The name is very beautiful and seems like it could be the name of a classical character. It seems more masculine than feminine to me, but I like it either way.
Montserrat Figueras is another famous soprano with this name, who was also from Spain, and specialized in early music. She married Jordi Savall, and is in a lot of his recordings. They founded the Capella Reial de Catalunya group together, and were among the founding members of the group Hespèrion XX/Hespèrion XXI.
This is a beautiful name in Spanish and I love the connection to Our Lady. An English-speaker with any education in Romance languages should have no difficulty pronouncing it correctly and appreciating its elegance.
Montserrat comes from the Latin mons serratus meaning jagged mountain it is also the name of a mountain near Barcelona and is quite common within Spain. Never heard of the famous opera singer Montserrat Caballe? Well you should if you like Freddy Mercury!
How is this feminine!?
I don't get the hate for this name. This is not a English name, and "rat" is not a word in Spanish, it would be rato or rata. Most of the people who use this name are probably Spanish speaking, and it probably sounds beautiful in Spanish. I don't think I can see this name on someone who isn't at least Spanish herritage or Catholic though.
To be honest.. the name Monserrat is a strong and very elegant name. People named Montserrat call attention everywhere. It is a unique name and especially when you are little, people named you Montse which is really sweet specially when you hear those small children yelling that name. My daughter loves her name "Montserrat" and she is one of the people that says that her name is very special. She knows her name and she even likes people to call her by her full name. In my belief when you choose a name for your children you should google it and try to find out the meaning. I especially love this name because her story from the moment she was in my belly she was really strong she fought all the problems she had and she never gave up. She is the kind of girl who always finds a solution and she always proves to us that she is really strong.
This name doesn't look feminine at all to me.
The name Montserrat was given to 349 girls born in the US in 2016.
If you're a guy judging the name: your mom wanted a girl.

If you're a girl judging the name: your mom wanted a boy but settled.
What ever gave you the impression this was a male name? Its roots were female for centuries.
My name is Montserrat. To all those who think my name is disgusting:

1-This is NOT an English name. I am afraid there is not Rat

2- It is a highly regarded name where I come from. The lady of Montserrat is a tiny little exquisite figure that was carved in the early days on Christianity. It was found in a cave in the year 718 and now sits proudly at the altar of the Abbey that bears the same name. The lady of Montserrat is an icon, a reference in Catalan heritage and identity. The abbey is a very important place of pilgrimage. I recommend anyone visiting Barcelona to go, it's a beautiful place.

As described on this site, the name MONT means Mount or Mountain - SERRAT - means Jagged it refers to the appearance of the mountain where the little figure was found. I repeat, there is no RAT or anything to do with the misunderstood little animal.

I often work with little English children and some have reacted to my name with curiosity and some degree of shock. Once one of them said "but you're not a MONSTER RAT!" I thought that was very cute and I can understand a little 4 year old getting muddled, but an an adult saying my name with disgust because of the RAT ending is simply pathetic.

3- and finally, who cares if the name is placed on the top 100 or 100,000!

