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Gender Feminine
Scripts 美海, 美羽奈, 美羽菜, 美羽南, 美羽名, 美生菜, 美生奈, 美宇名, 海羽奈, 海羽菜, 海羽南, 未羽奈, 未羽那, 未生奈(Japanese Kanji) みうな(Japanese Hiragana) ミウナ(Japanese Katakana)
Pronounced Pron. MEE-UU-NAH  [key]

Meaning & History

This name can be used as 美海, 美羽奈, 美羽菜, 美羽南, 美羽名, 美生菜, 美生奈, 美宇名, 海羽奈, 海羽菜, 海羽南, 未羽奈, 未羽那 or 未生奈 with 美 (bi, mi, utsuku.shii) meaning "beautiful, beauty," 海 (kai, umi, mi, una) meaning "ocean, sea," 未 (bi, mi, ima.da, hitsuji, ma.da) meaning "even now, hitherto, not yet, still, sign of the ram (8th sign of Chinese zodiac)," 羽 (u, ha, hane, wa) meaning "feathers," 生 (shou, sei, i.kiru, i.keru, -u, u.mare, o.u, ki,, ha.eru) meaning "birth, genuine, life," 宇 (u) meaning "eaves, heaven, house, roof," 奈 (dai, na, nai, ikan, karanashi) meaning "Nara, what?," 菜 (sai, na) meaning "greens, side dish, vegetable," 南 (na, nan, minami, nami) meaning "south," 名 (myou, mei, na, -na) meaning "distinguished, name, noted, reputation" and 那 (na, da, nani, nanzo, ikan) meaning "what?"

One bearer of this name is pop singer and former member of Country Musume, Miuna Saitō (斉藤 美海) (1987-).

This name is rarely given to girls, if given at all.
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