Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn.
Like for boys, like Nikki for girls.
Nicky can also sometimes be used as a diminutive of Dominic, Dominique, or other names beginning with a similar sound.
I had no idea this was also a boy's name. I prefer this to Nikki for a girl.
I don't really like it as a legal name, but it's a cool nickname for either gender. I prefer it spelled Nikki for a girl though.
This is my dad's name; that is to say, his birth certificate says "Nicky," not "Nicholas." Most of our family just calls him Nick.
My uncle's name is Nicholas, so a lot of us call him Nicky as a nickname. Though I do like it, that's all I think it can be; a nickname. It's just a little too informal to be an actual name on a birth certificate.
Nicky- boys
Nikkie, Nikki, Niki, Nicki- girls.
This could also be used as a nickname for other names containing the sound "nic," like Dominic or Danica.
Nicki Minaj, born Onika Maraj, is a rapper and singer from New York.
I love the name Nicky for a boy. I like it for girls, too, but for them I prefer it spelled Nikki or Nikkie. It looks more feminine, and Nicky looks more like a laid-back and sweet but masculine guy.
This is a pretty nickname for Domenica.
Nicki is used in Sweden.
Nicky (full name Nicholai) Hilton is Paris Hilton's sister.
Can also be a nickname for Nicola.
I think Nicky is a wonderful name for a girl and a boy.
A famous bearer is Nicky Pastorelli, the dutch F3000 driver.
Famous bearer is Nicky Byrne from the band "Westlife".
Famous bearer, Manic Street Preacher's bassist: Nicky Wire.

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