Timeless and pretty.
I reeeeeeally really like this name. VERY high on my list. The only issue with it is its relation to the character from Friends! I watched the show and liked it well enough, but I don't want people thinking I named my daughter Monica BECAUSE of the show.
Also Romansh.
Source: "Vornamen in der Schweiz. Prénoms en Suisse. I nomi in Svizzera. Prenoms in Svizra" (1993) published by the Association of Swiss registrars. -- his mother, Maria Monica Cristgina Muoth
This name is sooo pretty! Sounds very sweet, refined, and girly.
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Monica Rambeau from Marvel Comics as well as the MCU.
Monica Setta (1964-) is an Italian journalist, writer and TV presenter.
It's pretty.
Santa Monica, California.
Very dated!
Looks feminine, elegant, I like this name a lot. Fits for different aged women. Just a beautiful name, Monica, isn't it. Great!
Great name, it's way better than Haylee.
Monica is a wonderful name! I'd use it in a heartbeat for a girl.
I now associate this name with Monica from Friends.
Basic mom name.
Not a fan of this name. It brings to mind a popular, but empty-headed, 1980s high school cheerleader. It comes off as very dated at this point in time.
This is my name. I wasn’t sure about it when I was younger. Now I’m grateful it wasn’t a popular name growing up. I hardly ever hear my name. When I do it’s so odd because I’m not used to it. The few people I met spelled it with a K (Monika). They were Polish. My husband loves my name so much that he wanted to name our daughter after me. I thought that was a bit much so I said no way. Maybe we’ll use it as middle name next time. The thing I like the most about my name is the meaning, advisor. That fits me very well. I am quirky, friendly and outgoing. But I do enjoy alone time as well. Since people with this name are describing themselves or what they think a Monica looks like. I have long red wavy hair, blue eyes, and fair skin with freckles. :)
So pretty! Needs to be way more common.
I think it’s gorgeous! I have a friend named Monica and she’s amazing :)♡.
I LOVE the name Monica! It is so pretty and mature, and I like that there aren’t many nicknames, as I like names that aren’t always nicknamed. This is on my favorites list, and I may even use it one day.
In 2018, 31 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Monica who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 230th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
It's an okay name.
Beautiful perfect elegant classsy names like these should be more popular instead of the fake cutesy girly names these days!
Monica Anna Maria Bellucci is an Italian actress and fashion model. Bellucci began her career as a model and made a transition to Italian films. She played the role of Persephone in the 2003 science-fiction films The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, Mary Magdalene in the 2004 biblical drama The Passion of the Christ, Malèna Scordia in the 2000 film Malèna and Alex in the controversial art film Irréversible. At age 51, Bellucci played the role of a Bond girl in the 2015 James Bond film Spectre, making her the oldest Bond girl in the franchise.
Monica is my name. I am 39. I've met only one other Monica in my entire life, and I have always loved having a unique name that is also a classical one. It seems that everyone has an opinion about my name, as it's always a conversation starter for one reason or another. Mostly, even after Monica Lewinsky, about 99% of new people I meet compliment me on my name and say it should be used more. The 1% of idiots who say something like, 'Oh, you mean like Monica Lewinsky?' easily weed themselves out, and I'm thankful for it. People seem to think that it must be the bane of my existence to share a name with 'that woman,' but I thank her from the bottom of my heart. My name was starting to become trendy (ick!), because of that horrid show 'Friends,' and now, because of 'that woman,' new parents won't touch my name with a proverbial ten foot pole... and again, I'm thankful. Something else is that nobody ever forgets my name once I'm introduced, but this could also have to do with the fact that I (like my two most famous namesakes) have black hair, light eyes, and a fair complexion. I'm from the States and pronounce my name as MOH-nee-kah, but it doesn't bother me that most people pronounce it as MAH-ni-kuh. As a young adult, I tried to go by 'Moni,' but my friends and acquaintances refused to shorten my name, because they said they liked it so much as it was. I've heard many nicknames, though, growing up- from Harmonica, Hannukah, Bubonica, Ironica, Bionica, etc. It's all good, and I was never bothered by these nicknames. If Monica was not my name, I'd definitely consider it as a name for my own child.
