Lak Submitted Names

Lak names are used by Lak speakers in Dagestan, a republic of Russia.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abidat Аьбидат f Avar, Kumyk, Dargin, Lezgin, Lak
Form of Abida used in Dagestan.
Aminat Аминат f Chechen, Ingush, Avar, Kumyk, Dargin, Lak, Karachay-Balkar
Form of Aminah 1 or Aminah 2 used in several languages.
Apanni Апанни m Lak
Derived from the Ottoman Turkish title افندي (efendi) meaning "lord, master".
Asiyat Асият f Dagestani, Lak, Lezgin
Lak and Lezgin form of Asiya.
Dzhalal Жалал m Dagestani, Chechen, Avar, Lezgin, Lak, Azerbaijani
Dagestani, Chechen, and Azerbaijani form of Jalal.
Khadizhat Хадижат f Avar, Lak, Chechen
Avar, Lak and Chechen form of Khadija.
Khadzhimurad ХӀажимурад m Dagestani, Lak
Variant of Gadzhimurad.
Khalimat ХӀалимат f Chechen, Dagestani, Lak
Chechen and Dagestani form of Halima.
Kurban Кьурбан m Avar, Lak, Dargin, Lezgin, Turkmen, Turkish, Kazakh
Form of Qurban used in various languages.
Muminat Муъминат f Dargin, Avar, Lezgin, Lak, Kumyk
Form of Mumina used in Dagestan.
Patima ПатӀима f Indonesian, Lak
Indonesian and Lak form of Fatimah.
Patimat ПатӀимат f Avar, Kumyk, Dargin, Lezgin, Lak
Form of Fatimah used in Dagestan.
Rabiyat Рабият f Dagestani, Avar, Lezgin, Lak
Dagestani form of Rabi'a.
Sakinat Сакинат f Avar, Kumyk, Lak, Kabardian
Avar, Kumyk, Lak and Kabardian form of Sakina.
Shirvani Ширвани m Chechen, Lak
Means "land of lions", derived from Persian شیر (šir) meaning "lion".