Gender Masculine
Scripts موسى(Arabic)
Pronounced Pron. MOO-sa(Arabic)  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

Alternate transcription of Arabic موسى (see Musa), as well as the form commonly used in western Africa.

Related Names

VariantsMousa, Musa(Arabic)
Other Languages & CulturesMoses(Biblical) Mose(Biblical German) Mouses(Biblical Greek) Moshe(Biblical Hebrew) Moses, Moyses(Biblical Latin) Mozes, Moos(Dutch) Moses, Moss(English) Moïse(French) Musa(Hausa) Moshe(Hebrew) Mózes(Hungarian) Mosè(Italian) Moses, Moss(Jewish) Mousa(Persian) Moisés(Portuguese) Moisey(Russian) Moisés(Spanish) Musa(Turkish) Moishe(Yiddish)



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