This is is a good website. I found it when looking for inspiration to name my baby... but reading this is upsetting. All names should be celebrated and above all respected.
I'm named Montserrat and live in the US. A lot of your comments did offend me, but it's nothing new. Yes, you're entitled to an opinion, no one said you couldn't have one, but sometimes it's best to consider how rude it is to speak so arrogantly. Language is an art, it's beautiful, and it's strange to other cultures. As a 17 year old I've heard almost everything about my name, especially my favorite 'monster rat' but I've also heard how beautiful people believe it is. I grew to hate my name and I hated telling people my name always having to help them pronounce it; I'd give up and they'd end up calling me Mo. So yes, it's my name and it's beautiful no matter what your opinion is. It's unique and I'm happy I don't have the same name as everyone else.
Not only ugly, but super confusing as well.
This name isn't ugly or horrifying- I actually like it.
Like another person said, sounds better in Spanish and better meaning to it.
My grandma, before she passed away, told my mom to name me monserrat so it's a special name to me (: But everybody has different opinions.
Don't make the same mistake my mom did and name your daughter this, even if it may seem fancy. Trust me, it's a TERRIBLE idea.
This is an absolutely stunning name. To English speakers it may sound strange, but in the Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese languages, it's beautiful. Believe me, names like Bailey, Riley or Madison sound extremely strange to many non-English speakers. Montserrat (MONE-SER-AWT)would be a great first or middle name.
Montserrat Caballé (Catalan: [munsəˈrat kəβəˈʎe], Spanish: [monseˈrat kaβaˈʎe]; born 12 April 1933) is a Spanish operatic soprano. She has sung a wide variety of roles, but is best known as an exponent of the bel canto repertoire, notably the works of Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti and Verdi. She came to the attention of a much wider audience in 1988 when she sang with rock-star Freddie Mercury of Queen the song featuring her home city "Barcelona", later a theme song for the 1992 Summer Olympics in that city.
Montserrat Roig I Fransitorra (Catalan pronunciation: [munsəˈrat ˈrɔtʃ]; Barcelona, June 13, 1946 - November 10, 1991) was a Catalan writer of novels, short stories and articles.
The name Montserrat was given to 228 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
I first heard this name on the actress Montserrat Lambard, and I immediately thought it was really unique and cool. Actually, until I looked at these comments the 'monster rat' thing hadn't even occurred to me since it isn't 'monster' in the name. Maybe it's because I immediately translated the Mont bit into 'mountain', but the spoonarisation didn't even enter my head as I separated it in to the distinct parts 'mont' and 'serrat'. Have to say that that if this is an impression common to English speakers it probably would put me off, but this is a great shame, as I think it's a genuinely lovely name that sounds nice not just in Spanish, but in any English pronunciation that doesn't completely butcher it (and I think any English speaker with even the slightest familiarity with Romantic languages could get close to the correct pronunciation by themselves.)
I really like the name Montserrat. In Spanish, it's pronounced something like mon-seh-RRAHT, and it has a really beautiful and exotic ring to it. The "monster rat" connection in English is unfortunate, though, and would probably prevent me from ever using it, which is a shame because it's truly a lovely name.
This name is not pronounced 'MONSTERrat', if you look closely at the name, the 't' is before the 's'. It's pronounced 'mon-seh-rrat', with the last 't' being only pronounced slightly, almost like a d. Also the 't' after the 'n' isn't pronounced at all.
I always see monster rat when I see this name and I do not like it. Yeah, I'm sure people who come from other cultures will view and pronounce this name differently (I say MAHN-sur-raht, don't know if I'm right) but it think some are forgetting, people who speak English have the right to an opinion as well as they do. I'm sure some Catalan people do not like the sound of some English names but I don't see anybody implying they are xenophobic.
Have any of you paused to consider that in your mostly English speaking tongues, Montserrat sounds quite different in its own language and accent. I assure you, it's a lovely name.
This reminds me of that mountain that erupted years ago. It seems to have a bit of a repulsive tone to it.
A famous opera soprano is named Montserrat Cabelle.
The art school I went to was named Montserrat. I don't like it as a personal name, however. (Maybe because it's too easy to make a typo and end up calling someone a monster rat.)
There's something strangely alluring about this name. I think it has a pretty ring to it. I don't think I would give it as a first name, but I think it would be a neat middle name to have.
There is a song called "Montserrat" by Orquesta Del Plata that plays in a Kahlua commercial. It's actually a pretty cool song.
I don't know why everyone hates this name. It's really pretty. And there's this really lovely actress named Montserrat Lombard.
This name is on the Top 1000 list!? Who would name their daughter this?
There are far worse names on the top 1000, just so you know. Nevaeh is a good example. Anyway, the answer to your question is: Many Catholic Hispanics who use this name as a tribute to Virgin Mary.
Absolutely disgusting!
Pronounced "mon-seh-RAT" or "moon-suh-RAT". It's most common nicknames are Montse, Mont, Muntsa and Monxo.

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