With 1 596 302 bearers, Nur is the 4th most common name in Indonesia (2014 Data). With 780 234 bearers, Nur is the 4th most common name in Malaysia (2014 Data).

Nur is also commonly used in Iran, in Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan, by the Kurdish people, among Bengali Muslims, and in Somalia (where it is also spelled as Nuur).

Scripts: نور (Persian), نور (Pashto), نور (Kurdish Sorani), নুর (Bengali)

Bengali Pronunciation: NOOR.
9/11/2020 Correction

Nur is also Persian, Pashto, Kurdish (where it is also spelled as Nûr), Bengali, Somali (where it is also spelled as Nuur), Bosnian, Albanian, and Abkhaz. Nur is also in use in Georgia and Armenia - and not just by Arab emigrants.

Scripts: نور (Persian), نور (Pashto), نور (Kurdish Sorani), নুর (Bengali), ნურ (Georgian), Նուր (Armenian)

Bengali Pronunciation: NOOR

Bosnian Pronunciation: NOOR

Albanian Pronunciation: NOOR

Armenian Pronunciation: NOOR.
Pronounced just like "Noon" except with the R in place of the N. Muhammad Noor is a famous Saudi Arabian football. Note however that his name is combined of the two words; so "Muhammad-Noor" is his first name, just like. And like Muhammad Ali, he's mostly known by the second half of the name.
Written as "نور" in Jawi, the Perso-Arabic script used to write Malay in parts of Malaysia and Brunei.
Another variant of this name is Nour. [noted -ed]
I'm naming a character this name and, in the story people are going to call her Nelly! I just think this name is so pretty!
In German, the word 'Nur' means 'only'.
This is also the usual Turkish spelling of Noor. [noted -ed]
Another spelling is Nour (noor). I also know a little girl, whose family is from Egypt, named Nouran (noor-ahn; roll the r a little as you say it). It means "light of the Quran" in Arabic.
Where I come from, most Muslim girls bear this in their name. For instance, you have such combinations as Nur Shakila, Nur Iman, etc.
However, their bearers go by the second name, and not "Nur" (for the examples above, they'd go by Shakila and Iman respectively). I wonder why, sometimes.
Spelled "Noor", this is the adopted Muslim name of King Hussein of Jordan's American-born queen, Noor al-Hussein. (Birth name Lisa Halaby.)
A sophisticated and lovely name. My favorite of the "light" names in other languages, like Helen.

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