son a name like Jessica... for a happy family.
Milan Vidmar (22 June 1885 – 9 October 1962) was a Slovene electrical engineer, chess player, chess theorist, philosopher, and writer. He was a specialist in power transformers and transmission of electric current.
He was one of the strongest chess players in the world, ~ in top 6 from 1911 to 1929, all the while remaining an amateur.
Milan Mladenović was a Serbian musician best known as the frontman of the Yugoslav art rock band Ekatarina Velika.
This name was originally masculine, but has since gone from male to female usage with 72% of its usage being female in 2012.
The only reason this strikes me as kind of feminine is because of Mulan. But I kind of like it on a boy. The pronunciation mih-LAHN is definitely English, and the first thing that comes to mind is the city.
I actually didn't know this was a masculine name. I grew up in California and have met three people named Milan, all female. Two of them were elementary school kids I worked with earlier this year at an after school program. Very elegant.
My father is Serbian, he mentioned Milan being a male's names. Did I listen? Nope. My mother is Latin and I'm American so when I decided to name my daughter Milan it was more based on the city. The reason? My first daughter is Miami, Milan and third Madison... all names of cities to me.I didn't even think or hesitate on the name not being for a girl because I don't live in Serbia, don't plan on living anywhere in Europe in my lifetime so I doubt it'll affect us. We may get the confused look from Serbs or anyone else who knows it's a boys name but there's so few we run into (we live in a predominantly Hispanic and White American area)- I doubt I will ever encounter enough Slavs in my lifetime to make me doubt the choice of names, we just aren't around too many.
Hi to all, I have read all previous comments and honestly all I think of is that you can give your son/daughter any name you want. The whole issue related to it is that you have to take into consideration the below:
1. The name should have a good meaning
2. No one can choose a funny, silly nickname to it and your child gets bullied!
3. Also think about your child loving that name
What I did with my wife is that we chose a middle name for the child to have the choice in case possibly he/she didn't like the name given.Anyways again its all about love. Be kind to one another.
Thank you.
I have read all of the information about this name from the previous comments; the origin, meaning, preferred gender, etc... And while I respect the culture behind this name and the passion that Slav's have with the tradition for this name to be only for boys, I still plan to name my unborn daughter Milan. Since my husband and I decided on this name it made me smile and every time I say the name (talking to my unborn daughter or telling someone what her name will be) I smile. It makes me feel joyful and happy. I am so in love with this name that I know it belongs to my daughter. If this makes me cultureless or stupid (as said in the previous comments), then so be it. I would much rather name my child something that makes me feel good and proud regardless of anyone else's opinion... other's opinions are irrelevant. I'm happy, my husband is happy, and we will be sure that our daughter is happy and that's all that matters to us.
This should be listed as a Slovak name, too. Milan is on their calendar of name days, is the name of historical Slovak figures, and is one of the most popular names for Slovak men. [noted -ed]
Also, "Milanko" is a diminutive form.(I am Slovak; this is my father's name).
Milan is a male name of South Slavic origin (Serbian (e.g. Milan I King of Serbia (1882–1889)), Croatian, Slovenian). Its meaning is 'dear, gracious, beloved'. At the beginning of the 20th century this name started to be used by Slovaks and Czechs (i.e. West Slavic nations who lived together with the above mentioned ones in the Austrian Empire). During the 20th century this name has almost replaced ancient Miloslav (which has the same meaning) in the Czechlands and Slovakia. Nowadays name Milan is wide-spread in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic (more than 2% of men are named Milan) and Slovakia. It has no connection with the Latin name Aemilius etc. (which is Emil in Slavic languages), the Scottish surname MacMillan or even Italian city Milan (which name is derived from its Latin name Mediolanum (which means 'in the middle of the plain')). Latin names with similar meaning are Amandus or Gratianus. Its only correct female form is Milana (or Milena). It is not only a custom, but it relates with the creation of words in Slavic languages. The female names have the extension 'a' (Milan - Milana, Miloslav - Miloslava, Jan - Jana …). Compare that with the formation of Latin names (Julius - Julia, Gaius - Gaia, Octavius - Octavia, …). The grammar of Slavic languages (as well as Latin) is complicated and very sensitive to genders, declension and conjugation (and it is performed just by extensions). That in the recent times the name Milan is used too for girls in the US, cannot change this fact (and for most Europeans it is not imaginable to name their baby after the city). Please, use only the correct female version for girls, i.e. Milana (and you can pronounce it as you want)! But the correct Slavic pronunciation is Mi-lan (Mi-la-na) with 'i' as 'i' in the word nick and 'a' as 'u' in the word bus, i.e. all syllables shortly.According to the Czech law:
It is not permitted to register a name maimed, diminutive or homely;
It is not permitted to register a male name as female, and vice versa;
It is not permitted to register an impersonal name (ie representing things, days, cities, etc.) or a name that is used as a surname;
You can select only a name documented, existing, and therefore it is not permitted to invent a new name.
