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Gender Masculine
Scripts نریمان(Persian) ნარიმან(Georgian) Нариман(Kazakh, Lezgin, Tatar) نارىيمان(Kazakh Arabic)
Pronounced Pron. na-ree-MAWN(Persian)
Other Forms Formsნარიმანი (Narimani; nominative case). Variant spellings: Nareeman, Narimon, Narriman, Nəriman, Neriman

Meaning & History

From the Avestan name Nairemanah which meant "manly mind" or "heroic minded", derived Avestan from nairiia meaning "heroic, manly" and manah meaning "mind, thought".

In the medieval Persian epic Shahnameh written by Ferdowsi, Nariman is the father of the legendary hero Sam 2.
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