Danish Kings and Queens: 2 kings
King Oluf I Hunger (a.k.a. Olaf)   1086-1095  
King Oluf II (a.k.a. Olaf)   1376-1387  
German Chancellors and Presidents: 1 chancellor
(chancellor) Olaf Scholz   2021-  
Norwegian Kings and Queens: 6 kings
King Olav I (a.k.a. Olaf)   995-1000  
King Olav II the Holy (a.k.a. Olaf)   1015-1028  
King Olav III the Quiet (a.k.a. Olaf)   1067-1093  
King Olav (a.k.a. Olaf)   1103-1115  
King Olav IV (a.k.a. Olaf)   1380-1387  
King Olav V (a.k.a. Olaf)   1957-1991  
Olympic Medalists: 1 gold
(gold) Olaf Hampel   1994; 1998   bobsleigh  
Saints: 2 saints
Saint Olof Skötkonung (a.k.a. Olaf)   980-1022  
Saint Olaf II of Norway   995-1030  
Swedish Kings and Queens: 2 kings
King Olof Skötkonung (a.k.a. Olaf)   995-1022  
King Gustaf VI Adolf (a.k.a. Olaf)   1950-1973