Mirabelle Motierre is an assassin in the Dark Brotherhood in the MMO The Elder Scrolls Online.
It's really pretty and underrated!
Rare name, I love it!
Very pretty and underused name.
I have a stepmother named Mirabelle. We get along now but when I was a teenager I called her Mirbubbles for reasons that I feel uncomfortable discussing here. She was nineteen when she married my dad, 37, her teacher. I didn't like her for a long time but now we have come to terms, mostly bonding over my dad's death.
Mirabelle as a name is okay. ^ this happened in 1979.
I love this name! It sounds so beautiful and exotic.
So lovely!
I am called Mirabelle! I love having a rare name. Some people don't like it on a different name site. So I am so happy I found this one!
This is a lovely name!
I babysit a young girl named Mirabelle. I find the name absolutely beautiful. It’s pretty and not too much. The nicknames Mira and Belle are really nice as well. I love this name so much and find it exotic and unique.
My name is Mirabelle and people used to call me "Miserable" but I love it anyway.
I love the meaning. It's such a beautiful name.
This name has a cool meaning, and it can be shorted to Mira or Belle!
I like this name, but I prefer it with one “l” and no “e” — Mirabel.
In "Anne of Avonlea" by Lucy Maud Montgomery, Mirabel Cotton is one of Anne's students. She and Dora share a seat.
One of my all time favourite name. Mirabelle is gracious and beautiful. Always makes me thinks of a gorgeous and nice young lady. Her nickname would be "Mira", pretty as well.
"Mirabell" is a short story by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren about a magical, talking doll.
This name has really grown on me. I really wanted a 'Belle' name for my daughter, and the unusual usage of this name (an underused gem) has made me love it. Plus, it has beautiful meanings, Latin and French, it's a small sweet plum, and has cute nicknames. I was thinking that you could also have Mia, and Millie at a stretch, but my favourite is Bella.
My husband likes it, but thinks it sounds like 'marble', though he keeps pronouncing it 'Marable', so no wonder! He just has to learn to say 'Mirra-bell'. I also really like the novel Shopgirl by Steve Martin, and I resonated with the character Mirabelle. The only other Belle name that I like this much is Annabelle, but that horror movie possessed doll has kind of tainted that one! Mirabelle is like a Disney fairy name. It's so pretty and elegant, and it is my favourite name for my daughter. I have just got to get husband to love it too!
I am thinking of using this on my second child, I think it's a beautiful name. Great nicknames for when they're little Mira, Mirrie or Belle, Bella. Its unusual as well. I love it!
I gave birth to my baby girl on 8/march/2015 and named her MIRABELLE.
It's such a sweet name.
Meribel is a place in the French alps. Mirabel is a place in Quebec, Canada. Mirabelle is a delicate yellow French plum, which I think is fine, since Victoria is also a type of plum and it's never bothered me.
Brian Adams has a daughter named Mirabel.
It occurred to me recently how it kind of sounds like mirror ball. The nickname mirror, unless you purposefully pronounce it Meera, could lead to some teasing, and belle of the ball, don't break the mirror, or Mira who breaks balls... I'm just trying to see possible bullying ammo here and let's be right, most kids don't need ammo. But it is a pretty plum name so regardless of it sounding like a mirrorball, I still like this name.
Grand-daughter #1 is Mirabelle, born Sept. 2004
She loves her name and it has remained unique in all her classrooms.
The name Mirabelle was given to 74 baby girls born in the US in 2012. It's quite rare, but very pretty. I like it :)
This is such a beautiful and underused name. I love both this spelling and Mirabel.
Mirabelle Beatrice Lee (born 2007 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American child actress. She has a twin sister named Anais.
Such a pretty name! Very princessy and different! Not even on the popularity charts of 09.
This is a really lovely name; it's a shame, in my opinion, that this name isn't used more often, and is more or less extinct. This name needs some sort of celebrity to name their child this to get it back in circulation, either that or a prominent member of a European royal family, or something. I don't think I'd use it personally, as a first name, at least, perhaps as a middle name, though, because I think it's just a bit too overly flouncy and feminine. But I can see no reason why this name shouldn't be as popular as Isobel, or some of the other -bel/-belle names, and frankly it would be a refreshing change. :)
Mira would be a good nickname.
I don't like names like Annabella, Mirabella, or Isabella. Because they all end in A. Like Anna and Bella. It's just too many A's. But I love Mirabelle! So much and it's beautiful.
Mirabelle could be a play on the name Maribelle, the "play" being it becoming more similar to "mirabelis." A parellel would be the relationship of Arabella to Annabel (see Arabella entry.)

Could also be a combination of the names MIRiam and isABEL. (Marie/Maria/Mary stem from the name Miriam.)
I find it elegant, refined, pretty - I love it and I just realised it five minutes ago!
The main character in Steve Martin's novella "Shopgirl" is named Mirabelle. The character was played by Claire Danes in the movie adaptation, also staring Steve Martin and Jason Schwartzman.
Mirabelle (or its variants) is, to me, a very delicate, pretty name. It brings to mind a Snow White beauty.
I'm kind of indifferent to the name, but it's always radiated a sense of sweetness for me. I have a character called Mirabelle Wood, and she's generally sweet and friendly, along with being overbearingly smart (c'mon, you know those people ;D).
I LOVE this name. I think it is delicate, dainty, and pretty.
The original spelling of this name is actually Mirabel. It has been in English-speaking use since medieval times. It was originally a man's name. Even though it is derived from the Latin word for wonderful ("mirabilis"), it is often associated with the French "bel/belle" (beautiful).
A famous bearer of this name was (female) UK racecourse owner Mirabel Topham (?-1980).
"Mirabelle" is a French word, which means a kind of a yellow plum.
Very princess-like. I love it.

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