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Gender Feminine & Masculine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 光音, 夕姫, 寧恩, 寧碧音, 寧穏, 寧音, 希音, 弥音, 心暖, 愛姫, 愛音, 明音, 永遠, 碧姫, 祈音, 祢遠, 祢音, 禰音, 羽姫, 羽音, 菜音, 虹音, 輝音, 錬音, 音恩, 音桜, 音温, 音穏, 音織, 音苑, 音遠, 願音, etc.(Japanese Kanji)
Pronounced Pron. NE-ON  [key]

Meaning & History

From Japanese 光 (ne) meaning "light", 夕 (ne) meaning "evening", 寧 (ne) meaning "rather, preferably, peaceful, quiet, tranquility", 希 (ne) meaning "hope, beg, request, rare", 弥 (ne) meaning "all the more, increasingly", 心 (ne) meaning "heart, soul, mind", 愛 (ne) meaning "love, affection", 明 (ne) meaning "bright, light", 永 (ne) meaning "eternity, long, lengthy", 碧 (ne) meaning "blue, green", 祈 (ne) meaning "pray, wish", 祢 (ne) or 禰 (ne) both meaning "ancestral shrine", 羽 (ne) meaning "feathers", 菜 (ne) meaning "vegetables, greens", 虹 (ne) meaning "rainbow", 輝 (ne) meaning "brightness", 錬 (ne) meaning "tempering, refine, drill, train, polish", 音 (ne) meaning "sound" or 願 (ne) meaning "petition, request, vow, wish, hope", 碧 (o) meaning "blue, green" combined with 音 (on) meaning "sound", 姫 (on) meaning "princess", 穏 (on) meaning "calm, quiet, moderation", 暖 (on) meaning "warmth", 遠 (on) meaning "distant, far", 恩 (on) meaning "grace, kindness, goodness, favor, mercy, blessing, benefit", 桜 (on) meaning "cherry blossom", 温 (on) meaning "warm", 織 (on) meaning "weave, fabric" or 苑 (on) meaning "garden, farm, park". Other kanji combinations are possible.
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