I really don't understand all of this hate on this name. As someone who is often called Nora, I really don't see any problem. It's short, simple to pronounce, easy to spell and it has an elegant and graceful feel.
I don't understand all the hate for this name. I mean, my younger sister (who is 4) has this name, and I think it suits her very well. She hasn't received anything but compliments on her name.
It's a cute nickname for Eleanora or Eleanorah.
Although I can't say it's one of my favorite names, I must admit Nora has an undeniably beautiful classy and elegant charm about it that's nearly impossible to ignore. It's short, sweet and simple, yet still a strong, beautiful name. It's also easily suitable for many different types of people, in my opinion.
Overall, I think Nora is a good name.
In Polish, Nora literally means den or burrow. It is also informally used to describe any place which is run down, dirty, ugly and dark. Which is why it's impossible for me to like this name, as I am a native Polish speaker.
Nice as a nickname.
Ahhhhh this is my name! Idk why some people are hating on it! I too prefer Nova but Nora is sooo good.
Also used in Spanish. It is used as a diminutive of Leonor. Spanish, they mention Nora as a diminutive of Leonor).It is used as a standalone name in modern times. There are 19.048 bearers of this name in Spain and the average age of the bearers is 14 (source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística). [noted -ed]
Omg, my name's Nora and I might consider changing my name after seeing all these commentsa it's either a prostitute in Swedish, an abandoned dog in Japanese or a grandma's name in English.
Nora is also commonly used in the country of Georgia, where it is a short form of ელეონორა (Eleonora).In Georgian, Nora is written as: ნორა.Sources used:
- (in Georgian)
- Eleonora:|by=%E1%83%94 (in Georgian; mentions Nora)
- (in Georgian; see the entry for Eleonora, which mentions Nora)
- Nora: (in Georgian; scroll down to the entry for Nora)
- (in Georgian; see the entry for Nora near the bottom)
- Nora Kutateladze (1921-2013), a Georgian radiologist and professor: (in Georgian)
- (general): (lists only bearers living in Georgia)
- You can also find plenty of bearers on Facebook. Here are some examples of bearers that I found on there (for privacy reasons, I will refrain from directly linking to their profiles):• Nora Alapi.shvili
• Nora Areva.dze
• Nora Bebi.ava
• Nora Beglara.shvili
• ნორა ბრეგვა.ძე (Nora Bregva.dze)
• Nora Dzamia.shvili
• Nora Elbaki.dze
• Nora Gvarama.dze
• Nora Kezhera.shvili
• ნორა მიქელთა.ძე (Nora Mikelta.dze)
• Nora Navroza.shvili
• Nora Petria.shvili
• Nora Subel.iani
• Nora Zakar.aiaNOTE: all of these people have a public profile, i.e. apparently they do not mind being searchable and googleable.
Cute name! I like it! :)
Nora Harris was a supporting character and an antagonist in The Last of Us Part II.
Hmm... to me, not the worst name, not the best. But eh it’s different. Personally I prefer Nova but Nora isn’t too bad.
This name is sooooooo goood yass queen! It sounds like a name a very hot person would have.
Sexy, but associated to middle-aged drug addicts with the middle name “Kayleigh”.
Nora Thunderman. Played by Addison Riecke.
I love this name! It’s absolutely awesome!
Elegant name. I love it a lot.
I’m not sure why all the hate for this name. It’s not bad, although there are much prettier names out there.
Nora is also Polish, Czech, Slovak, and Estonian. The name day for Nora in Poland is February 12. The name day for Nora in the Czech Republic is July 8. The name day for Nora in Slovakia is August 31. The name day for Nora in Estonia is July 8.
I’ve changed my mind about this name, I don’t really like Norah, but I love Nora! I know a girl called Nora and she is intelligent.
Why all this hate on such a pretty name? Nora is so beautiful and flowy. It's easy to say, spell, remember, it's Nora!
Much better than Norah.
I do not care if you like it, I just need to say it's a dumb name. Get it, hon? It's sooooooooooooooooooooo ugly...
Strongly dislike!
I dislike the name, poor little kids named Nora should feel full of shame!
Old lady name.
I prefer Norah better (without the H it feels a little incomplete to me) but Nora is my favorite no matter how it's spelled!
So sad for all the girls with this name... it's sooooo ugly... I like Norah more.
