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Gender Masculine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 信貴, 信喬, 信教, 信尭, 信敬, 信賢, 信公, 信孝, 信考, 信高, 信尚, 信尊, 信登, 信宝, 信隆, 延孝, 延高, 延鷹, 延卓, 延隆, 修敬, 修孝, 宣貴, 宣敬, 宣孝, 宣隆, 暢貴, 暢尭, 暢孝, 暢高, 暢崇, 暢隆, 伸宇, 伸貴, 伸敬, 伸孝, 伸高, 伸崇, 伸能, 伸隆, 昶孝, 順孝, 所孝, 常固, 伸多佳, etc.(Japanese Kanji)
Pronounced Pron. NO-BOO-TAH-KAH  [key]

Meaning & History

From Japanese 信 (nobu) meaning "faith, truth, fidelity, trust", 延 (nobu) meaning "prolong, stretching", 修 (nobu) meaning "discipline, study", 宣 (nobu) meaning "proclaim, say, announce", 暢 (nobu) meaning "stretch", 伸 (nobu) meaning "expand, stretch, extend, lengthen, increase", 昶 (nobu) meaning "long day, clear", 順 (nobu) meaning "order, turn, obedient, docile, submissive, meek", 所 (nobu) meaning "place", 常 (nobu) meaning "usual, ordinary, normal, common, regular, continually, always, long-lasting", 多 (ta) meaning "many, frequent, much" combined with 貴 (taka) meaning "precious, value, prize, esteem, honor", 喬 (taka) meaning "high, boasting", 教 (taka) meaning "teach, faith, doctrine", 尭 (taka) meaning "high, far", 敬 (taka) meaning "respect", 賢 (taka) meaning "intelligent, wise, wisdom, cleverness", 公 (taka) meaning "public, open, formal, official, governmental", 孝 (taka) meaning "filial piety", 考 (taka) meaning "consider, think over", 高 (taka) meaning "tall, high", 尚 (taka) meaning "furthermore, still, yet, more, still more, in addition, greater, further", 尊 (taka) meaning "precious, valuable, priceless, noble, exalted, sacred", 登 (taka) meaning "ascend, climb up", 宝 (taka) meaning "treasure", 隆 (taka) meaning "noble, prosperous", 鷹 (taka) meaning "hawk", 卓 (taka) meaning "table, desk, high", 崇 (taka) meaning "adore, respect, revere, worship", 宇 (taka) meaning "eaves, roof, house, heaven", 能 (taka) meaning "ability, talent, skill, capacity", 固 (taka) meaning "harden, set, clot, curdle" or 佳 (ka) meaning "excellent, beautiful, good, pleasing, skilled". Other kanji combinations are possible.

Famous bearer of this name is professional Japanese baseball player Nobutaka Imamura.
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