Nikki is the main character in the dress up RPG game Love Nikki.
I'm seeing a few comments that call this name 'trashy' and such, but personally, I quite like this name. It isn't in my top ten, and I can see why some people may be a bit hesitant; it all has to do with your own personal impression and experiences you've had. I'm not sure, but anyhow, when I think of this name I think of a really smiley, chill, person. It's the type of name that gives you 'Hey, you can relax; I don't bite' kind of vibes. They say names give off vibes, but for me this just gives me friendly vibes. Might just be me, and I apologise for the long comment.
It's a great name. A happy name. A short pretty name.
I really love the name Nikki. Reminds me of a pretty, happy friendly girl.
Nice name but it doesn’t age well.
Ditto stupiddirtgirl. This name isn't for old ladies.
This was my randomly generated name on a game.
I love it.
I'm Nicolette but have always been called Nikki, never Nicole thankfully!. As I've grown up though I am more preferring to be called Nicolette. I've known a few other Nikki's we all spelled it different and it matters how you spell it! If someone wrote my name as Nickie, ugh just awful. We Nikki's are very picky about the spelling of our name Nikki!
Personal favorite!
Nice as a nickname.
I don't care for it.
Gah, you people are crazy! Nikki is such a sweet, wholesome, and adorable name! What a great diminutive of Nicole! :D.
Nikki Haley, the former Governor of South Carolina. She was born as Nimrata Randhawa to Sikh parents, and Nikki means little one in Punjabi.
This is a stripper name. Nicole is more classy.
Nikki is a cute nickname for Nicole. Nicole is a great name: victory.
Rhymes with icky, sticky, and picky.
Nicole Marie "Nikki" O'Grady Walsh is the antagonist of Nancy Werlin's novel "The Rules of Survival".
A famous bearer is American actress Nikki M. James (b. 1981). James is best known for her Tony Award-winning performance in the original Broadway cast of "The Book of Mormon"; James played the role of Nabulungi for the first three years of the show's Broadway run. James has also portrayed Eponine in "Les Miserables" on Broadway, as well as numerous characters on various TV shows.
Nikki Thomas is the former Executive Director of Sex Professionals of Canada. She has three academic degrees from the University of Toronto in political science, sexual diversity studies and psychology. She entered the sex industry in 2007 in order to make enough money to pay for tuition.
Nikki Williams is a South African singer-songwriter. Williams was born and raised in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She has two older sisters who live in South Africa and a younger sister, Jade Williams, who moved to the USA with her and her mother, Mandy Morgan when Nikki was 16 years old. They lived in Los Angeles for 7 months and then moved to Nashville TN. Several years later Nikki relocated to Los Angeles, she met Breyon Prescott and signed with his label Chameleon Entertainment/Island Def Jam.
Nikki Fleming, American Girl of the Year 2007.
Prince did a song for Purple Rain called "Darling Nikki".
How about this:

Girl: Nicki, Nikie, Niki, Nikki, Nickie, Nikkie.
Boy: Nicky, Nickey, Nikky, Nikkey, Niky, Nikey.
The name Nikki was given to 133 girls born in the US in 2015.
This spelling is for a girl. Nicky or Nicky or Nikky for a boy.
Nikki means 'victorious', 'victory of the people', or a Japanese surname meaning 'two trees.'

As someone whose name is Nikki, I will give some pros and cons.

It is a simple name that is usually spelled the way it sounds. You may only find a few who have this name as their full name and can usually go well with many surnames. Various impressions have been given for someone who has this name and the fact that it can be used as a full name despite originally being the nickname of 'Nicole' may seem a little out of the norm.

Variations with the spelling, so you can't expect people to have it correct unless you tell them. It will be mistaken as a nickname for Nicole. Some people, typically kids, will find a way to make fun of it in terms of rhyming the name. This is not to say that the child is more prone to become bullied because of the name, but it is a fair warning.

My overall opinion is that unless you like names that may seem a bit out there, and names that could be nicknames but are actually full names themselves, I wouldn't recommend it. Victoria may be a better suggestion if you want a girl's name with the similar meaning of 'victory'.
I'm gonna be mom and I'm searching for unique names for my baby girl, I may just choose Nikki, it just seems awesome!
The meaning of the name “Niki” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one different meaning available. And the original Niki means goodness and kindness. It's not bratty either! The roots of this name are Persian and Greek! And just because someone decides to name his dog Max that doesn't make Max a pet name. The same goes for Niki!
Nikki Maxwell is the main character of the Book series The Dork Diaries.
In 2014 Nikki was given to 138 baby girls in the USA.
My first name is Nikki and it fits me. I have always liked my name and have received many compliments on it.
Nikki means 'victory of the people', isn't that an awesome meaning? Nikki looks happy and fun! I love this nickname for Nicole.
Nikki was given as a full name to 127 baby girls in the US in 2012.
This is a fun name. It is so cute I like it with two Ks instead of Nicki.

