I adore this name! It has a youthful and spunky feel to it, but it also feels like it would age really well!
"Olympia" a movie by Leni Riefenstahl
Reminds me of the word "Olympics". It's also the capital city of Washington. Despite this, I still like this unusual name.
I can only think of the Olympics of course, but I actually change my mind about this name. It’s quite nice and uncommon.
Olympia Binewski is the narrator of the novel Geek Love by Katherine Dunn (1983).
Pronounced in English as ə-LIM-pee-ə and or ə-LIM-pyə.
Reminds me of the Olympics, it doesn’t even sound that nice either.
Usain Bolt’s daughter’s name is Olympia Lightning Bolt.
It's pronounced Ol Imp Ia.
I love the name Olympia! I think it goes so well with the names Athena, Lois and Meredith! This is my current favourite name and have yet never met an Olympia.
Hello everyone, my name is Olympia I am female and 45 yrs old. When I was a child I didn’t like it because children picked on me but I love my name because it is who I am.
In 2018, 29 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Olympia who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 5, 612th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I can only think of the Olympics.
Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian named their daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.
I named my daughter Olympia in 2009. We have not met another Olympia in person... yet. My daughter suits her name very well. She's very loving and intelligent. We've never shortened the name ourselves, keeping true to the mouthful it can be. Though younger cousins have called her 'limpy' which I detest. She already owns her name and even as a baby it fit her so perfectly.
Actress Olympia Valance plays Paige Smith on Neighbours.
I really like this name. I think it sounds beautiful and I like the origin of it as well. Not to mention, geography lovers like me could claim this for the capital of the US state of Washington, like Sofia (Bulgaria). Anyway I am sure that the city is named because of Greece.
Olympia is Alexander the Greats' mother. The Olympics were named after her. Sports from the Ancient Greeks was a way to have a peace agreement form. It was just the same place where Alexander the Great and Olympia run away from King Phillip II after marrying Cleopatra. Olympia was the birth place of Olympia.
Hey, it is great to hear the lovely nicknames of Olympia. I have heard so many people say wonderful things about my name and yet I'm finally growing into it. Im 38. Peers used to constantly ask if I was in the Olympics. Its nice to read these comments. Thank you!
Quite strong and regal, but very wearable. The mother of Alexander the Great was named the similar-sounding Olympias.
This is a beautiful name. It sounds very mature but it has cute nicknames like Oly, Ollie, and Lia. I imagine a tall, intelligent, and graceful woman with dark hair when I hear it.
Olympia is the seventh Gym Leader in Pokemon X and Y. She uses Psychic-type Pokemon.
I know a girl named Olympia, and she usually goes by Oly - probably because her name is quite "stately", as another poster pointed out. It is a very beautiful name, though.
Gorgeous, whimsical name. On my favourites list.
This name is beautifully grand. I love Olympia, with the adorable nickname "Ollie".
I quite like this name; it reminds me quite a lot of Greek and Roman architecture, as in the columns and pillars which adorn many wonderful superstructures throughout the Mediterranean world. :)
I always assumed Olympia meant 'heavenly'. If this is true, then it just adds to the beauty of an already stunning name.
Olympia Mancini second of the famous Mancini sisters, nieces of cardinal Mazarin French prime minister. She was the mother of Prince Eugene one of the greatest military commanders of all time.
One of the prominent characters in the opera "Les Contes d'Hoffmann" by Offenbach is named Olympia. She's an automaton with whom the protagonist falls in love. The part was famously sung by many well-known singers, including Natalie Dessay and Jo Sumi.
Olympia Snowe is a Republican senator from Maine.
The capital city of Washington State is called Olympia.
Olympia is also the Czech and Slovak form. [noted -ed]
Name Day: 15th April (Czech) and 17th September (Slovak).
*Olympia* is nothing but classy. Even though it has to be grown into, any female would be fortunate to bear such a stately name.
I only know one girl in Sweden with this name, she's Polish. She only goes by Ia, hates her full name. I think it's a shame, the name is nice. I would like to call her Pia, but that has not been given as an option.
Actress Olympia Dukakis is a famous bearer.

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