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ScriptsМагомед Russian

Meaning & History

Russian form of MUHAMMAD, used particularly in the Caucasus.
VariantsMagomet, Muhamad, Muhammad Avar Magomet, Mokhmad Chechen
Other Languages & CulturesMahomet, Mahometus, Mihammad, Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammad, Muhammed Arabic Mohamed Arabic (Egyptian) Mohamed Arabic (Maghrebi) Məhəmməd, Mahammad Azerbaijani Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammad Bengali Mehmed, Muhamed Bosnian Mamadou, Muhammadu Fula Muhammadu Hausa Muhammad, Muhamad Indonesian Mukhamed, Mukhammed Kazakh Muhammad, Muhamad Malay Mamadou Manding Mehmed Ottoman Turkish Mohammad, Muhammad Pashto Mohammad Persian Mohammad, Muhammad Punjabi Mamadou Serer Muhammad Tajik Mohammad, Mohammat Tatar Mehmet, Muhammed, Muhammet Turkish Mohammad, Muhammad Urdu Muhemmet Uyghur Mamadou Wolof


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