How beautiful. I love this. Noelia Natalie is also very pretty.
Noelia Campagnaro is the wife of Argentine footballer Hugo Campagnaro.
Noelia López Vidal is a Spanish model known for winning the second season of the Spanish TV contest Supermodelo 2007. After she won the contest she signed a contract with Alain Afflelou in Paris. She also represented Spain in the 2007 Elite Model Look contest. She graduated in Sevilla with a degree in Teaching. Her fashion campaigns include Speedo, Jorge Blanco Couture, Velmont, BES, Chispazo, Cuetara, El Corte Ingles, Strena. She has also been in Fashion Shows for Sara Coleman, Rappido, Diane Von Furstenberg, Guillermina Baeza, TOM-HOM, Hannibal Laguna Bridal and others. Noelia was the protagonist in David Bustamante's music video "Al filo de la irrealidad". She became the cover page of Spanish magazine DT for the month of November 2010.
The name Noelia was given to 135 girls born in the US in 2015.
Beautiful, beautiful name - uncommon but not bizarre or "trendy". I like "NOE-lia" more than "no-ELLE-ia" as a pronunciation.
Noelia Alfonso (January 3, 1950 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canarian Islands, Spain) was Miss Spain in 1969 and Miss Europe in 1970. Nino Bravo performed a song entitled "Noelia", which was named after her. The name knew a great development in Spain through the song.
I think that the name "Noelia" sounds nice and natural, so it is recommended for a girl's name. It is a very uncommon name too, so it will kinda make the person special!
I named my daughter Noelia Nicole, and I think it is a beautiful, exotic sounding name. Most people really like it, and it is an uncommon name so that is a plus in my book.
Not very known out of Spain (though I've also seen Italian in usage), Noelia had a fast expansion when singer Nino Bravo sang a song with this title in 1971. Noelia Afonso (b. 1950) was Miss Spain 1969 and Miss Europe 1970. (I think Mr. Bravo dedicated his song to her, but I'm not sure.)

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