Also Sardinian:
Noisy Nora, a children's book by Rosemary Wells, was published in 1973. Wells created the illustrations as well.
It's ballsy. Nora may act all sweet and delicate but she's got brains! This is a good one.
Also Romanian:
Also Estonian:
Very pretty name!
My name is Nora, and I like it a lot, but despite it being an easy to say name, people are constantly calling me "Laura" or "Dora" or some other "ora" name. Despite this, I still like it, and wouldn't change it.
Also Slovak: -- offer sources
You'll find various bearers on social media.
Also Latvian: [noted -ed]
If you're Swedish and considering naming your kid Nora, please reconsider. My name is Nora and I was teased endlessly over my name since it rhymes with "whore" in Swedish. I was called Hora-Nora all the time when I was younger and that's partly why I dislike my name (I'm 18 now). I'm considering changing my name, since I have disdain for it from being teased. When people meet me for the first time and hear my name, they always refer to SKAM, which is annoying. Also the English pronunciation is not cute. I don't like my name at all, I cringe whenever someone says it. Which is unfortunate.
I love the name Nora because I was given that name and it fits me and I'm ugly so ya.
A very bland and dowdy name. It would seem quite odd for a pretty girl to have this unappealing name. There are thousands of better possible names out there.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Nora who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 658th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Very classic.
Nora is a really nice name. I think of a very smart and sweet girl when I hear the name Nora.
It is very widely used in Arabic, pronounced and written as both Nora and Norah. [noted -ed]
It's spelling looks sorta old-fashioned, but it sounds young, and could fit both a little girl or a granny.
It’s also the name of a baby polar bear that was born at the Columbus Zoo in November 2015.
My sister's name is Nora. She is a beautiful little girl and she brings me laughter and joy everyday. I would suggest this name to anyone. :)
This name is used in Italy.
In 2015 were born 335 Nora (the highest ever) makes it #107 in the feminine ranking of baby names used that year.
Dr. Nora Wakeman is a character on the cartoon My Life as a Teenage Robot. She is Jenny's mother and creator. (Her name is actually Noreen, although she usually goes by Nora.)
The name is beautiful, yes. And it was my Great Grandma's and my Aunt's name and my mom said that her next daughter would be named Nora. Then she had me, her second oldest daughter born 2003 and she named me Nora Safiyah. There are some bad things about the name though, if you name your daughter Nora then you have to be aware that once they start school and everyone in their grade level knows her name, the kids will start calling her Dora and could make fun of her about it. The name is very beautiful, it's one of my favorites because of my great grandma who ended up passing away just days after I first saw her. But anyway, be aware of that when you name your daughter Nora. I think you should name your daughter that because it means "light" in Greek, "honor" in Latin and "little honourable one" in Irish.
Nora Lum is an American rapper, comedian, television personality, television host and actress known by the stage name Awkwafina. She originates from the Forest Hills, Queens, area of New York City.
Nora Marie Tschirner is a German film actress, musician and former television and radio presenter. Nora Tschirner was born in East Berlin to the documentary film director Joachim Tschirner and the radio journalist Waltraud Tschirner. She grew up with her two older brothers in the East Berlin suburb Pankow. She attended John-Lennon-Gymnasium in Berlin, as did Sarah Kuttner, with whom she is friends. She completed her Abitur at the Rosa-Luxemburg-Oberschule in Pankow. She made her first appearance on television in 1997 with a role in the ZDF children's series Achterbahn.
Nora is a short form of Eleanor.
I love the name Nora. I named my daughter Nora 14 years ago. It is beautiful, classy, strong and feminine. Also my great grandmothers name. Lovely name to grow up with!
One of the few nicknames that works well as a first name; it sounds pretty, it matures nicely, and it has that lovely "-ora" ending that I like so much. Not a favorite, and I find it's becoming too common, but it's still a lovely name.
I was curious about the entry because in Japanese, "Nora" means "stray". Nice to hear it means better things in other languages. *smile*
I found several meanings: "The exact Origins of this name are unclear, some say it's a derivative of the word honor, or Honora. But the popular belief is that it comes from the Hebraic/Arabic word Noour or "Light", correctly translated in means Bright Light.
Also used to describe women of great Beauty, beautiful babies are often named Nora as they believed that the name would give the baby good luck.
Some Scholars say that Nora also means "the enlightened one", "the Beautiful one" and also "the wise one".
