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Gender Feminine & Masculine
Usage Russian
Scripts Ника(Russian)

Meaning & History

Russian short form of VERONIKA and other names ending in nika. It can also be a short form of NIKITA (1) (masculine).
Other Languages & CulturesBerenice, Berenike, Niketas, Pherenike(Ancient Greek) Mikita, Nikita(Belarusian) Bernice(Biblical) Bernike(Biblical Greek) Bernice(Biblical Latin) Veronika(Bulgarian) Veronika(Croatian) Veronika(Czech) Veronika(Danish) Berenice, Bernice, Veronica, Roni, Ronnie(English) Bérénice, Véronique(French) Veronika(German) Veronika(Hungarian) Berenice, Veronica(Italian) Veronica(Late Roman) Veronika(Latvian) Veronika(Lithuanian) Veronika(Macedonian) Veronika(Norwegian) Weronika, Wera(Polish) Verônica(Portuguese) Veronica(Romanian) Veronika(Slovak) Veronika(Slovene) Weronika(Sorbian) Verónica(Spanish) Veronika(Swedish) Mykyta, Nikita, Veronika(Ukrainian)
Same SpellingNika (2), Nika (3)
User SubmissionNika
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