One of my favorite arabic names.
With 270 307 bearers, Noor is the 13th most common given name Malaysia (2014 Data). About 89% of bearers of this name are Female in Malaysia (2014 Data).

This is my name! I love it and appreciate it very much. It has a wonderful meaning as well and simple to pronounce!
With 2 445 570 bearers, Noor is the 6th most common name in Pakistan (2014 Data). With 286 842 bearers, Noor is the 9th most common name in Afghanistan (2014 Data).

I love this name because someone in my class is named Noor and is a girl.
Noor is also Somali (used alongside Nur and Nuur in Somalia), Bengali, and Persian.

Scripts: نور (Persian), নুর (Bengali)

Bengali Pronunciation: NOOR.
Noor bin Ladin, the Swiss-born niece of terrorist Osama bin Laden, made news recently after voicing her endorsement of President Trump. Noor's side of the family has always been against Osama and his doings and is only bin Laden by name (even spelling it differently as Ladin). Saddened by the spread of radical Islam in her native Europe, she came in support of Trump, believing that he's capable of stopping the spread.
I had a boyfriend whose name was Noor, but according to him, it was short for Noah. He was Muslim. Does anybody know how common this is?
Beauteous. Sounds like the nature.
I love this name! Especially since this is my middle name. Noor is easy to pronounce, has a lovely meaning, and doesn’t sound all that ugly. Plus it makes me feel a bit more unique since my first name is Sophia (Sophia is also a name I love but I understand that it has gotten too popular).
The name Noor was given to 306 girls born in the US in 2016.
Spunky, gorgeous, and simple. Noor is mysterious and alluring, and would make a romantic first or middle name. It has ancient charm, but modern versatility. Very chic!
In Dutch Noor or Noortje (a diminutive version) is most likely short for Nora or Eleonora. [noted -ed]
In Arabic this pretty name means "the light". For example, the famous Jordanian queen was actually called Noor al-Hussein "the light of Hussein (her husband, the king).
Noor may be short for Eleanor/Ellinor. I've also heard it may be derived from the Greek "Eleos" - compassion, mercy. Either way I love both the short, sassy Noor and the Dutch diminutive Noortje.
Really nice name, when I have kids of my own I will keep one of them by this name. Briliant name!
The Kohinoor Diamond, now part of the British crown jewels.
Another famous bearer of the name Noor was a WWII heroine, Noor Inayat Khan.
A famous bearer of this name is Queen Noor of Jordan.

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