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Gender Masculine
Scripts محمّد(Persian) Мөхәммәд, Мөхәммәт(Tatar) محمّد(Arabic, Urdu, Shahmukhi, Pashto) মুহাম্মদ(Bengali)
Pronounced Pron. mo-ham-MAD(Persian)
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Meaning & History

Persian and Tatar form of MUHAMMAD, as well as an alternate transcription of Arabic/Urdu/Shahmukhi/Pashto محمّد or Bengali মুহাম্মদ (see MUHAMMAD).
VariantsMohammat(Tatar) Mahomet, Mahometus, Mihammad, Mohammed, Muhammad, Muhammed(Arabic) Mohamed(Arabic (Maghrebi)) Mohamed(Arabic (Egyptian)) Muhammad(Urdu) Muhammad(Punjabi) Muhammad(Pashto) Mohammed, Muhammad(Bengali)
Other Languages & CulturesMuhammad, Muhamad(Avar) Məhəmməd, Mahammad(Azerbaijani) Mehmed, Muhamed(Bosnian) Mokhmad(Chechen) Mohamed(Dhivehi) Mamadou, Muhammadu(Fula) Muhammadu(Hausa) Muhammad, Muhamad(Indonesian) Mukhamed, Mukhammed(Kazakh) Muhammad, Muhamad(Malay) Mamadou(Manding) Mehmed(Ottoman Turkish) Magomed, Magomet(Russian) Mamadou(Serer) Muhammad(Tajik) Mehmet, Muhammed, Muhammet(Turkish) Muhemmet(Uyghur) Mamadou(Wolof)


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