Back in the '50s, there was a brand of milkshake called "Kool Shake" for which the ads featured a cartoon girl and boy who were not named until the end, where the following dialogue occurred between them:

"It's foamy, Naomi!" "Thick too, Montague!"
Kosta  2/6/2020
I would never use it but it sounds super cool.
nylonpanda  12/24/2019
Montague “Monty” Navarro is the central character in “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder,” a Broadway musical. After figuring out he is a member of the upper-class D’ysquith family and ninth in line to inherit, Monty begins to murder all the relatives who are in line before him. The play ends with Monty being convicted of murdering the one family member whose death he has nothing to do with.
Theatrenamelover  5/25/2019
Heck no.
kayisforkeen  9/25/2018
A recent (and somewhat well-known) bearer of this name is Montague George Hector Horner (born on 21 January 2017), the son of the English singer Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell (b. 1972) and her husband Christian Horner (b. 1973). They refer to him as Monty (at least for now, while he is still little). He is their first child together, but the second child for each of his parents, as both already have a daughter from a previous relationship.

- (in English)
- (in English)
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- (in English).
Lucille  2/3/2017
I don't really like the name to begin with, however for someone to name a child this, they must be real Shakespeare enthusiasts.
Kidwins9  1/24/2016
Super cool and unique! I love the name Monte, and this would be the perfect excuse without having to use Montgomery, hehe.
lilpimpteller  11/9/2015
Remember Duck the Great Western Engine, from "Thomas and Friends"? His real name is Montague!
Kinola  8/6/2012
In Scotland this name would be pronounced Mon-tay-gay. Not sure why! Source of much mis-pronunciation.
ejp1979  6/11/2011
I think this name sounds ugly, pretentious, and faux-French.
bananarama  1/10/2010
Montague Holbein was a famous British swimming champion.
Jonquil  4/19/2009
A famous bearer of this name was Montague John Druitt who some believe was the true identity of Jack the Ripper.
jdb87  7/26/2008
I suspect that this name was originally pronounced as [mɔ̃tɑ:g] in French, with the "o" nasalised and the "gue" pronounced only as though it were "g". I am uncertain as to how Shakespeare would have pronounced it, however.
Bastien Rosier  2/29/2008
Name of Slytherin dude in "Harry Potter" who Fred and George shove into a vanishing cupboard.
Eilicea  11/22/2006
Familiar to all fans of the film "Withnail & I", where Richard Griffiths plays Montague Withnail, mostly refered to as Uncle Monty.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2006
Montague was the surname of Romeo in 'Romeo and Juliet'.
shadow.of.a.dream  11/25/2005

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