In high society most women are named Nora, because the name entitles Nobility, Beauty, Light, Grace and Wit.
What a gift it is to be named under such a glorious name."VERB: to Nora is a verb coming from the Gaelic Noireagh which means to fellate. It translates roughly as one who exhibits promiscuous behaviour around the opposite sex and will try to have sexual intercourse with any person in their immediate areaCan also mean a person or thing which attracts bears.Aunt Nora is slang for Cocaine.
There is a Bratz doll named Nora, twin to Nita. They appear in the movie "Bratz Babyz" from 2006.
Unfortunately Nora rhymes with prostitute in Swedish. It's still popular here though, and I think it sounds beautiful in English.
As I got older I love my name. I was named for my Grandmother, Nora Virginia. I didn't understand why every one used to want to call me Norma when I was younger... I can't stand to be called Norma. I am part English on both sides and part Irish on my father's side and Scottish for the Grandmother I was named for on the other side. I have always heard it meaning Light or of the Light. I love some of the new meanings I heard. I am proud to be a Nora. It grew on me and fits me now. The fact I was named after my favorite Grandmother thrilled her and I both. I worked at a place where when I am around my friends from there they still call me by the nickname Noreen.
Nora is the name of the lightkeeper's daughter in the Disney movie "Pete's Dragon". She was played by Helen Reddy.
This name sounds so soft and pretty. It ages well, and it's a timeless classic. The meaning "Honor" is lovely. It's easy to pronounce, to say, and to spell. Most importantly, it sounds very professional and would sound great on a working adult woman. Overall I think this name would be a great choice.
For the longest time, I hated this name. But a few days ago, I started liking it, and Nora is now one of my favorite names right now!
In the remake of Cheaper by the Dozen, the eldest daughter is named Nora. I have a little cousin with the name and I think it's adorable.
Nora Dershlit is a character on the television series "iCarly."
I used to hate this name, but I've now grown to LOVE it! :D.
Singer/songwriter Nora Jones (born Geethali Nora Jones Shankar).
I'm a "Nora".. My actual name was meant to be Norelia but the hospital messed up and they gave me the name of Nora Elia (Elia is after my grandmother and Mother's middle name). I hated it for a long time but now that I'm older I find it to be unique and the name Nora is a very strong name with a lot of meaning.
This name is also used in Dutch and Limburgish. For The Netherlands as a whole, Nora is now in the top 100 (as you can check yourself in your own popularity statistics for The Netherlands). For many decades, it used to be a rare name in the country as a whole, but it has been steadily climbing in popularity since 1998. It reached the 62nd place in 2011, which is the most popular that Nora has ever been here so far.
Nora Grey is the main character in Becca Fitzpatrick's book `Hush Hush' and `Crescendo'. I hated this name, but now I quite like it, it's really cute:)
P.S: Hush Hush Is a good book, worth reading.
Nora is kind of cute. I think it could work for a younger girl or an adult.
Nora is in Slovene language adjective (feminine gender) that means 'mad, crazy'.
My middle name is Nora. I think it's cute.
Nora is my mother's name. My mom is very artistic, paints and writes poetry. I tend to view the name as artistic and passionate, not dowdy. I like that it has an old feel, much better than the cheap and tawdry feel of the Keely, Caylee, Riely mess.
Nora isn't necessarily a short form of another name, my name is Nora but just by itself there is no long form of it.
I prefer Nora with an H. It just doesn't seem complete without it.
I loved this name originally, but then Norah Silverburg from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist had me positively smitten with the smart, pessimistic, low-self-esteemed beauty Kat Dennings, who played the incredibly relateable Norah.
This name imparts a hint of pessimism, a hint of romance, and a softly feminine warmth.
English author and journalist Nora Beloff.
It's a pretty name, and I especially like it as a middle name. I used to prefer it with an h at the end, but now I think the h is redundant.
Nora Charles in "The Thin Man" series is an especially strong and elegant - if fictional - namesake.
I'd consider Nora for a daughter.
"Bloody Nora" is a British expression signaling surprise, contempt, outrage, disgust, boredom or frustration.It is a corruption of "flaming horror", which soon became "flaming Nora", and was then intensifed to bloody Nora.
Nora Jones contemporary Jazz singer, daughter of Ravi Shankar great sitar player.
