Lezgin Submitted Names

Lezgin names are used by Lezgian speakers in Dagestan, a republic of Russia.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abdusalam Абдусалам m Arabic, Dargin, Lezgin, Avar
Arabic alternate transcription of Abd al-Salam as well as the form used in Dagestan.
Abidat Абидат f Avar, Kumyk, Dargin, Lezgin, Lak
Form of Abida used in Dagestan.
Asiyat Асият f Dagestani, Lak, Lezgin
Lak and Lezgin form of Asiya.
Bartsalay Варцалай f Lezgin
Means "full moon" in Lezgin.
Bitsirush Бицируш f Lezgin
Means "little daughter" in Lezgin.
Destekhanum Дестеханум f Lezgin
Means "flower lady" in Lezgin.
Dzhabar Жаббар m Dagestani, Lezgin
Dagestani form of Jabbar.
Dzhalal Жалал m Dagestani, Chechen, Avar, Lezgin, Lak, Azerbaijani
Dagestani, Chechen, and Azerbaijani form of Jalal.
Elkhan Эльхан m Azerbaijani, Dagestani, Lezgin
From Proto-Semitic *ʾil- meaning "deity, god" (see El or Allah) or Turkic el meaning "people, country, nation" combined with the Mongolian title хан (khan) meaning "leader, ruler, commander".
Gabib Гьабиб m Avar, Dargin, Lezgin
Avar, Dargin, and Lezgin form of Habib.
Gadzhimagomed Гьажи-Мегьамед m Dagestani, Avar, Lezgin
Combination of Gadzhi and Magomed.
Gaydar m Avar (Russified), Kumyk (Russified), Lezgin (Russified)
Russian form of Haidar, used particuarly in Dagestan.
Gumyush Гумюш m Lezgin
Means "silver" in Lezgin.
Gyuzgyush Гюзгюш f Lezgin
Means "glass, mirror" in Lezgin.
Icher Ичер f Lezgin
Means "apples" in Lezgin.
Ichinkelem Ичинкелем f Lezgin
Means "apple sapling" in Lezgin.
Kerim Керим m Lezgin, Chechen, Karachay-Balkar, Abazin, Turkmen, Kyrgyz, Bosnian
Form of Karim used in various languages.
Khabib m Avar (Russified), Lezgin (Russified), Dargin (Russified), Indonesian
Form of Habib used in Dagestan and Indonesia. A notable bearer is Dagestani UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov (1988-), who is an ethnic Avar.
Kurban Къурбан m Avar, Lak, Dargin, Lezgin, Turkmen, Turkish, Kazakh
Form of Qurban used in various languages.
Kveri Квери f Lezgin
Means "short" in Lezgin.
Lavkha Лавха m Lezgin
Means "proud" in Lezgin.
Lifri Лифри m Lezgin
Derived from лиф (lif) meaning "dove".
Makhpur Махпур f Lezgin
Means "velvet" in Lezgin.
Mehamed Мегьамед m Lezgin
Lezgin form of Muhammad.
Mehamedali Мегьамедали m Lezgin
Combination of Mehamed and Ali 1.
Mikhid Михид f Lezgin
Means "pure, immaculate" in Lezgin.
Mulkay Мулкай m & f Lezgin
Means "pasture" in Lezgin.
Muminat Муъминат f Dargin, Avar, Lezgin, Lak, Kumyk
Form of Mumina used in Dagestan.
Nakhchir Нахчир m Lezgin
Means "wolf" in Lezgin.
Nariman Нариман m Persian Mythology, Persian, Georgian (Rare), Kazakh, Kumyk, Lezgin, Tatar
From the Avestan name Nairemanah which meant "manly mind" or "heroic minded", derived Avestan from nairiia meaning "heroic, manly" and manah meaning "mind, thought".... [more]
Nasibat Насибат f Lezgin
Lezgin feminine form of Nasib.
Neki Неки f Lezgin
Means "wild strawberry" in Lezgin.
Nekiyat Некият f Lezgin
Elaborated form of Neki.
Nuriyat Нурият f Lezgin
Lezgin feminine form of Nur.
Patimat ПатӀимат f Avar, Kumyk, Dargin, Lezgin, Lak
Form of Fatimah used in Dagestan.
Rabiyat Рабият f Dagestani, Avar, Lezgin, Lak
Dagestani form of Rabi'a.
Rafiga Рафига f Lezgin
Lezgin feminine form of Rafik.
Ramaldan Рамалдан m Lezgin (Rare)
Lezgin form of Ramadan.
Simikhan Симихан f Lezgin
Derived from сим (sim) meaning "silver" and Khan.
Sulmaz Сулмаз f Lezgin
Lezgin form of Solmaz.
Sultanat Султанат f Lezgin
Lezgin form of Sultana.
Suvar Сувар f Lezgin
Means "celebration" in Lezgin.
Tagir m Avar (Russified), Lezgin (Russified), Bashkir (Russified), Tatar (Russified)
Russian form of Tahir, used particularly in Dagestan, Bashkortostan and Tatarstan.
Taibat Таибат f Lezgin
Lezgin feminine form of Tayyib.
Tarlan Тарлан m Lezgin
Means "falcon" in Lezgin.
Tavat Тават f Lezgin
Means "beauty" in Lezgin.
Tuguya Тугуя f Lezgin
Means "forest thicket" in Lezgin.
Vezirkhan m Dagestani, Lezgin
Derived from the Arabic title وَزِير (wazīr) denoting a minister or adviser combined with the Turkic title khan meaning "ruler, leader".