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Morley (maiden name is McNeal, though never revealed if she changed it when she married) was a main character in the popular CBC radio show "The Vinyl Cafe", hosted by Stuart McLean. The show tells stories of her and her husband Dave, and their children Stephanie and Sam. Morley is usually fixing the problems that Dave makes, and she is a very reliable person. She also loves figure skating. The show ended after host Stuart McLean was diagnosed with cancer in 2015.
picajay  12/31/2018
Morley Safer (1931-2016) was one of the correspondents on CBS’ 60 Minutes. :)
That70sShowGeek  4/8/2018
My name is Morley, and it has never, ever, ever been pronounced 'MAWR'lee, always "MORE"lee. I have so far in my life met 7 individual "Morley's" spread across 4 Canadian provinces as well as one man from Scotland, all of whom pronounce it as I do. They were all male. A 'MAWR'lee is spelled "Marley" not 'Morley' and is used as a FEMININE (mostly) given name. I have met 4 that I can recall. They were female.
Mosers  12/3/2017
There was a (female) character with this in the movie 'Valentine's Day'. I actually really like this on a boy.
― Anonymous User  7/22/2013
Whenever I see this name I think "cigarettes" and "The X-Files", since that's the brand of cigarettes, which "The Cigarette Smoking Man (C.S.M.)/Bad Guy" smokes all through the show.

Despite that connection and how much I hate that "C.S.M." on the show, I truly love that name. Bit of an oxymoron.
Charlie1977  10/4/2009
This name appears to have a feminine version, Morleigh, rather like Ashleigh to Ashley, although Morley too could be unisex, like Ashley. Morleigh Steinberg is an American dancer and choreographer.

There's also a modern Hebrew (Israeli) name Morli - it's not used that often but it's unisex (means "I have myrrh", like Limor backwards). Morli also seems to be a girl's name in India (check out Facebook!)
Just Jonquil  7/8/2009

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