I like it. Egyptian names always have the coolest meanings.
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Cool and beautiful name.
The nickname Neffy would be so cute.
Nefertiti is a beautiful name, and it has a nice meaning, but I don't like the association with the queen.
There is an asteroid called 1068 Nofretete discovered on 13 September, 1926. There is also a near-Earth object called 3199 Nefertiti discovered on the same day but in 1982. The former uses the German variant, was named by a German astronomer. The latter is named by American astronomers.
This is my name. I've always loved it. Though those who know nothing of my name tend to poke fun. It never gets me down. It just shows their ignorance. I'm thinking of naming my daughter after one of the Queen's daughters.
This would definitely be a unique name for a child.
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It's very pretty, and I am a big enthusiast on ancient Egypt, but I think Nefertiti would lead to "titty" jokes.
This is one of my favorite names. It sounds so very exotic, like the name Cleopatra, except not as over-used. I've always been fond of ancient Egyptian culture, art, and religion.
Well, it's quite a big name to have, isn't it? In English-speaking countries, having this name would surely be hell because of the ending. I bet the poor girl would get a lot of titty-jokes.
Slight night shiver, in English it's generally pronounced Neh-fur-tEE-tee, not Neh-fur-tit-ee.
Nefertiti was from the kingdom of Nubia, and was therefore exotic and beautiful to the Egyptians. Her husband, Akhenaton, attempted to convert Egypt to monotheism.
I like the name, very original!
"Nefertiti" has this sort of mystic air about it. It's an awesome name.
A very beautiful and exotic name, though I doubt many could use it today. I prefer it over Nefertari - the name is a lot more mysterious in meaning.
The German version of the name is Nofretete. The Egyptian form is Nafteta.
Its a beautiful name, very exotic. Whenever I hear it it reminds me of those elegant busts of Nefertiti in her headress with the long necks. I would hardly give my daughter such a name though.

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