Name Milan is on the official list mentioned as a male name and therefore it is impossible to give this name to a girl in the Czech Republic. Any such attempt would be rejected by the register office.In Czech language, no name can be unisex. Each name has to be either feminine or masculine. It is necessary for its declension. Name Milan is declined according to the masculine pattern 'pan' (master). There is no feminine pattern according to this noun could be declined. Using the name without declension (i.e. always in it's the 1st case) is problematic and in some situations it can completely change the meaning of a sentence in Czech language. As there is apparent from the comments, it is for all people from the countries of its origin as obvious as ‘at day is light and at night is dark’.
I do not want to controvert about advantages/disadvantages or risks of possibility to give the names absolutely freely in the US. But I think, if you decide to give to your child the existing name, you should respect its origin. I.e., if this name is used in the Slavic meaning 'dear/beloved/gracious person' than you must respect its gender. Using this name after Italian city in the meaning 'a town in the middle of the plain' seems to me absolutely crazy.But if you think that my arguments are not strong enough to convince you that Milan is a male name (regardless that in the US it has begun to be given to girls in recent years). So I could accept such a definition:
Milan is the second-largest city in Italy and the capital of Lombardy. Name of the city is derived from its Latin name Mediolanum which means 'in the middle of the plain'.
In the US, Milan is a recently invented unisex name mostly inspired by the city of Milan. In Europe, its using as a female name is unacceptable or even prohibited.
In Europe, Milan is a strictly male name of South Slavic origin. Its meaning is 'dear, gracious, beloved'. Milan is a traditional and wide-spread name in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, the Czechlands and Slovakia (at least half million men are so named in these countries). Its only correct female form is Milana or Milena.And to ensure completeness, I present more the use of the name Milan (however inspiring to use Milan for boys):In French and German, Milan is a name of the medium-large birds of prey in the hawk family:
Milan royal (French), Roter Milan (German), Red Kite (English), Milvus milvus (Latin), Luňák červený (Czech).
Milan noir (French), Schwarzer Milan (German), Black Kite (English), Milvus migrans (Latin), Luňák hnědý (Czech).Milan is a French and German missile. Its name is an acronym of the French 'Missile léger antichar' (Light Anti-Tank Missile) and is inspired by the raptor 'Milan' (Kite).
The name Milan was given to 150 baby boys born in the US in 2012. Why the heck are people giving this name to girls? It's not for the city, its of Slavic origin and meant for males and pronounced mee-LAHN.
I think the "Popularity" stats on this very site show clearly that in every country other than the USA Milan is considered strictly a male name.
(If it truly is as popular as some claim, it might be a good idea to include Milan(2) as a female/unisex name of 'American' usage, probably inspired by the Italian city rather than anything else).
Milan is a girls name, and if you think its only for a boy you are mistaken!
Source: babynamespedia "The baby girl name Milan is also used as a boy name, though it is slightly more popular for girls. It is pronounced as Mih-LAAN or MIY-LaeN †. Milan is of Slavonic origin and it is used mainly in English. Milan is a form of the Czech, English, Indian, Italian, and Slavic Milana. Milan is rather popular as a baby girl name, and it is also regarded as trendy. The name has been growing in popularity since the 2000s; prior to that, it was of only very modest use. Its usage peaked recently in 2011 with 0.024% of baby girls being named Milan. It was #608 in rank then. Among all girl names in its family, Milan was the most popular in 2011. Milan was thrice as popular as the next ranked name, Milana, in that year. Although Milan is today somewhat more frequently used for baby girls, there was a period from 1912 to 1958 when more boys were given the name. After 2009, increasingly the name became more popular with baby girls than with boys. "
I didn't know that Milan was like John or Joe on other continents. My 20 year old daughter Milan still gets lots of compliments on her name. The city is what she's named after. Always good to know how others move though.