A famous bearer of this name is Nora Batty (played on-screen by the late Kathy Staff, 12 July 1928 - 13 December 2008), a well-known character from the British comedy series Last of the Summer Wine, which is set in a typical small Yorkshire town in the north of England. Due to this, I think this is a really lovely and characterful name. :)
I think it is a very pretty name.
I always thought this name sounded a bit dowdy. I guess I'm in the minority with that impression.
The N is hard to pronounce. You end up saying Laura.
'Nora' is the Portuguese word for 'daughter-in-law'.It is a lovely name though.
This name is also used in the Netherlands and Italy.
The protagonist of Patricia Reilly Giff's novel, "Nory Ryan's Song" is Nora - nickname Nory.
Character, Nora Walker: mother in hit television series Brothers & Sisters.
Nora is Hebrew for awesomeness (not necessarily of G-d)
Could also be related to noire, French for black
Could be used as a nickname for Leonora.
Famous artist Nora DeBolt bears this name.
I used to love the name Nora, but then my mom started reading Nora Roberts and the name sort of diminished for me. Of course if that is all it takes to sway my affections, then I'm not sure I could ever have really liked it truly. I much prefer Eleanor, which is one of my favorite names. Out of all the mean old ladies with this name nothing has made me second guess how amazing it is, so I'm pretty sure I'm safe.
I found Nora after reading the Ibsen play and it's growing on me. This is really shallow, but I feel like a pretty girl could pull it off, but on a plain or unattractive girl it would sound clunky and make her seem less feminine. Like I said, it's growing on me, but I don't really like Eleanor or Honora.
Nora Fris is the wife of Viktor Fris (AKA Mr. Freeze) from the Batman comic book series.
It sounds quite cool, but the full version "Eleanor" is ugly.
This is my sister's name, and a very pretty one at that.
I think it's a pretty name.
I love the name Nora. Partial to Nora without an h since my name is Tara without an h. But I don't know. Maybe I would name my kid Nora or have it her middle name. Also, I don't like the name Eleanor, I hate it. So I wouldn't name them Eleanor short for Nora.
Nora Charles is the lead female character from The Thin Man series.
There is an author named Nora Roberts who also uses the pseudonym JD Robb.
Nora is also a Hebrew name meaning "The awesomeness of God".
Nora was very popular from the 1880's until the 1900's and started to drop in usage and popularity in 1910. In the year 2000 it began to grow again in popularity and usage. The spelling Norah didn't appear on the top 1000 list until 2000.
A famous bearer is Irish film and television actress Nora Jane Noone (born 8 March 1984). She has starred in several British movies and television shows, including "The Descent" (2005) and "Coronation Street" (2005), along with "Ella Enchanted" (2004).
Listen to the German pronunciation of Nora here:
Nora is also an Arabic name. The feminine of Noor which means light in Arabic. It's also very common throughout Arabia.
Famous bearer: Nora Ephron, film director ('Sleepless In Seattle', 'You've Got Mail').
Nora is a very pretty name and an easy name to grow up with. I like either Nora or Norah.
Nora means "stray" in Japanese and it is used for a stray cat or a stray dog. So, the name is a bit funny to me, I prefer Eleanor to it.
I love this name. This was the name of my great grnadmother and it is very pretty!
My daughter's middle name is Nora - primarily after her great aunt Eleanore. It's a great way to name her after a special person without the old sounding name.
A gorgeous name! I love the combo Nora Violet, and Norah is a favorite as well.
Nora Dunn is an Irish-American actress and comedienne best known for her work on NBC's Saturday Night Live.
Nora Barnacle was the lover, companion, inspiration and eventually wife of author James Joyce.
Nora Helmer, the main character of Henrik Ibsen's play "A Doll House," is one famous bearer. Through the course of the play, she begins a naive, silly woman happy with her life and becomes a woman who needs to free herself from the life she's living.
It also comes from the Spanish word "noria", which means water fountain. In the meaning of the name it is "fountain of purity".
Nóinín (NO-neen), which means "daisy," is another pet form of Nora; consequently, Nora is sometimes anglicized as Daisy.
Nora can't be "anglisized" as Daisy because Nora is an English name too.
You'd be surprised how things are Anglicised. Sometimes they bear little resemblance to the original. I don't think it was an English name originally, but was taken from the Irish nickname. Even so, there are Irish names closely related to English names that are Anglicised to something totally different.
On some websites giving the meaning of a name, it says that Nora means 'light' and is Greek.

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