Sounds odd.
Myrtle the turtle.
I love this name it's such a cute and pretty name but the only negative thing is it rhymes with turtle and reminds me of the mean little red haired girl from Lilo and Stitch but that doesn't bother me, it's still a beautiful name and I'd love to use this someday!
Myrtle is cute. It makes me think of the color green, plants, books, candles. It's a nice, witchy sort of name.
Myrtle is an ok name, however stairs could be a concern, not a hideous name though.
Such a lovely name, never met a Myrtle I didn't like, (watch out for stairs though!).
Myrtle Urkel.
This name was really popular many decades ago, however, in these days it's really rare. While it may sound harsh, I think this name has elegance, class and beauty! I like this name and Myrtle stands out comparing with other names, in a good way!
“Moaning” Myrtle from Harry Potter, a ghost girl who was killed in the bathroom.
I think it sounds very classy and dignified.
I like this name much more now. It's really pretty and classic.
I like it... sort of.
Myrtle Snow is one of the main characters in season three of the anthology series, American Horror Story. Her character is played by Frances Conroy, and appears on subsequent seasons of the show.
I usually don't mind dated names, but Myrtle just really screams old lady to me.
Quite ugly. Reminds me of the little ginger girl from Lilo and Stitch who was so nasty.
It's a lovely name. I think where people are going wrong is pronouncing it mur-tel instead of meer-tel.
In 2018, 85 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Myrtle who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 945th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
There is a rockabilly song from the 1950s called "Who Put The Turtle In Myrtle's Girdle." So I can't hear the name without thinking of that song. But I think it's kind of a great name. Way better than things like Peyton and Skylar.
I think it's pretty.
Myrtle Sarrosa is a Filipina actress, cosplayer, host, singer and song writer. Sarrosa rose to prominence after being declared the Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4 Big Winner. Sarrosa is the Sangguniang Kabataan President in her hometown Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo. Sarrosa is currently managed and under contract to Star Magic, ABS-CBN's home based talent agency where she was launched as one of the Star Magic Angels.
I have the name Myrtle. I have never seen so much negativity towards my name. Everyone has loved my name, it's so unique. I have never run across another Myrtle, which is awesome. And I have a lot of nicknames. Meme, mine me, myrtball, Myrtle the turtle and I love them all. I love my name and wouldn't change it for the world. I don't get why everyone is so negative about it...maybe they are just jealous. I got the name for all of my past grandmothers. My name has so much history and the plant with it makes it a beautiful name. I'm also 13 and have never been bullied for my name.
Before I read any of the other comments, I wanted to add my own opinion on this name. I love this name because it always sounded so earthy and natural to me for some reason. It makes me think of a dark and mysterious girl who is really in tune with nature. Or of autumn. Or dew drops on green leaves. I don't know. But never do I associate this name with an old lady.
To me, Myrtle is one of the most beautiful names out there. Yes, I know Myrtle has a very negative background to it, like rhyming with turtle and only being used for old ladies. But, I don't see those things at all in the name!

When I hear the name Myrtle I think of the beautiful pink flowers that the name comes from, and also of a woman who is outgoing, confident, and kind. In fact, Myrtle is one of the top names that I'd want to use if I have a daughter.

Many Victorian floral names that were seen as "old lady names" a few years ago like Hazel and Violet are having huge comebacks, so I think Myrtle would fit right into that category! Even if it doesn't catch on, Myrtle would still be a very unique name for a little girl. She wouldn't have to worry about there being more than one Myrtle in her class. (And possibly the school!)

I've also heard people say Myrtle doesn't have much nickname potential. But, the nickname "Myrtie" sounds nice to me. It also rhymes with "Purty" (a slang form of pretty.) So, I think a cute nickname would be "Purty Myrtie."

I hope the negative reputation towards Myrtle will turn around soon, and that the true beauty of the name will be seen.
I'm pretty sure hipsters would like this ugly name.
Sorry, but who in their right mind would name their kid this anymore? Myrtle is not only laughably dated, it eerily sounds like "Murder"
Myrtle Murder. How can you not make such an obvious connection?

Myrtle should remain for grannies and turtles.
I adore the name Myrtle. While it may not be thought of as "traditionally pretty", it's a strong, distinguished name that's quite beautiful in my opinion.
What an ugly and dated name. It either seems like an old woman's name or a trashy name on a younger individual.

Myrtle reminds me of the words turtle and murder.
I think this is a cute name. I would not personally use it, but it's not the worst name ever.
I think Myrtle is an amazing name and is the complete opposite of ugly. Myrtle flowers are so pretty.
It's a shame that the name of a beautiful plant can have such an unfavorable sound to it... the type of name associated with a villain or a bitter old woman. The Myrtle is an important symbol in many ancient cultures.
The mean girl in Lilo and Stitch has this name, only it's spelled "Mertle".
I know it's old and established, but it doesn't sound very nice, and it makes me think about the ghost haunting the toilet.
Sounds too much like turtle. I dislike it.
I really really really love this super-geeky name! It's amazing, although perhaps a bit too geeky, if there is such a state, but I would definitely use it as a middle name. Also, this name conjures up strong images of the Roman Empire, and that time period, for me, anyway, just perhaps because the myrtle plant is native to Italy and the Mediterranean region, I suppose. :)
Mirta is the Croatian form of this name. [noted -ed]
The Italian form of this name is Mirta and there is also a fairly common masculine form Mirto. They derive from the Greek name of a Mediterranean bush that was sacred to the goddess of love Aphrodite(Venus). This was because the leaves of this plant were shaped like the female sex organs!
This name makes me think of old ladies with white hair and dowdy faded dresses.
Following the trend of more obvious flower names such as Rose, Lily and Violet, Myrtle is due for a comeback soon.
I like this name, but it sounds too close to "turtle" and "girdle".
It sounds ugly and dated, and it reminds me of the word 'murder'.
Very ugly name.
This has got to be one of the worst names I've ever come across.
Ee gads. Whenever I think of this name I think of Moaning Myrtle. Can't get it out of my head. Nope. But if I DIDN'T go with Harry Potter, I would still think this name is quite ugly. It sounds like a mix between murky and turtle. Gads.
Myrtle was supposedly the plant of Venus, who signifies love.
I really dislike this name. Probably because it rhymes with turtle. It doesn't have a nice sound to me and it's not very interesting.
Ugly, ugly, ugly name. Makes me think of an old lady who wears ratty shawls and has five thousand cats.
Makes me think of the word "turtle".
There's one novel of Anne Messina called "The Myrtle and The Rose".
The Dutch version of Myrtle is: Mirthe. You can also spell the name in different ways: Mirte, Myrthe, Myrte, Mirtha, Myrta, etc.
Myrtle is the name of a character in the novel "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Myrtle is the name of a depressed ghost that haunts the girls' toilet in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. ("Moaning Myrtle")

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