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Gender Feminine & Masculine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 睦, 睦実, 睦美, 睦己, 睦巳, 睦望, 睦未, 睦海(Japanese Kanji) むつ美(Kanji/Hiragana) むつみ(Japanese Hiragana) ムツミ(Japanese Katakana)
Pronounced Pron. MUUTS-MEE, MUU-TSUU-MEE  [key]

Meaning & History

As a unisex name, this name can be used as 睦 (boku, moku, mutsu.bu, meaning "friendly, harmonious, intimante." It can also combine 睦 with 実 (shitsu, jitsu, makoto, makotoni, mi) meaning "reality, truth", 美 (bi, mi, utsuku.shii) meaning "beautiful, beauty", 己 (ki, ko, onore, tsuchinoto, na, mi) meaning "self, serpent, snake" or 巳 (shi, mi) meaning "sign of the snake/serpent (6th sign of the Chinese zodiac)."

As a feminine name, it combines 睦 with 望 (bou, mou,, mochi, mi) meaning "ambition, aspire to, desire, expect, full moon, hope", 未 (bi, mi, ima.da, hitsuji, ma.da) meaning "even now, hitherto, not yet, still, sign of the ram (8th sign of the Chinese zodiac)" or 海 (kai, umi, mi) meaning "ocean, sea." This name can also be used for females as むつ美 with two phonetic characters making up Mutsu and 美.
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