Shakira, the famous Colombian singer, named her first son Milan.
I think the feminine name Milan which is used in the USA could come from the name of the Italian city Milan rather than the Slavic masculine name.
Can be pronounced simply 'mil-an'. Rhyming with 'villain'.
Milan Baroš is a Czech-born football player who currently plays for Galatasaray S.K. (Turkish football team).
Diminutive version of the name in Czech is "Milanek" and in Russian it would sound like "Milanchik".
It's a strictly boys name. Means literally "he who is dear" pronounced (me lahn).
Only in ignorant cultureless countries would it be used for any other gender.
Reminds me of that quote from The Incredibles: 'Milan, darling, Milan'.
This name sounds nice on a boy as long as he's of Slavic heritage. On a girl, Milan sounds ridiculous and strange. Mila or Milena would be better for a girl.
I adore this name, correctly pronounced (MEE-lan), and I'd quite happily use it. It's lovely and masculine.
Milan Stanković / Милан Станковић is a Serbian singer. He entered Eurovision 2010 and came 13th with his song "Ovo je Balkan" / "Ово је Балкан".
It is a male name. NOT A GIRL'S NAME. Name Milan sounds stupid to us Slavs when it's used for girls.
It's a gorgeous name but please don't use it on a girl. That's not trendy, it's really against its Slavic origin which makes it sounds so ridiculous for anybody who has Slavic background or speaks a Slavic language!
Milan Lucic is a hockey player who currently plays left wing for the Boston Bruins.
I like this name. It is very cool and interesting but I see it as a girl name not a boys.
Milan is a beautiful name, I believe it should be categorized as a UNISEX name because it's commonly used as a girl name, maybe more so than as a male name.
Famous bearer: Lt. Col Milan Horký, character from the TV crime show "Mesto tieňov". He played by Ivan Romančík.
I have been thinking about this name lately and whilst I'm not into geographical names I think this would be quite lovely on a girl. Pronounced Mill-ahn. There would be some nice nickname's too, Milly or Lahny.
Journalist Filip Kanda and Martha Elena Coutin Caicedo have a son Milan Felipe Kanda.
Milan is also a very common Indian name, used in many Indian states. The meaning of Milan in Hindi is unification or a meeting or a gathering of people.
Milan Hejduk is a Czech-born hockey player who plays right wing for the Colorado Avalanche.
Famous bearers:
Singer Milan Chladil
Actor Milan Lasica
Writer/Politician Milan Uhde
Actor Milan Bahul
Milan can be a male name on the Indian sub-continent. In that instance it is pronounced to rhyme with Dylan.
I would love to name a future son after my favorite city and football (soccer) team AC Milan. His full name would be Massimiliano though.
Milan strikes me as a female name. Maybe it's because all the Milans I know are girls.
Milan can never be a unisex name because its of male gender. A female version is Milena or Milana. The male version is never used for a girl unless you are a non-Slav and you don't know how our names work. To a foreigner it might sound as a girls name - I honestly don't see how - but to a Slav it never would. Anyway, a beautiful name in my opinion and its female counterpart.
Milan Fras is a singer for Laibach, a musical group from Slovenia.
Name is also prevalent in Macedonia (Macedonian).
It was my father's name. This is why I was named Milena, because my name is the feminine form of my father's.
Milan is the German name for a raptor; milvus milvus in Latin or kite in English. There are red and black kites.
Another famous bearer: Milan Baros, a Czech football (soccer) player.
Famous bearer: Milan Kundera, Frano-Czech novelist. His works include "The Unbearable Lightness of Being"; "The Joke"; and "The Book of Laughter and Forgetting" among others.
A famous bearer of this name (in ex-Yugoslavian countries) is Milan Mladenovich from the rock band "Ekatarina Velika".

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