The pronunciation is nice. I'm not sure what the meaning means, exactly.
"Hello, welcome to Starbucks, what's the order name?"


"You could have chosen a better fake name."

*gives credit card*

"Oh, um, sorry about that sir".
This Arabic name is pronounced exactly like the name Niall ("NIE-al").
This is also a Turkish name. [noted -ed]
I agree that even if this name is not pronounced like the English word "nail", it leaves a lot of doors open to teasing. Dead as a doornail. Fingernail. Toenail. But no offense meant to anyone named this.
Although he is not a very famous bearer of this name, Nail is the name of a Namek from Dragon Ball Z.
Even though I don't believe this name is pronounced like the English word "nail", I still wouldn't use it because they are spelled exactly the same.
"Hi I'm Nail. Nice to meet you". Sounds wrong, doesn't it? Please, please don't name your kid this!

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