This is my name. Honestly, I have not met many with my name and I am definitely the oldest of the Monica's I know. (I am 48 but young at heart.) I have always thought my name fit me perfectly. It means loner and adviser. Even though I am very friendly, I do enjoy my alone time. I am also a good listener and have always been someone my friends confide in. I have strong morals and convictions but value other's opinions. I don't look like any of the Monica's mentioned on this site. I am blonde with brown eyes. As mentioned by previous posters, I don't think of my name as boring or ugly! Would love to know their names. Lol.
Monica Mok is a Beijing-born Australian model and film actress. She was nominated for the Best New Performer award at the 28th Hong Kong Film Awards for her role in the film Ocean Flame.
I love this name. I think it sounds very pretty and elegant. It also reminds me of Monica from Friends which is great. Because of her, when I hear the name Monica I picture a girl with dark hair and blue eyes and very pretty. I like how it's not super common, but I'm afraid it's starting to become outdated. Hopefully it'll make somewhat of a comeback. It seems that a lot of names ending in "ica" aren't nearly as common anymore. For example, Erica, Jessica, and Veronica. I'd love to use this as my daughter's name some day.
I mostly like it because it ends in -ica, and I love names ending in that suffix.
Monica Gallagher is the mother of Gallagher family on TV show Shameless.
Lovely! Glad it's not super common.
I love this name! So classy and elegant sounding. I like that it has the ability to sound very professional and sophisticated. A strong, beautiful girl comes to mind when I hear the name. I like that it's uncommon, however I wish it wasn't declining in popularity as much as it is. Hopefully it will make a comeback some day.
I dunno. It's just awkward.
I'm Monica Rae. my parents gave me my name in 1977. My name is who I am and I love it!
Monica Jean Rial (born October 5, 1975) is an American voice actress, script writer, and ADR director for Funimation and Seraphim Digital/Sentai Filmworks. She has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime films and television series.
My older sister's name is Monica. I like the name very much! I really don't call her nicknames though, because I can't think of any.
Monica is also a famous comic character, created by brazilian cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa. Monica's Gang comics are very popular in Brazil.
I love this name for many reasons. It's beautifully pronounced in any language, especially in Spanish. It's a pretty and sophisticated name and it ages very well; also it's not very common. I love the nick names of "Moni" in Spanish and "Mon" in English. Overall, gorgeous and beautiful name!
"... it's one of those classy, international names, that's used in a lot of cultures and pronounced beautifully in all of them."

I agree 100%. I think this name is lovely. Not common, sophisticated and pretty universal but not super common anywhere.
Many other sites say it's Latin for advisor.
The character Monica Reyes on The X-Files is/was a famous bearer of this name.
English pronunciation is also "maw-NEE-kah".
It's such a pretty and simple name. Not overused either which is great.
Formally early Latin the name Monica means Leader. VERY headstrong and calm, nice but strict and has common morals.
I like it a lot, because of its versatility. Along with Cecilia and Claudia, it's one of those classy, international names, that's used in a lot of cultures and pronounced beautifully in all of them. Though I prefer this name pronounced MO-nee-ka, with a proper "o", not "aw" or anything. I think Monica can fit any sort of girl, from punk rocker chicks, to quiet, wall-flower types and to Gothic Lolitas.
Monica Padilla appeared on Survivor: Samoa and also won several awards such as The Sexiest Reality Show Female within the last 2 years.
Gorgeous and simple.
I don't really like the way the name sounds. And it's my name. For some reason, when I was younger, I associated the name with squash, which I hated at the time. I'm ok with it as my name now, but sometimes I wish I was given a different, less-known but still good, name.
