Pretty, but sounds a bit weird as a name. Mira could be a cute nickname though.
Not really much of a name. But I do like the sound of the name, if this gains popularity I would use it.
I’d only use it if my daughter really was a Miracle or could play classical music on the piano at 1 years old or died when she was born.
This name is common in Nigeria and it's used for both male and female there.
I absolutely adore Miracle for a name! I mean, come on, it's undeniably gorgeous! I completely respect everyone's opinions on names, but I just feel the need to get a few things off my chest...

First off, my (real) name is Breathe. So it's probably pretty obvious that I usually get some pretty strong reactions whenever I introduce myself. Of course, I've heard things like, “Just breathe, Breathe!”, (When I'm nervous): “Just remember your name”, “Don't forget to breathe”, the list goes on. Also, considering the fact that I have asthma just makes it all the more ironic and worse haha. But honestly, I feel like, at least for the most part, my name probably grows on people the more they hear it and get used to it, and some people seem to love it the first time they hear it! More importantly, though, I love my name, regardless of who else does or does not. In fact, it's one of my favorite things about myself! I'm grateful that my mom chose it for me.

Anyways, my first point in all that is this: I've read a lot of comments on this site that criticize “made-up”, “not real”, and “tacky/trashy” names, but I just wanted to say that, no name is any of those things. Just because “breathe” is an English word doesn't make it any less of a name; besides, there are plenty of common word names that have been used for years, such as Ruby, Sage, Christian, Rose, Faith, Chance, Grace, Hope, Charity, Sky, Amber, Chase, the list continues. So, if those words can be names, then why can't words like Breathe, or Miracle, or Dance, Adore, Jubilee, Rejoice, Praise, Mountain, November or Believe be?
I understand that everyone has their own preferences concerning names, and that's totally fine! It's a good thing. However, I just don't understand discriminating against a name solely because it's different, or “trashy/unreal/ridiculous/etc.”.

The second thing I wanted to go over regarding names is this: I've also read a lot of comments calling names “ghetto”... I think that's absolutely ridiculous. It's quite racist, if nothing else, and it's just drowning a name/the person it belongs to in a sea of stereotypes. So, to clear any of those stereotypes about a name being “ghetto”: First of all, even if it does sound “ghetto” (whatever that means), what's wrong with that, anyway? To call someone else's name “ghetto” only makes you sound entitled and non-relatable. Although names are meaningful and powerful and can say a lot about a person, you can't judge a book by its cover, nor can you judge a person by their name. Also, concerning race, names don't have skin-tones. They may have culture, but not skin colors. I'm just going to leave this issue at that.

The last thing about names that I wanted to get off my chest is this: I've read a decent amount of complaints about girls with traditionally-male/male-dominated names... I can understand how, especially considering the rise in unisex names (specifically for girls), guys might feel as though, pretty soon, every name is going to become unisex, and guys won't be able to have “any names to themselves”. Although I understand where those people are coming from, it's honestly pretty selfish. I mean, say you're a dude, and your name is Camden, alright? If you meet a girl named Camden, that doesn't make you any less of a man, and it doesn't make your name any less of a masculine name. Nor does it make her name any less of a feminine name. Her name says a lot more about her than it does you. Her name has everything to do with her, and nothing to do with your masculinity. Besides, you need to take into consideration the reasoning that goes into these names for girls... If you're a guy, you don't really have to deal with sexism, at least not in the same way that women do. Parents (specifically mothers) might desire to give their daughter a predominately-masculine name in hopes of breaking the mold, bending gender rules/expectations, and encouraging female empowerment. For guys, I understand that it may be easy to overlook things like that, but if you really take time to think about it and take all of those important things into consideration, it'll give you a greater sense of empathy, and perhaps even a different opinion on traditionally/predominantly-masculine names for girls.

Overall, I've adored baby names since I could speak, and I've always been so interested and fascinated by their sounds, meanings, origins, the list goes on. So I just thought I'd share this, as I really felt the need to get it out there.

Anyways, thank you for taking the (long) time to read this, haha. I truly do appreciate you hearing me out on something that holds a very special place in my heart.

