Abazin Submitted Names

Abazin names are used by speakers of Abaza in the Karachay-Cherkessia, Russia.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ASLAN-XAN f Abazin
Derived from ASLAN and the Turkic element han meaning "ruler, prince".
AZAMAT m Kazakh, Bashkir, Kyrgyz, Circassian, Uzbek, Karachay-Balkar, Abazin, Ossetian
Derived from Arabic عَظَمَة (ʿaẓama) meaning "majesty, glory".
BALOG'AT f Abazin
Means "maturity" or, figuratively, "perfection" in Uzbek.
BESLAN m Abkhaz, Chechen, Ingush, Circassian, Abazin
Means "master of lions", from the Ottoman Turkish title بك (beg) meaning "chief, lord, master" combined with Turkic arslan meaning "lion" (see ASLAN or ARSLAN). This is also the name of a town in North Ossetia-Alania.
CACARK’A f Abazin
From the Russian цесарка (tsesarka) meaning "guinea-hen".
FATIMAT f Karachay-Balkar, Circassian, Abazin
Balkar, Kabardian, and Abazin form of FATIMAH.
NAXDAXE f Abazin
Derived from the Kabardian Neχ daxe meaning "more beautiful".
NUR-XAN f Abazin
Abaza feminine form of NURKHAN.
Q’ABZE f Abazin, Circassian
Means "clean" in Kabardian.
RAZNA f Abazin
Means "silver" in Abaza.
Derived from the Adyghe пшъащъэ (psh"ashch"e) meaning "daughter, girl".
T’AT’A f Abazin
Means "soft, mild" in Abaza.
TLAP’A f Abazin
Derived from the Kabardian λap’e meaning "dear, precious".
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