Name of the day 4/26/21.
It's fine, but I feel like it sounds a bit harsh.
Fun fact: I've heard this pronounced Nay-luh. I actually prefer this name pronounced nay-luh.
Name of the day: 4/26/21.
Very pretty. The meaning is kinda intense though...
The French composer Léo Delibes wrote a piece known as the Naila waltz as part of some additional music he wrote for Adolphe Adam's ballet Le Corsaire. It was eventually transferred to the Ballet La Source, for which Delibes and Ludwig Minkus wrote the music. (This ballet has sometimes been called "Naila.")
The correct pronunciation is NOT “Nyla” or “Nila” but “Niela” and is written with two dots (diacritical mark: diaeresis not umlaut) above the letter I as: ï. Another example of the CORRECT pronunciation are the words “naïve” or the name of the Opera, “Aïda”.
Since the name is not of American/English origin, when American/English-speaking people hear the name correctly pronounced, they misspell it as “niela” or “nyelah". When they SEE the name in print, they mispronounce it as “nail-ah” or “nyla” or “nila”.
This happens to be my name, and while I do love it, I really am tiring of constantly trying to correct people on how to pronounce it.
The pronunciation of this name should be added. It's pronounced "Nyla".
Unless used in it's native country, it would not work. Or, of course, the possibility of acceptance only if you have a surname from the country of origin to create the perfect pair. That being said, in this age, in the United States-- it has high prospect of being titled as a "ghetto," "kre8tiv" name, as well as pretentious, and bearing too close a resemblance to the word "Nail/Nails."
The name Naila is so beautiful sounding! :D To be fair, the spelling Naila does make many English speakers like myself recognise its close resemblance to the word 'nails' therefore I think the spelling "Nyla" is better and more practical. ^_^ I strongly believe that just because the origin is Arabic and some may not be familiar with this name it does not make this name "ghetto". It's a little strange how the user "Francesca" thinks if someone decides to use this name in the US they're trying to be "pretentious"- ? Naila doesn't sound pretentious in the slightest. To be fair, names like "Francesca" actually sound pretentious (don't get me wrong, I like the name Francesca, but I can admit when some names are pretentious sounding). I actually agree with the user "Zinha" that the name Naila has a sort of trendy appeal like the names Kyla and Myla so I think the trendy sound the name Naila offers makes it not seem pretentious. Overall, this name is really pretty and cute and if anyone is considering using this name, I say go for it! :)
Francesca you're right it does sound trendy, like Myla, Kyla, Ayla and others. Plus it makes me think they named the girl after the Lion King. ;) Something about this name though sets it apart, perhaps because I know its history and spelling... It's living a new life in our era.
Pronounced "Nyla".
I find this name to be much nicer than its masculine form of Nail.
I think this is such a beautiful, simple, and feminine name. It's also the title of a beautiful Mexican song written by Chuy Rasgado of Oaxaca.

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