God bless you, and have a wonderful day ❤️.
I knew a Miracle. She was very premature and fought challenge after challenge in the NICU. I thought it fit her so well! Also, I wanna shout out Breathe J's comment because that's fire.
Also, I'd just like to give a shout-out to the person who gave me a shout-out (lol): that's a very sweet story about the baby, and thanks for the compliment on my comment, I appreciate it.
Weird- I wouldn’t use this as a name.
Strange as a name! Please don’t do this to a poor child. I would absolutely hate being stuck with this name!
My mom named me Miracle because she had 4 miscarriages before me.I don't dislike the name but, sometimes it feels like it doesn't fit me. I feel like the name can be used with a significance or not, doesn't really matter to me.
Weird as a name.
People who find the name tacky and çorny are very stupid. It is a nice name with a good meaning. I'm better off named Miracle than a popular name with no damn relevant meaning.
I knew someone named "Miracle". She wasn't supposed to be born. Her parents had a difficult time getting pregnant and they gave up and looked into adoption. They found a woman who didn't want her baby and adopted the baby when the pregnancy was just 4 months old. Suddenly my friend's mom found out she was pregnant but just like all the other pregnancies, it was a difficult one and the doctor advised her parents to abort her as she would be born with autism and some other medical problem but her mom decided not to and take the chance. Her sister from the other woman was born and her parents took the baby in, 3 months later she was born. She was born 2 months premature and had to be the incubator because of the complications but she recovered soon after. She is always the smartest person in class, fastest on the track and the prettiest among them all, not to mention the kindest and nicest person you'll ever meet. Truly an angel sent from beyond. She is loved by all her friends. Unfortunately, her parents got a divorce when she was really young, so she was sent to a fully sponsored scholarship boarding school and focused all their undying attention towards her sister because unlike her, she was born the total opposite of Miracle and her parents felt guilty that her sister isn't as smart, active or motivated to do anything. As a result, Miracle felt left out and distant herself from everyone including her parents. She moved away to Norway to work as a pediatrician specialist and cut ties with everyone she knew including her family. Thus the "knew" part. An under appreciated Miracle.
Miracle is such a beautiful name.
I don't find it particularly pleasing, but Miracle as a name is not at all tacky. I might think that because a lot of people in my country of origin have that name. I would prefer Mirabelle, though, which means the same thing.
I LOVE YOU MY MIRACLE! There are so many reasons a mother chooses the name MIRACLE. There are lot of situations, and problems within the world today, unexplained mysteries that no one can explain. The name MIRACLE isn't just chosen, there is definitely a reason. The name MIRACLE is a beautiful name.
This has a lovely sound to it. I agree with the above posters; please only use this if it has significance. In that case, it is a beautiful choice, but without significance, it is simply tacky. Miracles are simply wonderful gifts from Him, and that makes a beautiful meaning for the name.
My sister's name is Miracle and I think that she is a Miracle because she has been there for me when I was down or sad so don't judge a person's name if you do not know them and nobody judges your name so don't judge someone else's.
My name is Myracle. I am not religious, nor am I anything spectacular. I don't see why I got named that. I think it's ugly, cliche, and extremely tacky. Besides that, do you know how many stupid puns I've had to listen to about my name? I get it Mom, I was your first real daughter, but come on, I'd rather be named April the second than Myracle. At least my dad's spelling made it somewhat different.
I would only name a female dog this.
Miracle should not be a name. It's just so tacky and cheap, and it might lead to credibility issues in the professional world. Would you trust Miracle Jones (example name) to perform a heart surgery on you that could either save your life or kill you? I certainly wouldn't.

Hopefully Miracle (in addition to other tacky names like this) dies out quickly and we can get back to names like Elizabeth, Katherine, Mary, Margaret, Julia, and other legitimate names.

No offense to any girls named Miracle out there.
I have the same impression of this name as Destiny. I don't believe in miracles, so it really has no significance me or my life. However, if you do believe in miracles, this name is probably great to you. It just comes off as a little pretentious to me.
I happen to love my name. My parents named me Miracle because they were told that they would never have children and went through 5 miscarriages prior to my birth. I do agree with most comments here that this name should mostly be used if it has some sort of significance to the parents or the baby.
My name is actually Miracle. My mother gave it to me because she wasn't supposed to have any child, and when she got pregnant with me she had a lot of problems and I was supposed to have autism, but I came out healthy and was always a grade A student. So this name does not mean you are stupid, or ignorant. I like the name if it has significance to it, not if someone just likes the name.
This name sounds like it has to have a story behind it - if I met somebody named Miracle, I would guess that her parents named her that because they had a hard time getting pregnant or her mother had a difficult pregnancy. It doesn't sound like something people name their children just because they like how it sounds. (A previous comment mentions the character from "Dancing on the Edge," who was given the name because she was "born from a dead woman.")
I like Miracle as a word, not a name...
Sound: 7/10 pretty but does not flow smoothly.
Spelling: 10/10 Perfect.
Uniqueness: 10/10 not common at all!
Overall: 8/10
Miracle is unique and pretty and I love names like this, just have to give it an 8 because it does not sound very pretty.
This is my friend's name, and her parents named her this because her mother had a very difficult pregnancy with her, and they lost her twin sister, and almost lost my friend, as well. Her name is Miracle, but we call her Mira.
If you dare to name your daughter this, she will definitely hear comments about it.
I think that it's awful, even as a second name.
Name her Mirabelle meaning "wonderful" or Nessa which is the Hebrew version which is much prettier. This name is super corny.
I think it's a cute name! Cute name: Miracle Love.
This is one of those so-called names that has the word stupid written all over it.
It's a pretty word, but it makes a tacky name.
Usually, I would think this kind of name (Miracle, Destiny, Fate, Precious, etc) is very tacky, but something just seems to appeal to me about Miracle. I agree with the above poster who said it might lead to teasing, so I might use it as a middle name instead of a first name. Let's hope, however, that people don't go all kreatyve on the spelling of this name, and ruin it!
This name is beyond corny. People who give their daughters "names" like Miracle, Heaven, and Destiny tend to be the opposite of what they name their kids.
Even if it's practically a Miracle that your daughter was born in the first place, this name is very tacky and bizarre. It will surely lead to jokes, maybe even bullying, and it can't be good in terms of credibility. I mean, what do you really expect from a person named Miracle? I'd assume she came from a very strange family, maybe even a cult family, and that she isn't all that educated or intelligent.
I think this would make a cute middle name!
I read a book called Dancing on Edge and the main character's name was Miracle. I was surprised that this was a name. Also Miracle's name had significance so I think you should only use this name when there is significance.
If you're going to use this name, use it only if it has true significance to you, not because you merely like the meaning. I see this name as becoming just another trendy name (however nice that the word is).
I think Miracle might make a good middle name, or even a first name, but only if the word Miracle has a meaning to you and the baby.
I don't much like it; it seems rather cliche.

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