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Muna Wassef is a Syrian stage, film and television actress. She was born on 1 February 1942, as Muna Mustafa Wassef Jelmran. She is also a United Nations Goodwill ambassador. Wassef is an icon in the Arab world and the Middle East. Wassef had become the highest-paid actress in the Arab World since the end of the 1970s until the year 2000; now she is one of the highest-paid actresses. Wassef is the first Syrian woman to receive the Syrian Order of Merit-Excellent Degree in 2009.
cutenose  6/10/2017
I knew a girl in highschool with this name and I always thought it was a really beautiful name. I'm not arabic or muslim, but I love this name. I would like to be able to name my daughter this.
mk_ultrafun  2/28/2014
Muna also means 'egg' in Finnish.
Yippal  1/7/2007

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