This looks so terrible and trendy.

Both Maia and Maya are old names with so much history. Why would you take all of that away from the name by spelling it in such a trendy way?

It looks like you heard the name somewhere and didn't know how to spell it. It's in the same category with Makayla and Adelynn.
I do think this name is a bit overused, but I still love it! I've met 3 "Myas" in my life and they were all amazing people.

I rate this name a 8/10.
Hm... it looks incomplete.
I can't make my mind up about this name. I like the pronunciation "MY-a", and I think if you want it pronounced like this, Mya is the logical way to spell it. I love Maya too, but I read that as "MAY-a". However, I agree with others who have commented that Mya looks incomplete. I know a girl who spells it Myah, which looks more complete to me.
Gross name! Please don't name your child this! This name is one of my worst nightmares. I 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% prefer Maya or Mia.
I prefer this more than Mia, “me” at the start of the name sounds bad.
Looks incomplete.
I don't have any issues with pronunciation (it's MIE-ə, we all know this), but this is probably my least favorite spelling because to me, it looks incomplete. Maya is the most popular spelling, which I can understand - especially in North America, where the Maya peoples still live today (that's usually my first association with the name). However, like another poster stated, sometimes I mentally read that as MAY-ə, with a long-A. My favorite spelling is actually the Greek one: Maia.
I named my daughter Mya. I pronounce it My-uh. One meaning of the name is also "good mother".
Can also be pronounced 'MEE-a'.
My name is Mya but others pronounce it as Mi-auha or just may-uha. I have only 3 letters in my whole name, so...
Better than Mia.
Really cute, funky and chic.
My name is Mya and I pronounce it My-Uh. I've grown up with people calling me Me-Uh and My-Ruh, it gets annoying! Lol.
I'm not a big fan of it. I know it's pronounced "MY-uh" but I always said it like "mee-YAH".
Beautiful! Maya sounds too modern, but Mya is perfect! I'm going to use this in my book!
Sounds very hip hop- I like it! Love the spelling of it too!
Actually, my first instinct is to pronounce this Myah (with one syllable and a consonant y sound). If you name your daughter this, that is what I will call her. So don't think this spelling variation is easy to understand or pronounce. I think most people know how to pronounce Maya because we are familiar with or at least have heard of the Native American civilization. I actually think Mya pronounced like I wrote is weirdly attractive now, hehe.
I prefer this spelling as there's no pronunciation confusion. You pronounce as it's spelt!
I love this name! It's beautiful :-) If I have another daughter I will name her this.
This is my pet rat's name lol. But we spell it "Myah" and I think this name is even cute for a human. LOL.
Woah, what's with the 700 spot jump from 1997 to 1998?
It's my middle name and I just LOVE it, it's very very pretty.
A friend of mine's goddaughter is named Mya, and I think it's a beautiful name. I also like this spelling better than Maya, which looks like MAY-uh with a long "a".
This is my favorite spelling of the name, as Maya always struck me as pretentious or new-age-y. It's a pretty name, but I'm not sure how good it sounds on a grown woman who wants to be taken seriously in this world of classism, sexism, tough competition, and all that crap.
A Hip Hop/R&B artist who had a couple of albums around 2000/2001.

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