This sounds like an outgoing, confident, sweet, and edgy girl. I imagine a volleyball player, a model, an actress, a popular girl, a nice and friendly girl.

I love this name. I adore this name. 8 out of 10.
It isn't something I would ever name one of my children, but it's ok. It does bring to mind ditsy, no substance types.
Nikki sounds a lot like icky. Popular name amongst trailer trash.
Nikki is also given in Japan. It means "two trees".
Nikki is also Japanese name meaning two trees.
I wouldn't recommend Nikki for a child's name. I'm put off because for some reason it sounds very bimbo-ish. Like a fake name of an adult film star, lol.
I hate my first name so I'm glad I had Nikki to fall back on as a middle name. I think it suits me and I have played with the spelling at times taking out one of the ks but I don't like it with a "c" I think that makes it look more masculine, just my opinion though. I don't like it for a boy but that's probably mostly because it's my name and I don't consider myself masculine at all, hard to think of it on a non bias level.
I don't like this name. It sounds like a trashy, unintelligent girl/boy. Sorry but it's not very good. The meaning isn't interesting either.
I think it is short and sweet, you know? Possibly a bit kiddish but otherwise quite cute! I quite like it!
I like this spelling better than Nicki. Or Nicky. I like this style because it looks more modern and youthful and fun.
This is my real name. It's not short for Nicole or any other form of the name. It's just Nikki. I used to hate my name when I was younger, I don't even know why anymore; I just wanted something more unique and uncommon. But now I've come to like my name and realised that Nikki really isn't that common as a name on its own after all. It only seems so because all the Nicoles out there go by Nicki/Nickie/Niki or Nikki. I have only met one other person in my whole life who's name was just Nikki, only she spelled it Nicki.
Nikki is my best friends name so it's not just a pet name for something else.
I like this spelling, it looks sharp. The "c" in Nicki looks out of place with all the straight lined letters. I'd only use it as a nickname though.
Nikki Reed is the actress that plays Rosalie Hale in the Twilight movies.
This is my name, and I don't like it. Firstly, I'm a girl, but I hear it on men as a nickname, it's really annoying, because it's a feminine name. Second, people get confused with the spelling, I have to constantly tell them how to spell it, plus it doesn't sound like a real name, I'm always asked what it's short for, and people often are unlikely to take my name seriously, it sounds like a bimbo name, and I am the complete opposite, I have a European look, I have black hair, pale skin and a slender bod, definitely not the blond, tanned, curvy "bombshell" most people associate this name with. It just doesn't suit me. On the plus side, it's not a common name.
I really like the name Nikki. And have never heard of someone calling one of their pets this. My sister's nickname is Nikki and it totally fits her.
This is my name and I spell it just like this. This is literally my name though, no other way around it and it's not short for Nicole or anything of that sort. I've been told it suits me though it is a rather tomboyish-conotated name.
Bassist Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe.
Icky comes into my mind when I hear this name.
In the David Lynch movie INLAND EMPIRE the name of the main character (a famous actress), played by Laura Dern, is Nikki Grace.
I prefer this spelling to Nicki any day! If you spell it Nicki, it seems easier for people -especially boys- to tease you and call you Nick. But for family it seems like it would be okay for someone to call you Nick.
Personally I think Nikki can be used as a masculine name on a younger character. I named one of my characters Nikki (although his real name is Niklas). If ever I depict him as an adult, however, I won't call him Nikki.
Nikki Blonsky is the actress playing Tracy Turnblad in the new movie version of Hairspray.
I think it might work as a nickname for Veronika or Veronica. In my opinion, Nikki is ok, but not a favorite.
My name is Nicola but Nikki suits me so I use Nikki.
My friend hates her real name being Nicole so she calls herself Nikki. Call her anything besides Nikki and she gets really mad!
I think Nikie is a better spell of this name.
Nikki Wong is the sarcastic punk-like girl from the cartoon show 6TEEN. She's my favorite character and I'm a lot like her.
Sometimes people have the name Nikki even though it is usually a pet's name.
A pet form is not for pets. It is short for Nicole. Personally, I loathe this name. It sounds bratty.
I was just saying that some people's pets have this name.
The way you had worded it sounded like it was only for pets. I have yet to meet a person with this name for a pet.
Niki Taylor is a supermodel.
Madonna played the character Nikki Finn in the 1987 film "Who's that Girl?"
My friend spells her name Nickie. It started off with Nikki and then Nicki then it became Nickie.
Can also be spelled "N-I-K-I" as in Hawthorne Heights' song "Niki FM."

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