I think Monica is a beautiful name it makes me think of a warm and friendly person.
I like this name, but it has a number of annoying namesakes, like the character on Friends and the hideous Monica Lewinsky.
I LOVE this name! It's so beautiful and elegant, and it has a nice ring to it.
I really don't like this name. Not very feminine and sounds harsh. Some names just trigger interest in the person carrying them or simply make me associate them with positive attributes. I associate Monica with something rather simple and ordinary.
In Italy Monica was popular in the 1960s and 1970s. It was the 5th most popular name in Rome in 1971 (behind Barbara, Simona, Francesca and Laura). It's much less popular today.
The Italian pronunciation is MOH-nee-kah.
The full name Monica seems a little more on the glamorous side, but one can shorten it to Mon or Moni.
Monica Carlson is one of the fictional Carlson septuplets.
R&B singer Monica bears this name.
Monica is also used in Spanish and is pronounced Moh-nee-cah.
I rather like this name. It's my name. I've met about one other person with it (spelt Moniqa though), which makes me feel like it's unique. People with a certain reputation should not be able make a change to a name. Someone with the most horrible personality may have the most beautiful name, or someone with the greatest personality may have a rather bland and common name. All in all, I love my name.
This name is really ugly!
Monica is an alright name but was given to too many people who were born between 1959-1969. Really, I've known over seven Monica's and they've all been born in those ten years.
Also, a lot of names are illegal in other countries. For example, Samantha was illegal in Argentina for a very long time. There is nothing wrong with the name, some goverments would just waste time worrying about what their citizens are naming their children instead of more important things.
I love the name Monica, It has always amazed me how some people dislike the name because of Monica Lewinsky. It seems people forgot all about the OLDER, SUPPOSED to be WISER man. Who pulled his pants down and cheated on not only his wife but family, and country and started our young people down the road to thinking oral sex is not sex. Please give me a break! Monica Lewinsky was just a young girl who got caught up in ONE OF BILL CLINTON'S LUSTFUL AFFAIRS!
I had a Greek TA tell me once that this name meant "single" or "lonely." I think that's plausible, with the Greek prefix "mono-" prefixing so many other words. (ex: monosyballic, monotone, mononucleosis, etc.)
From all the Monicas I know, I think they are very friendly, kind, intelligent and have a warm personality. Am so gratefull for this name, I LOVE it and I deserve it coz that's what I am.
A famous bearer is a very talented singer Monica Mancini, daughter of great film composer Henry Mancini.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Monica here:
This is my name and I absolutely LOVE IT! I pronounce it exactly as it is spelled. I also think that the reason why a lot of you dont like this name is because of Monica Lewinsky. Well there are a lot of people in this world and I'm sure someone with the same name as you has ruined its reputation too. So please think before you type.
Monica Geller-Bing is a character´s name from the TV show "Friends". She was played by Courteney Cox.
I've known 3 Monicas. One was a ho in high school, one was a loud, obnoxious, know-it-all at work, and one was a nosey neighbor. This name always leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. I just hope I either meet a good one or never meet another.
Connotation for the name Monica means "solitary".
I hate the way this name sounds. Harsh and abrasive.
Simply a beautiful, beautiful name!
Monica is beautiful in Touched By an Angel!
Monica Bellucci is an Italian actress. She has also been in some American movies such The Matrix II and III (she played Persephone) and in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ (she played Magdalen).
I think the Monica Gellar character from Friends has captured the image of this name. It's pretty and sophisticated, I like it.
Too bad one of the most famous people with this name is Monica Lewinsky of Bill Clinton fame. It really is a pretty name deserving of better.
My personal impression of this name is not very good because I have found that it is against the law to name your kid that in some countries.
Monica in Latin means cheerful and pretty. It is an EXCELLENT NAME and not illegal in other countries. Those are stories made up, by someone who has no life. It is a beautiful name and means exactly what it is.
From the Greek word Monahos, meaning alone, lonely.

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